Another boffo day by Bowe keeps Chiefs in first place

Florio mentioned earlier Sunday how Dwayne Bowe scored a touchdown in his seventh straight game.   Bowe was only just getting started.

Bowe wound up with 13 catches, 170 yards, and three touchdowns in a 42-24 win in Seattle.  He’s only the third player since 1990 to have that many catches, yards, and scores in the same contest.

I’ve been writing all season that the Chiefs only have to win the games they should win to get to 10 wins.   Getting a convincing victory in Seattle to move to 7-4 is a big step in that direction.   Kansas City dominated the game from start to finish.

Jamaal Charles racked up 173 yards rushing on 20 carries, and the Chiefs piled up more than 500 total yards of offense.  Seattle’s rushing attack had all of 20 yards.  At 5-6, the Seahawks look like a poor team in a worse division.   They were overdue for a market correction.

The Chiefs may not be a great team, but they are pretty good.  If they can hold off the Chargers, they will have truly earned a playoff spot.  Unlike whoever wins the NFC West.