Andre Johnson, Cortland Finnegan ejected in Houston

Titans cornerback Cortland Finnegan, who openly aspires to be the dirtiest player in the league, has managed to coax Texans receiver Andre Johnson into taking multiple swings at him.

And the normally mild-manner Johnson connected on at least one of them, after ripping off Finnegan’s helmet.  Other players then intervened, and Titans coach Jeff Fisher was out on the field, trying to restore order.

Johnson has been ejected, along with Finnegan.  But Johnson won this round.

The Texans continue to lead, 17-0, with less than seven minutes to play.

UPDATE:  And here’s the video.

34 responses to “Andre Johnson, Cortland Finnegan ejected in Houston

  1. Kinda like when Seymour won not only the round but the whole fight vs Big Ben with a first round Knock Out.

  2. Good for Andre. Finnegan deserves to be on the receiving end of a cheap at least a fw more of those shots.

  3. Finnegan needs to be suspended. he already had a unsportsmanlike conduct penalty earlier and he instigated the fight with a shot to Johnson’s head.
    Glad Johnson kicked his ass.

  4. I think the most embarrassing thing about this was Finnegan’s “Jersey Shore” guido hair after his helmet was ripped off.

  5. HAHAHA Finnegan looked like brock lesnar vs Velasquez. big Dre made him his bitch lol, kinda like the titans HAHAHA I guess when u lack the talent to be good u coach ur team to be dirty to make up for it. loser franchise

  6. Finnegan is such a punk. It was hilarious the way Johnson cracked him in the back of his head with that punch. It won’t be fair that Johnson is going to get fined for this as well because he stood up to that dirty little peice of crap.

  7. God bless you, Andre! Finnegan is a punk bitch! Hey Cortland, you better send those officials a Christmas card. If it weren’t for them, you would be unconscious and bleeding from every orifice in your head.

  8. That is just apalling. Fighting on the field like that like a bunch of hethians. They should both be suspended for next week’s games. It was different with Seymour he missed almost an entire game when he was ejected. Same should go for these 2.

    Its not like Im bias or anything its not like I have a reason for wanting Andre Johnson not to play next week against the Eagles.

  9. With any fairness, Andre Johnson will get suspended for throwing punches. Finnegan may have gotten under his skin but at least he didn’t throw any punches. Both deserve to be fined, but Johnson should get suspended for the next game as well. Finnegan only came off the line that hard because Johnson did it the play before.

  10. Johnson finally had enough of his BS. I’m betting he gets a gameball for it and McNair pays his fine.

  11. If your best player is going to be ejected, that’s exactly the scenario you want to see: Got a couple of clean punches on Cortland Vaginagan. Texans shut out the Titans. And Vaginagan was ejected too.

    Now hopefully the NFL is too busy figuring how much to fine my man Bernard Pollard (two personal fouls) and forgets to suspend Johnson…

  12. Finnegan is a scumbag. He deserves the punch and even more. Having said, its unfortunate it happened. Andre is a class guy but he couldn’t control his emotions. I bet Finnegan was getting away with some cheap shots earlier on Andre. I think Andre wouldn’t have punched had the game been closer. Since it was so lopsided he took has chance.

  13. Too bad it’s not like hockey and just let them fight.

    The little twit was getting the worse of it.

  14. Wow, that is rather unlike Johnson. Cortland must have really irked him, but still no excuse. Cortland will get a hefty fine, but Johnson will pay the ultimate price with a big fine and a suspension. I hate to see that, because Johnson is usually a classy player, but just lost his cool.

  15. BTW if you watch the replay, 1 sec in you can see Finnegan throw the first punch, although Andre still had his helmet on when he was punched. I just hope the NFL sees this as well when making their decision

  16. It would have been sweet to have Johnson go Taliban on that punk ass and decapitate him !! He is the lowest of the low order douche bag !!

  17. macjacmccoy says:
    Nov 28, 2010 3:46 PM
    Kinda like when Seymour won not only the round but the whole fight vs Big Ben with a first round Knock Out.

    Who won the whole fight? I think it was 35-3? Unless not finishing the fight was seymours intent.

    Finnegan’s a bum!

  18. Has been a lot of talk on this site as well as other talk shows how the Titans push the bounder on different rules. This fight which was a hoot watching should really be looked at by the league. Last week a QB gets punched, this week an all out brawl between two players. So is this the first players to be hit with the altimate fine. Gone for two games!!! Doubt it.

  19. Love how everyone including Fisher says Cortland didn’t throw a punch. Watch the vid. He was just stupid enough to do it before he took A.J.’s helmet off. Then A.J. took it to that ass!

  20. Cortland not only threw the first punch, HE HEAD BUTTED ANDRE TO START THE PREVIOUS PLAY! Watch the video. Most definately a helmet to helmet head butt, 100% intentional.

    Apparently, if you start two consecutive plays by headbutting Andre, then punching him in the mouth, Andre will beat the crap out of you. Any man have a problem with that? Not me.

    OK, Roger,here is how to handle it. Fine Andre $25K per punch. (He would gladly pay it, and he knew the rules.) Fine Cortland $50K for the intentional head butt, $50K for throwing the first punch. Then suspend Cortland a game, mostly for stupidity – you don’t throw a punch at a guy still wearing his helmet (and outweighing you by 40 lbs) after you lose your helmet. But when you suspend him, say it is for instigating the incident. We’ll understand.

  21. I know I have been beating this drum but Jeff Fisher is not a good coach. Bud Adams is just an extremely loyal owner.

    Jeff Fisher in the list of coaches who have coached a team longer than 10 years is BY FAR the worst.

    PS: Let them fight, more fights = less cheap shots and less thuggish behavior.

  22. “nuclearwarfare says: Nov 28, 2010 3:54 PM

    I think the most embarrassing thing about this was Finnegan’s “Jersey Shore” guido hair after his helmet was ripped off.”



  23. Let’s be fair: how many people that watched the fight *weren’t* rooting for Andre Johnson?

    Even Titans fans enjoyed watching that.

  24. Oh there will be a suspension this week, and it’s gonna be that moron James Harrison of the Stillers.

    That idiot just doesn’t get it.

    On the bright side, charities around the country are getting so much they don’t know what to do with it.

    The Red Cross may buy the Jacksonville Jaguars and move them to Haiti.

  25. macjacmccoy says:
    Nov 28, 2010 3:46 PM
    Kinda like when Seymour won not only the round but the whole fight vs Big Ben with a first round Knock Out.

    Finnegan needs his career ended by someone, like a helmet-helmet concussion.
    But seymour didn’t “win” a fight w/ Ben, In fact it wasn’t even a fight since Seyour sucker punched him. Makes him a POS just like Finnegan.

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