Dolphins run over Raiders in Oakland

The bye week may turn out to be the high point of the Raiders season.

For the second straight week, they were pushed around up front on both sides of the ball. This time, it was an ornery Dolphins team that waxed Oakland 33-17.

It was only a one score game for most of the contest, but it didn’t look that close.  The Raiders didn’t have a drive longer than four plays until midway through the fourth quarter.  The Dolphins missed a few field goals and survived a Jacoby Ford kickoff return touchdown by running straight through Oakland’s defense.

Ricky Williams rushed 20 times for 95 yards and a score, while Ronnie Brown rushed 24 times for 85 yards.  Chad Henne threw for 307 yards and two scores in his return to the lineup.  The Dolphins gained 471 total yards, to just 263 by Oakland.     Darren McFadden had two rushing yards on eight carries.

In first place just two weeks ago, the 5-6 Raiders are now two games back in the AFC West.  Their season will essentially be on the line in San Diego next week.

The Dolphins, now 6-5, continue to bounce back from devastating losses.  Henne deserves a lot of credit for returning so quickly from his knee injury and playing well.   His return gives the team life.

On Sunday, Miami played like the team not ready to be written off just yet.  The Raiders played like the team we’ve seen too often over the last decade.

20 responses to “Dolphins run over Raiders in Oakland

  1. saw some things from henne we havent seen before- OC is finally changing it up, calling for throws that hit receivers in stride.

  2. I would not panic at All.
    Raiders will dominate the chargers next week.
    Like it or not florio raiders are going to win the division….
    Last 2 games were flukes, Something your site or any media knows is that the raiders team have been sick since saturday night last week.
    They all got sick in pittsburg.
    Dmac was actually seen puking today on the sidelines

  3. Stupid choice to start Bruce after he had been gone for so long…

    DMAC needs to start running better…

  4. Michael Bush is a BEAST!
    Crazy Al looks like a genius for using a fourth rounder and reshirting Bush. Seven starts in 56 games is about what you can expect from a fourth rounder.
    Cable guy continues to hold the Raiders back. Campbell is a two-time Super Bowl winning QB in waiting and Cable starts the Polish Pop Gun. DHB is the most feared long ball threat since Cliff Branch but Cable doesn’t target him once!
    We need to clone Al and get him back on the sideline.

  5. The lack of a running game has killed us the past two games.

    There’s a handful of QB’s in this league that can win without a running game, and we don’t have any of them.

    Play action is vital to our offense but when you can’t run at all, it’s useless.

    I wouldn’t blame the run defense, they were on the field way too long.

    IWalter McFadden should have been replaced with Huff, the poor kid was eaten alive out there.

  6. Looks like Jason Campbell and Bruce Gradkowski are battling for the title of JaBustus. Since both of them play like JaBustus then let them be called JaBustus Campbell and JaBustus Gradkowski.

    Both get to share the JaBustus Russell Cup filled with Purple Drank.

  7. Just dwindle baby. Cable is doing his best impression of Brian Billick .Remember when he refused play Randle Cunningham, who was winning big games, for Elvis Grbac who moved the offense. Only difference is that was a SB caliber team and the Raider have yet to prove to be playoff worthy.

  8. As a RAIDERS fan, I have to say this…

    You PFT folks, you want to know why the RAIDERS don’t sellout? Because of games like this. Who wants to go see a team you know is going to lose badly? For seven years, fans have been waiting for this team to turn the corner. Passionate RAIDER fans are sick of making that trek to the Coliseum hoping for a great day and instead feeling like someone just kick them in the teeth. Who wants to spend hundreds of dollars for this?

  9. Gradkowski, with his 2 INT’s, 50% completion rate and 63.5 QB rating, sure is one heck of a QB. Now I understand why so many Raider fans were begging for Cable to give him the start…

    Thankfully only 48,946 people were in attendance to watch the latest implosion of the Raiders today.

  10. @”david7590 ” – take it easy guy…ur nice little run will hopefully be over with after sunday’s loss to the fish….good luck covering Bess – the most underated receiver in the NFL…..

  11. That was the Dolphins team that I expected to see all year. The play calling was much better because it was about the play instead of the player (with Marshall out). I love the ability that Marshall brings but Henning tried to get him the ball too much…except when he should have…like…in the red zone. Henne was allowed to play more loosely instead of constraining him due to potential turnovers. If the phins pklay like this and integrate Marshall smartly, they are a formidable team. I am glad the attempt at an end-around was cancelled before the snap. That is a stupid play for the Dolphins. The defense was as good as it has been all year. It’s a shame the Dolphins blew some early games that should have been won. Their only hope at the playoffs is to run the table to get to 11-5…and they will still likely need some help. If they can get to the dance, they can make some waves like the Jets did last year, but getting there is unlikely.

  12. well tom cable needs to wake up and realize that cooper carlise sucks…..for the past three years the o-line has sucked, and continues to suck, and tom cable is suppose to be a o-line guy……can we get some meat on the o-line satele, and carlise are bioth to small, and langston is to soft to be a rt. We need a center, and have needed one ever since barrett has been gone. Pouncey should be there in the second round .

    As far as Gradowski, he under threw every pass, and was way off, it probably is a good thing he got hurt again, at best he is a backup QB….now cambell should start the rest of the season and confirm what we all already know, and that he is nothing more then a backup qb as well…which leaves us with limited options such as Vince Young, Kevin Kolb, or Matt Lienart….any of those are better then what we got….i would still draft the the QB from Mizz in the 3rd round and let him develop for a year or 2.

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