Leslie Frazier gets a win in his head coaching debut

What do you get a guy making his head coaching debut in Week 12 of the regular season?

If you’re Brett Favre, you get him something that would have gone a long way toward guaranteeing he didn’t get the job in the first place. For just the second time this season, Favre went a whole game without throwing an interception and the Vikings walked out of FedEx Field with a 17-13 win over the Redskins.

Frazier helped Favre avoid any backbreaking turnovers by assuring that he’d play a minimal role in the offense on Sunday. Favre only attempted 23 passes, completing all eight he tried on the two Minnesota touchdown drives, while the Vikings remained committed to the run even after Adrian Peterson left the game with an ankle injury early in the second quarter. Toby Gerhart ran 22 times and scored a touchdown in the third quarter to put the Vikes up 17-7.

The Redskins would make the score more respectable, but never really put the pressure on Minnesota because they couldn’t move the ball offensively on a day where a win would have kept slim playoff hopes alive. After gaining 83 yards on their first drive of the game, the home team managed just 133 more yards over the rest of the afternoon. Dropped passes were a major problem for Washington as the team seemed to decide to protest Joey Galloway’s release by letting Donovan McNabb’s passes clang off their hands.

They also had an apparent Brandon Banks punt return for a touchdown nullified by an illegal block. Banks also had a 65-yard punt return to set up one of Graham Gano’s field goals, making him the most dangerous weapon the ‘Skins had on Sunday.

The Vikings lost their biggest weapon early — Peterson will go for tests on his ankle on Monday — but they found a way to make Frazier a winner all the same.

13 responses to “Leslie Frazier gets a win in his head coaching debut

  1. Great effort and whole different feel to the game!! Coach Frazier has the respect of his players and it showed today..the last few weeks it just seemed like they were going “thru the motions” where as today I saw hutsle and a no quit attitude. Skol Vikings!! Now we are getting REAL football….Gerhart was in beast mode too!!!

  2. Better hope some guy on D get healthy quick or the Vikes are in BIG trouble. Still can’t score many points, way to many guys out on the offense as well. Ah what the season could have been with Chilly watching the Saints game at home at the START of the season.

  3. This is what happenes when you have a half-way-decent coach. And on the last play, 3rd & 8, Frazier said he was gonna run, but he asked Favre what play might work. So Favre ran for 10 yards to seal the game. That would NEVER have happened under that idiot Childress.

  4. I agree, the Vikes were a whole different team today!! Childress did not have the respect from his players like Frazier does!! SKOL, VIKINGS!!!
    Now lets just hope AP is ok!!!

  5. Favre was reported to have the flu, a sinus infection and/or pneumonia and Viking fans commented how seriously ill he looked in Wednesday’s presser. Tonight’s presser he looked pretty fit and with the win, there’s no mention of injuries or illness as a factor in the game. As a matter of fact, the team looks like a “whole different team!” according to MN fans.

    By the same token, “Frazier helped Favre avoid any backbreaking turnovers by assuring that he’d play a minimal role in the offense on Sunday.” So Favre’s minimal role resulted in a win. Maybe that’s why they look like a “whole different team!”?

  6. That Favre scramble for 10 yards was cute. Which is probably an insult to manly men – but it seriously had me laughing. It was a great lift when the team needed one.

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