Tony Romo still wants to play this year

The Cowboys’ Thanksgiving loss ends any hope that they could make the playoffs this season. But quarterback Tony Romo still wants to return, even if it’s just for a couple meaningless games at the end of the year.

“Anytime there’s football games going on you always want to play,” Romo said, per the Dallas Morning News. “There’s no question about that.”

But there is a question about whether Romo will be ready to play, as his broken left collarbone is a few weeks from healing. And there is a question about whether the Cowboys want to risk further injury to Romo in meaningless games.

“I’m sure there will be discussions once I get healthy,” Romo said. “But for me, it’s football season and football players usually play football during football season.”

8 responses to “Tony Romo still wants to play this year

  1. Absolutely no point in playing him this year. At some point, you have to get Steven McGee on the field and see what you’ve got. Forget saving face, and “giving yourself the best chance to win” we are now playing for 2011. Dez doesn’t need a veteran to “develop” and he’s the only offensive player who’s growth I’m concerned with being stunted, if McGee plays.

  2. Why wouldn’t he want to play? I can’t imagine how hard it has been to watch from the sidelines, as they have been winning and playing with heart for him. This idea that he shouldn’t play because it exposes him to injury is stupid. So from here on out. Ware shouldn’t play, Ratliff shouldn’t play, nor Dez or Miles, forget Witten getting out there. Hey Free take a seat. Like let’s be serious.
    You want Romo out there, playing spoiler, finishing the season strong, so there can be good feelings and momentum into the off season.

  3. i think Kitna gives them a better chance to win…Romo is a bum, and if that guy ever wins another playoff game the rest of his career, i will be very surprised

  4. Romo should not play the last 2 games of the year, Kitna is playing great and there is no need to risk Romo getting injured again. @frankvzappa give a better reason to hate Romo than he’s a bum. Was Marino a bum? he didn’t win many playoff games? Romo’s release is as quick as any in the NFL and he’s pretty accurate

  5. You would think it wouldnt be this hard to figure out but PFT never stops amazing me. If the Cowboys intended not to play him even when hes healthy then they would have put him on IR. It was fine to hold him on the roster just in case the Cowboys made a miracle run and pulled off 8 wins in a row for a 9-7 record and chance to get into the playoffs. But that opportunity has came and gone.

    So there would be no point in keeping him on the roster if they didnt plan on using him in the so-called “meaningless games”. The fact that they didnt put him on I.R. this week makes it pretty obvious what their intentions are.

    If Romo’s collarbone is healed enough to the point where the risk of re-injuring it is no more then another player’s risk of breaking his collarbone then the Cowboys will allow him to play.

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