Mike Florio’s SNF Extra chat: Second half

Below is a transcript of Mike Florio’s chat in Sunday Night Football Extra for Week 12’s Chargers-Colts game. You can access his live chat every week here: nbcsports.com/snfextra

AskSNF: Who do you like for Coach of the Year?
PFTonSNF: Josh McDaniels?

PFTonSNF: This Manning guy is really struggling. Who is Indy’s backup?

PFTonSNF: Eric Weddle should get Pro Bowl consideration. He’s been very good the last two years.

AskSNF: Game over for Indy?
PFTonSNF: No way. You happen to watch Pats-Colts?

PFTonSNF: Colts go three and out … a give up throw on third down. What is going on here?

PFTonSNF: That Garay-Jeff Linkenbach play was the NFL equivalent of getting posterized. That was incredible.

AskSNF: Is it just Manning that’s the problem for Indy right now?
PFTonSNF: Um … no. No Rush defense, no rush offense. Injuries at receiver.

AskSNF: Does Norv Turner deserve consideration for coach of the year… considering this turn-around?
PFTonSNF: Easy there. First 7 games don’t count?

AskSNF: how different would this game be without the starters they are missing including Collie, Sessions, Brackett, and Sanders?
PFTonSNF: Who cares really? Colts are banged up. No secret there.

PFTonSNF: Colts turn it over on downs. This game doesn’t feel close. San Diego dominating up front.

AskSNF: Antonio Gates clearly did not need to play this game. Will this decision cost him a longer healing process for his planter injury?
PFTonSNF: Hard to question him playing in such a big game for them.

PFTonSNF: I think Manning is lucky to still be close enough. San Diego needs to put this away.

AskSNF: What are the chances the vikings go 9-7 and make the playoffs?
PFTonSNF: .000001%

AskSNF: Ask Mike Florio pay less attention to the tweets and more on the inept refs PFT!!
PFTonSNF: The non-call on Weddle play was huge, no doubt. But the Chargers have dominated this game up front either way.

AskSNF: Ask Mike Florio so this means the Texans are still in it?
PFTonSNF: Sure. Don’t think they can pull it off, but only one game back with 2 division games left.

AskSNF: How many games do you think Andre Johnson will get suspended for?
PFTonSNF: Would guess that he doesn’t. They play Thursday, so we should hear yay or nay Monday.

PFTonSNF: A little surprised Turner didn’t try to make it a four score game there … but we only talk about this stuff with the Colts.

AskSNF: Ask Mike Florio if Ryan Mathews can stay healthy will he be a more effective back then Tolbert?
PFTonSNF: Doubt it. Shaky in pass protection.

AskSNF: Is something wrong with Payton? What’s up with all the interceptions?
PFTonSNF: Pass protection, drops, some bad decisions. Not the same zip on balls?

PFTonSNF: Here’s the thing: The Colts are still the favorites in the AFC South. Which is crazy.

AskSNF: Ask Mike Florio what are the chances the chargers win a playoff game this year?
PFTonSNF: Still have to pass the Chiefs in the AFC West. Kansas City’s schedule not that tough.

AskSNF: “AskSNF: What’s up with all the interceptions?” Answer: He’s Flinching
PFTonSNF: Well done.

AskSNF: please give me a shout out. It’s my 21st birthday and i’m a chargers fan!!!!
PFTonSNF: They are giving you a reason to celebrate.

AskSNF: Can the Chargers get in the playoffs as a wild card even if Chiefs win the division?
PFTonSNF: Really doubt it. Wild Cards likely will come out of East and North.

PFTonSNF: So strange to see the Colts destroyed like that at home. They should right the ship next week against Dallas.