Adrian Peterson, Ray Edwards set for MRIs

Vikings running back Adrian Peterson and defensive end Ray Edwards will both have MRIs on Monday after suffering ankle injuries today.

Peterson had 70 yards from scrimmage when he left in the second quarter, and he said he wanted to go back in the game but couldn’t.

“I would have tried to go out there,” Peterson said, per Tom Pelissero of “Trust me, if I could have went, I would have been out there. But it was just unbearable.”

Edwards said fellow Vikings defensive lineman Kevin Williams rolled into the back of Edwards’ leg and hurt his ankle badly enough that he could walk, but not run.

13 responses to “Adrian Peterson, Ray Edwards set for MRIs

  1. Yeah, 18 weeks makes sense, funny how this comes up just before we have the most injury prone season ever. My FF team is in shambles, I have lost 5 originally drafted players to IR and did not have one weekend so far without losing a player to injury before the game is over and now AP ….

  2. Oy! Not a Vikings fan or an idiot fantasy football player. I mean if you could be banging your wife/girlfriend, making money working, or spending time with your kids, you are WASTING TIME. Anyway, I’d hate to see Peterson go down in games that are becoming increasingly meaningless. Hope he’s okay.

  3. amazing that a team with santa klaus leading them with one leg and the best back in the league out the whole game and the 4skins still cannot come away with a win. Great job shanarat and company as this team has no heart and is hopeless. Totally emabarassing is all I can say.

    I think we see why the eagles gave away mcchoke for two high draft picks and future starters…guy is horrible

    Back to the drawing board AGAIN next season!!!!

  4. This sucks! I think he hurt his ankle on an earlier play, the one before he scored the touchdown. On that play he got twisted up and his ankle got twisted and after that he ran in the touchdown but I think he hurt it worse by not going out when it happened. I hope he’s okay. He is the only hope of salvaging this season.

  5. He is the only hope of salvaging this season.


    Dude, give it up. The season is not salveageable

  6. @8man..

    Why are you posting on a football website instead of banging your wife/girlfriend, making money working or speding time with your kids???? My guess is because you don’t have a wife/girlfriend, a job or kids. Nice post though!

  7. Dude, give it up. The season is not salveageable


    I concur…

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