Bob McNair avoids giving Gary Kubiak a vote of confidence

After Sunday’s near-miss against the Jets in their new stadium, Texans owner Bob McNair said that his team had done a “great job.”  McNair thereafter felt compelled to meet with the media on Wednesday and explain that he was referring only to the team’s effort to come from behind in that game, and that he wasn’t talking generally about the Texans when using the word “great”.

Usually, don’t people clarify comments to make them less offensive?

Then again, it’s possible that the words were viewed as an insult to the fans, who surely regard the team’s 3-6 record since the Week One Daytona 500-style win over the Colts as anything but the product of a “great” team.

And while McNair said that he had faith in his team, he avoided giving coach Gary Kubiak a vote of confidence, less than a year after giving him a new contract.

Asked if he’s still sticking with Kubiak, a question that calls for “yes” or a “no” as its answer, McNair opted to say neither.  “I’m concerned about winning this game against Tennessee,” McNair said in comments distributed by the team.  “I always do what I think is in the best interest of this team.  That’s what motivates me.  It’s in our best interest right now to get ready and play Tennessee and go out and win this game and that’s what I expect us to do.”

If we didn’t know better (and, actually, we don’t), McNair’s words could be interpreted as a win-this-weekend-or-else message to Kubiak.  With long-time Oilers/Titans coach Jeff Fisher apparently in the early stages of working his way out of Nashville, maybe Fisher really will be working his way back to Hou, babe.

8 responses to “Bob McNair avoids giving Gary Kubiak a vote of confidence

  1. Kiss of death.

    Better get the whiteout handy and replace the words “head coach” with “offensive coordinator” on all his business cards.

  2. for that game just how is it a great effort when not only did your genius coach not nail the victory down by either scoring a td or by running the clock down to under 5 seconds even not scoring giving the jets the ball inside their own 5 with a few seconds left. or couldnt stop them anyway. kubiak has lost one game and in different ways after another with this decent team in close defeats because he cant close the deal.

    should have been fired years ago.

  3. Haven’t figured out why Kubiak has lasted this long. Texans underachieve every year and after seeing their game against the Jets and
    how horrific clock managament before the half cost them a FG it’s obvious they’re poorly coached.

  4. I live in Nashville and Houston can have Jeff Fisher. He is the most overrated head coach of any coach, certainly in my life-time. Having won as many suberbowls as I have (ZERO), with a penchant for exiting very quickly from the playoffs, even when his teams have been chosen as the team to beat. Take him, because we need fresh ideas in Tennessee and certainly Jeff has proven one thing to us, and that is HE CANNOT WIN THE BIG ONE. This is the guy that should have been fired years ago……..

    So overrated!!!!!!!!

  5. Sorry you feel that way, drewbo22. But if you’d been paying attention, you will notice Fish wins when he has strong, mature players. Unfortunately, he’s always on the cusp of rebuilding, given Bud Adams’ penchant to ‘bring up’ young players instead of paying veterans or free agents. Besides Randy Moss, who’s the ‘big name, big paycheck’ players Adams has paid for? Where’s Kyle Vanden Bosh, Keith Bulluck, this season?

    The only thing tighter than Bud’s pocketbook is his bung hole when someone mentions Houston, that they might win a point in his lifelong, personal struggle with that city and it’s people. That’s what drives Bud Adams: his Tighten parts.

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