Aqib Talib and official exchange heated words after game

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Sunday’s action for Bucs cornerback Aqib Talib didn’t end with the Bucs’ loss to the Ravens.

According to multiple writers for the Bucs, Talib and an official yelled at each other after the game, with obscenities flying in both directions.  Talib was apparently upset with a pass interference call against teammate Myron Lewis.

Stephen Holder of the St. Petersburg Times said the official told Talib “you played like —–“.

According to Rick Stroud of the same paper, Talib responded “I’ll (hit) you in your b—- a– mouth.”

Talib did not speak to reporters after the game, but we suspect he may hear from the NFL soon enough.  The official in question may as well.

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  1. those refs were horrible. that one PI against talib was questionable but that holding call against boldin was just ridiculous. and they missed a few PI calls that should have gone against the bucs.

  2. If the NFL comes down on Talib, they better come down on the official even harder. You have to hold them to a higher standard and that incident was inexcusable on the official’s part.

    Also, some pretty questionable officiating in general in that Bucs-Ravens game today, too.

  3. The Bucs had the right to be upset with the calls today, the refs were bad in this and a few other games. Maybe the league should start fining the refs for some bad calls.

  4. These officials should know how much the suck,and that the players are gonna be pissed after games. This year has been really poorly officiated. I think everyone can agree with that.

  5. It was a rotten call! If the official called him out he should hear from the NFL. This young team played hard and kept in the game longer than most people figured they would. Flacco’s 2 TD”s came off a broken coverage play and a bad inteferance call . Should have been a lot closer!

  6. in case you didnt see the game, the call on lewis was just before the half, and was atrocious. the ball was underthrown, lewis was looking at the ball the whole way and was in better position than housh to make the catch. housh made a nice jump over top of lewis to knock the ball away.

    as far as talib/official exchanage, since the game was over, it may be considered two guy doing thei own thing and not really much by the league. if not, its proobaly worse on the officials end – in game, theres some anount of verbal trash you can complain to officials, but veen when it is over the line & draws a flag, the official is not allowed to get into it, just toss the flag. so if its still looked at as player/official, the official is probably in bigger trouble

  7. @commandercornpone

    Except when two columnist tweet it as if they heard it themselves. Writers down here hate the Bucs as much as Florio, I’d doubt they would lie about it.

  8. I’m glad these guys don’t take this stuff seriously. All this was off the record and hearsay. Nothing will happen since it wasn’t the Steelers.

    Fire Goodell.

  9. Did the official instigate first or Talib did the act first? If the official started this, then he deserve the response from Talib. Anyway this happened away from the field, I don’t see how Goddell can punish Talib alone.

  10. If the league isn’t going to hold game officials responsible for terrible officiating, I hope that eventually a player does hit one of them in the mouth. It will surely be deserved.

  11. The No Fun League is investing all this $$$ in technology so we can examine every close play over and over and over again, frame by agonizing frame. So when does the No Fun League invest in full time officials and stop this insanity? If they’re so committed to getting it right when do we change up this method of officiating? How they’re doing it doesn’t seem to be working too well.

  12. I don’t blame Talib or any of the Bucs being upset – that call was total bullsh!t. Overall, this year has had the worst officiating I can ever remember. Start fining the freakin’ refs, & fire Lord Godell!

  13. I would consider the ref more at fault in this case. Players are bound to be worked up after a game, they are paid to play with emotion. Refs get paid to keep a level head an defuse situations. Which one was further out of line with their job description?

  14. Since when is trash talking against all moral code in the NFL? I’m sure the ref didn’t seek him out and tell him he played like a (cat).

    When will coaches be held accountable for crappy play calling (see McCarthy, Mike and two QB sneaks, the second one that resulted in a fumble and the loss of at least 3 points)?

    What I’m getting at with the second point is teams don’t lose a game on just one play or even two. But when you are a good team, you find ways to lose sometimes when great teams find ways to win.

  15. Who was the source of what the official said? Talib?

    His word can’t be trusted.

    Talib has been involved in a pair of violent incidents since joining the league, according to area media reports. In a brawl during practice in May, Talib swung his helmet at a teammate and hit bystander Torrie Cox instead. And last year, during the league’s rookie symposium, he got into a fight with then-teammate Cory Boyd.

    He also punched a cab driver in the head & neck & lied about it.

    Officials in the NFL are suspect & if it was found out they were all bribed I wouldn’t be shocked at all.

    That being said Talib has some major anger management problems that he needs to fix or he is going to end up in jail or dead.

  16. So the ref said some bad words in his buccaneers.

    He should have told the ref to get some buccaneyes in his buccanhead.

  17. Officials get paid to make the RIGHT calls and keep their composure. This jerk didnt do either. He made a horrible call and tocalled a player out on his play. I didnt see Boldin make an impact and Talib got a pick. He did his job too bad the ref didnt!

  18. It was a bad call but for the Buccaneers to be mad about one play and basing their loss on one play is dumb. If you wanna be upset with somebody Talib…be upset with the coverage on Mason and Heap on the long TD catch. Play better next time and it wont come down to one play. Stupid.

  19. bjb2865

    The Bucs got beat fair and square, but Talib wasnt covering heap or mason for either of those plays. sabby Piscetelli was beaten over the top on the Heap play and trust me Bucs fans cannot stand the name Piscitelli. 2nd round draft pick that got replaced and outplayed by a 7th round rookie who unfortunately broke his ankle on Sunday. The Bucs will be getting burned for more long plays now just like last year because of this underachiever.

    One more quick note the Mason TD happened one play after the bad call and the Ravens didnt do squat the rest of the game offensively…just saying.

  20. uscgbuc…..I didnt say Talib was covering those guys…Im saying if he wants to be mad at something…maybe he should be mad at the coverage/his teammates, used on those guys. Last time i looked,football was a team sport and the team didnt play up to their potential to beat the Ravens. It doesnt come down to one play. Its 60 minutes.

  21. I agree…Pisticelli just doesn’t have what it takes and Talib should be mad about his teammates not playing well. Still, this guys troubles me to no end. He is going to continue to be a problem I fear…I could see this ending badly, Pac-Man 2.0. I hope I’m wrong. Raheem is doing a great job but still has to learn how to get these guys in check. Tanard Jackson violating the substance abuse policy and being banished this year really hurt them. He is their best safety and we need to find a good one in the draft, along with quality corners, preferably a good shut-down type and a good nickel type for some depth. Barber is done and Talib could be suspended at any given time. Better to have depth. Also need depth on the O-line, a couple real maulers in the run game and great at pass protect. If Freeman has time and Blount has holes, it’s just like any team. The battles are won in the trenches.

    Lastly, they need a dominant, scary DE to rush the passer. Though they have turned it on, especially McCoy as of late, they need a rush coming from the outside too. Think Peppers/Freeney/even Rice during the Buccaneers Superbowl season. If they do this, they will be a talented team and a contender in the NFC for many years to come. It was a tough loss but I’m impressed overall with their performance and how they have improved this year. I was one that thought only 4 to 5 wins tops this year, so they’ve exceeded and excelled. As a die-hard fan, that is the most we can ask for of our teams.

  22. to those of you that don’t understand this… the PI CALL ON THE BUCS WAS CORRECT! you can’t pin a receiver behind you with your arms held back… that prevents them from moving forward to get the ball… the physical contact was minimal… it’s the fact the DB put his arms back to pin Housh behind him… THAT’S THE INTERFERENCE! now i will say that the call could have gone either way… but it was still correct… sorry Bucs fans… Ravens owned you

  23. the Ravens did plent offensively after that… they prevented the Bucs offense from coming back onto the field at the end of the game by getting 2 first downs to run down the clock… so im sorry… the Ravens owned the Bucs

  24. even though the calls were teetering on the line… they evened eachother out… The Ravens were getting that TD either way… whether it was the PI that helped them or the BS call against Boldin… i will say that overall the Refs have been atrocious the ENTIRE YEAR! even with instant replay! its awful and something needs to be done… have any of these older refs had their eyes scanned? maybe that’s the problem… background check!

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