Peyton Manning gets prickly over questions about the Chargers

It seems as if Colts quarterback Peyton Manning has been sporting his pissed-off puss more often than usual during games.  He apparently is more frustrated off the field of late, too.

During a Wednesday conference call with the San Diego media, Manning didn’t appreciate being reminded by Kevin Acee of the Union-Tribune that the Chargers have beaten the Colts four out of five times, dating back to 2005.

Since ’05, is that a monumental year or something?” Manning said.

Well, yeah.  It is.  That was the year the Colts were 13-0 and the Chargers went into Indianapolis and beat them.

So Acee added to the mix a 2004 game between that two teams, which the Colts won in overtime at home.

“It’s a preparation thing,” Manning said.  “Get your stats correct before you come with this question.”

Huh?  Acee’s stats were correct.  In the last five games between the two teams, the Chargers won 23-17 in the 2008 playoffs, 28-24 during the 2007 postseason, 23-21 during the 2007 regular season, and 26-17 during the 2005 regular season.  The Colts won 23-20 during the 2008 regular season.

Later during the call, Acee chided Manning a bit.

“So, when you were throwing a ball at those kids on Saturday Night Live that really wasn’t acting based on how you tore apart my question,” Acee said.

Said Manning:  “I guess . . . it was inaccurate.  I don’t know how else to tell you.”

But it wasn’t inaccurate.  Acee was right; the Chargers have beaten the Colts four out of five times.  Manning could have said something like, “We haven’t played them since 2008 and past records don’t matter.  We’ve had a lot of coaching and personnel changes since the last time we played the Chargers, and so have they.  So even though we’re both wearing the same uniforms, those past games don’t matter.”  Manning opted instead to insist that Acee’s facts were wrong, even though they were right.

It was a rare misstep for the image-obsessed Manning, who always seems to say and do all the right things whenever cameras and microphones are on.  Maybe it’s simply a sign of the struggles he’s experiencing as one of the only links to that team that beat the Chargers in 2004.

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  1. I have the feeling this is the “real” Peyton as opposed to the one we are allowed to see.

    Adversity does not build character, it reveals it, 9-9 Career record in the playoffs, nuff said!

  2. Is it still “drunk text” when its on a website. Lay off the booze, Peyton’s untouchable! except for everytime he drops back with this line. ps. Tolbert goes 135, 2 TDs

  3. Hes just mad that rivers will probably get the MVP..but dont worry peyton, they’ll find a way to give it to you anyway MVP=manning valueable player

  4. Not everything has a deeper meaning, Florio. Sometimes things are pretty black and white, and much simpler than you make them out to be.

  5. nfl4ever says:
    Nov 27, 2010 12:45 AM

    Adversity does not build character, it reveals it…

    Wow! Amazing that you thought you could slip that line in as though it was yours.

    I’m thinking Boomer Esiason said it as recently as the pre-game show on Turkey Day.

    I’m also thinking countless parents and coaches and the like have said it countless times over the years.

  6. As a Chargers fan, I’ve always respected Peyton and the Colts (maybe ’cause we always beat him) but my respect for him diminishes slightly in light of this story.

    But let’s be real, he’s still in the top-3 of the best QB’s in the history of the game.

    And despite losing a couple to my Chargers in recent years, it’s hard to consider him as anything but a favorite to win this game.

    I’ll be passionately rooting for my Chargers on Sunday night, and I would be heartbroken with a loss, but I wouldn’t be terribly surprised.

    If we win on Sunday, it will have a lot more to do with the Colt’s quantity and quality of injured players, more than it has to do with us “having their number.”

  7. Peyton plans to merchandize hisPissed Off look for use on the front labels of bottles of castor oil and laxatives.

  8. He should have just said “We all play to win the Super Bowl and anything short of that is failure”, then held up his ring.

    Bunch of losers.

  9. ATTN: NFL fans and Mike Florio

    Mr. Florio,
    You’ve perpetrated the same indiscretion which Kevin Acee made. I.e. In your obvious haste to vilify Peyton Manning, you neglected to tell the whole truth, and in so doing, took the future Hall-of-Famer’s statements completely out of context.
    1. You would do well to admit that Acee was wrong both for A) trying to hook Peyton in a prefabricated “Gotcha” moment, and B) for misrepresenting the facts;
    2. On the road, Indy is 2-4 with San Diego since 2004.
    3. Acee neither had reason nor occasion to chide Manning because the apparent inexpert reporter admittedly misspoke.
    4. When he realized his error, Acee tried to downplay the blooper, but Peyton wasn’t having any of it: “It was inaccurate” Manning said, referring to Acee’s question. “I don’t know how else to tell you.”
    5. Find out, for yourself, what actually happened:

  10. Are there any more whiney fans in the league than the Patsies and Chargers? It’s always a whinefest when they actually play each other. As far as Peyton’s remarks, Kevin Acee is the biggest homer reporter in the league. He is the mouthpiece for the GM AJ Smith. Peyton was probably forced to give an interview he preferred to avoid with a reporter known to embellish BS that makes the Chargers look good.

  11. Why is Manning even worried about stats or records against certain teams? As far as the Chargers go, at least they have somethig to hang their hat on. That team, with Brees, Tomlinson, Rivers and that defense has not even been to a Super Bowl since Rodney Harrison was a freaking rookie.

  12. Had a brief email exchange several years ago with an Indy sportswriter who said “I see Manning every day in a way other people never see him, and the less said about that, the better.”

  13. It’s the media. Nobody cares how Manning treats them.

    Mistreating the media is looked upon like mistreating lawyers. Hardly frowned upon by the masses. In your case, Mike, it’s a double whammy.

  14. “It’s a preparation thing,” Manning said. “Get your stats correct before you come with this question.”

    Yeah if anyone is all about the stats it’s Peyton Manning.

  15. I think the Chargers have always been a thorn in Indy’s side…the match up just favors SD for some reason. Maybe because the players are able to keep up with the speed of the Colts players and play with a tougher edge.

    That 2007 game was devastating to both teams really…but the Chargers just tore the Colts apart physically. SD was laying the wood to just about everyone…I took delight when at the end of the game, Reggie Wayne caught a pass and got absolutely demolished, dropping the ball and with it, the Colts chances to win the game. Both teams ended up taking such a beating that the AFC Championship against my Pats was almost an afterthought… Rivers coming out and playing against NE that day turned my opinion of him…he’s a tough SOB that just doesn’t mouth off…he’s been backing it up ever since.

  16. Manning is getting older and its showing…
    I also think his confidence level is slowly going down.

    One thing that I know that makes Peyton’s blood boil is losing to Tom Brady and the Patriots. Did anyone see his face at the end of that game, when Brady walked up to Manning? He looked like he was going to explode!

    Peyton Manning-Great QB thats almost at the end of his career.

  17. How come Manning has this squeaky clean image? How about when he tea bagged a female trainer at UT? Methinks it is all a carefully crafted image by the Dolts, and living in nowhere land in the midwest.

  18. Ain’t a one of you tools on this site would not want a guy like Manning on your team.

    He has CARRIED the Colts for years.

    He demands perfection of himself – and his teammates.

    What a lousy trait to possess.

  19. I would of asked him if it was his forehead that got in his way when he threw the game ending pick against the Pats

  20. Manning is playing with a bunch of stiffs this year. That’s the problem. It really doesn’t have much to do with Manning, who is being counted on even more than usual.

  21. The guy writes for a San Diego paper, he was just trying to rub it in that the Chargers have had a lot of success against Indy in recent years. Peyton should have just whipped out his superbowl ring and said “Hey, how many of these the Chargers got?” …

    Go Browns!

  22. Manning throws or hands off to five 1st round draft picks while playing in domes under the passing rules defined by his boss. Brady hands off to undrafted Woodhead and Green Ellis…and throws to undrafted Welker and 2nd rounder Branch. Let’s stop the Manning ballwashing. Tom Brady is hands down the league MVP considering his value to the team, efficient stats, and record. Rivers is having a great season, throws deeper passes for more yards than Brady, but you can’t ignore picks and records. The fact that Brady leads the highest scoring offense in the NFL with a bunch of NFL castoffs is amazing. In fact the offense only starts one 1st rounder at guard. People will start to wake up and understand the greatness of Tom Brady, year after year.

  23. 4sacroc says:
    Nov 27, 2010 9:47 AM
    Ain’t a one of you tools on this site would not want a guy like Manning on your team.
    I doubt you’d get one person from New England to agree with that statement.

    I am sick to death of hearing how Manning is one of the best quarterbacks in history. Talk to me about what he’s accomplished in the playoffs, not his regular season stats. No less an authority than Paul Brown has stated that it’s not how many yards or touchdowns a quarterback has thrown for; the true measure of a quarterback is how many championships he has led his team to.

    Peyton Manning may have some of the best statistics in NFL history – though Brady proved himself to be Manning’s equal with his 2007 season – but that only makes him one of the best PASSER’S in NFL history. Brady has accomplished what Peyton Manning only dreams of – a stellar playoff record that has led to four Super Bowl appearances with three Super Bowl titles.

    What kind of idiot fan would take a statistic leading passer over a true quarterback who knows how to win in the post-season? What good is the prettiest, fastest Ferarri in the world, if it’s nowhere to be found when the checkered flag drops?

  24. Redrew,

    The Colts would be lucky to win 2 games without Manning.

    The Pats would still be a 10 win team under Hoyer. It’s the system and the coaching that has made New England as good as it is and the Colts ride or die with Peyton Manning. The Pats can overcome a poor game by Brady quicker than the Colts can overcome a poor game by Manning.

    Starting offensive units surrounding the qb’s last Sunday?
    Colts, 3 street free agents,
    Patriots, 3 street free agents,

    1st or 2nd rounders:
    Colts 2
    Patriots 6

    Don’t let facts get in your way.

  25. Pats will beat either team in the playoffs on their way to their fourth Superbowl Championship. It takes all phases of the game. It really helps to have a great defense and special teams and not just a great QB.

    ~Colts Fan

  26. #
    4sacroc says: Nov 27, 2010 9:47 AM

    Ain’t a one of you tools on this site would not want a guy like Manning on your team.

    He has CARRIED the Colts for years.

    He demands perfection of himself – and his teammates.

    What a lousy trait to possess.
    I can’t speak for others and why they hate that whiny a-hole but I disagree with your premise that it has anything to do with wanting perfection in execution on the field. Any great player at that position should want and demand that. However, showing constant petulance publicly over it is douchey.

    I have always felt that he isn’t naturally that intelligent and instinctive and is such a grind and that’s part of why he’s successful. And probably part of why is so douchily anal with others (like this reporter). That’s why everything from his OC (name me another QB who has had the same OC his entire career even though all but Favre have had shorter ones? You can’t…it doesn’t exist)to having high draft picks at skill positions who play with him for years in a row has to stay constant all the time.most of the time for him to succeed. Look at his wonderlic (below average for a QB) and SAT scores (also quite average in general) and tell me you would think that person is actually intelligent (book smart). Nope.

  27. @ redrew

    What 5 first round picks has Manning handed off to?? Addai and Brown…that would be 2. Not that it matters anyway, this o-line couldnt turn Walter Payton into a 1,000 yard rusher. This Colts team lives or dies with Peyton, they are below average at every other position…yet they’re still 6-4 and have taken the Eagles and Pats to the last second on the road!

    Pats are a much better team with much better coaching…it kills me to admit this as a Colts fan but its the truth. The Colts would be 2-8 without Peyton

  28. @obsession55

    I think when he said “throws or hands off to…” he meant WR and TEs too.. cause Brown, Addai, Wayne, Gonzalez and Clark would make 5.

  29. manning is actually pretty good.

    he makes that team go.

    the team as a whole isnt as good as he is. not even close.

    huge ego, though…

    he should pull a brady and take a pay cut so they could get some free agents, however.

  30. Maybe if Peyton wasn’t standing next to ELI & Archie when he didnt want to come to SD, then the Chargers wouldn’t have such a case of the whoopass for the Manning clan. BTW Peyton is not top 3 in history, heck he aint even top 3 this year. Two Words why Peyton was lucky enough to get even 1 Lombardi- REX GROSSMAN. Rex ‘the human turnover” insured Peyton’s ring. Anyone of the 6 AFC teams that year could’ve beat the freakin’ Rex’ lead Bears. Top 3 my ass

  31. San Diego just needs to go back to their hole. Theyre not gonna win the Super Bowl in the forseeable future and they are just a waste of really good stats making them junk and obscure.

  32. Face it, Peyton Manning is the best QB to ever play the game…who really cares if he is getting a bit testy with a reporter. I believe his response to the reporters question should have been “and how many Superbowls have the Chargers won or have played in since 2005?” that would have shut him up!

  33. Who cares what this guy Acee has to say and f@ck the Chargers. The Colts have a Superbowl ring and the Chargers don’t. The Chargers may not even be in San Diego within the next few yrs. They might leave to L.A.

  34. I decided a LONG time ago that the Manning hater trolls fall into the Jordan experiment. As a Knicks fan I could not stand Jordan, he killed us, and the league. He was the best ever…Manning is todays Jordan of the NFL..people hate because he is on a level unlike any other. The year the Colts won the superbowl, they were not expected to do it…they struggled down the stretch…I personally love being the underdog…and once again tonight, everyone is on the Chargers. Bring it on…Manning doing it with 2nd, 3rd string, Manning doing it with Practice Squad. Well hang in there long enough to get healthy. Colts wont lose tonight. Youll see.
    Oh and by the way, Rivers hot headed imploding is only due…let them start late and come up short again in the Playoffs, they can beat us like they have but there will never be enough maturity to win it all. A RING, something he does not have.

  35. Apparently many of the bloggers here want Peyton — maybe also Eli — to fall flat on his face. Do y’all really think it lends you and your vicious arguments against Peyton more credit when the decorated QB fails miserably with the help of his injury-ridden teammates?
    I think the “harp/rank-on-a-star” mentality/attitude is analogous to kicking someone when he/she’s clearly down.

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