Steelers survive in overtime in Buffalo

In a wild, surprisingly competitive game that wasn’t over until they’d played 13 extra minutes, Steelers kicker Shaun Suisham mad the fourth of his 40-plus yard field goals to lead Pittsburgh to a 19-16 overtime win over the Bills.

Suisham showed that the Steelers made a smart move when they signed him to replace the inconsistent Jeff Reed, going 4-for-4 and connecting from 48, 46, 45 and 41 yards in the game.

But the Steelers were lucky to get a chance to kick that fourth and final field goal. The Bills easily could have won the game in overtime when Ryan Fitzpatrick dropped a beautiful deep ball into Stevie Johnson’s arms in the end zone for what should have been a game-winning touchdown. But Johnson dropped it — his fifth dropped pass of the game.

The loss drops the Bills’ record to 2-9, but they’re playing competitive football. In their last six games the Bills are 2-4, and all four losses were by three points.

Being competitive wasn’t the same thing as winning, however, and the Steelers managed to find a way to win on a day when plenty went wrong on both sides of the ball. Even Rashard Mendenhall, who with 151 yards on 36 carries had the best player of any Steeler not named Suisham, had a costly fumble that helped the Bills go from down 13-0 to tied 13-13.

The Steelers have plenty to work on as they head toward next week’s big AFC North showdown with the Ravens. But at 8-3, the folks in Pittsburgh have to feel very good about where they are, even on a day when they had to fight a lot longer and harder for a win than they might have thought.

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  1. Wow, a hell of a game by Buffalo. Thanks Stevie Johnson, you killed me in my fantasy league, but you handed my Steelers the game. The Steelers really need to get the penalties under control. Great game though, I think the Bills may be just a few puzzle pieces away from being relevant again…

  2. Just another example of today’s NFL where there are NO great teams, just a lot of good ones. Give Buffalo its due for playing a hell of a game.

    That being said, I just wonder how many of those long 40-plus yard field goals Jeff Reed woulda made. Welcome to the team Shaun Suisham!!!

  3. Steelers looked like garbage in the second half. Just a terrible showing.

    On a side note: how did Solomon Wilcots get a job announcing? In a span of about 30 seconds he called Mike Wallace “Mike Williams” about 10 times. Also there is a difference in pronunciation between t and th.

  4. Mckelvin has a history of ball handling problems on returns, its not a big surprise to see him cough up a ball that the bills ultimately recovered… but if he had been a half second more patient on the opening kick return of OT he could’ve stumbled right into field goal range for the bills (it was still a great return to the 50).
    The commentator that remarked on Steve Johnson dropped game winner couldn’t have quipped any better then to say “Ahhh, why so serious!?”

    Another ‘great’ loss for bills fans.
    What an ugly game of execution on Pittsburghs part. Add in 100+ yards in penalties and tomlins going to have a field day this week.

  5. Once again I was teased by the Giants trailing late and the Steelers being pushed into OT. And once again, I was disappointed.

    Well, it won’t stop me from doing my weekly wish of pain and suffering onto Steeler Nation. Sometimes when I see those putrid black and yellow jersey’s walk into a neighbor’s home I want to yell something like, “Traitors! Sell outs!” God, I hate you people!

    And then I think of those old Bewitched episodes, with you know, Mrs. Kravitz, and I want to turn to my wife and say, “Yeah, honey, you were right. The neighbors are commies!”

  6. Well the refs tried to take the game away from the Steelers, but at least personal fouls were personal fouls, this week. Some of the holds were questionable.

    Regardless, Arians needs to go. He’s as predictable as they come. I know the O line is 60% 2nd stringers, but I could call the D against Arians.

    And hey Lebeau, did you not notice that blitzing worked perfectly against OAK and not so well v. NO and NE? You can add BUF to the latter. When BUF throws a pass on 4th and 1, it’s a hint that your pass D isn’t respected.

  7. Seeing the game in our area today you have to wonder about two things for sure. Will Harrison get fined for yet anothe iffy at best call. The official seemed on replay to already have is hand on flag. The second when two Bills had Ben on the ground twisting his head and shoving his face with hand when the play was whissled dead. How will the league handle that if at all should be interesting. Do wonder how many more flags can be thrown on the Steelers. some holding calls also seemed iffy when watching other NFL games with more or less same type of hold with no flag. Listening to Steeler fans begining to see there point of view. was a fun game to watch.

  8. The Refs tried their best to help the Bills win, but failed. I can understand why Steeler Nation believes the Refs/Goodell are against them. It’s pretty obvious at this point.

  9. I knew going into it Buffalo would be a handful at worst, and they were. That’s a good football team, and at some point, they’ll start catching that proverbial pass in the end zone in OT, it just wasn’t today. Pittsburgh completely dominated them in the first half, but they lost the battle of adjustments by quite a bit.

    A fun game to watch, though, and Pittsburgh shouldn’t feel bad about what was a tough win. Buffalo has played very well this season.

  10. Another tough hard fought win by the Steelers away from home. Gritty performances by Ben, Troy and Rashard. Didn’t somebody say a few weeks ago that Troy was not the player he once was? LMAO.

    The author of this story forgets to mention that Sanders dropped an easy pass on the Steelers last drive before regulation ended that would have been a first down and clinched the game for the Steelers, but instead talks about Johnson dropping one later on. LOL.

    Way too many penalties again by the Steelers, that needs worked on pronto. But, it is getting increasingly clear that the Steelers are targeted by the NFL for officials to watch for penalties, and specifically any hard Harrison hit will be called a penalty. The penalty on his hit on Fitzpatrick was a complete joke! I bet all deceased Hall of Fame defensive stars rolled over in their graves on that horrible penalty call. GODell has a hard on for Harrison and it shows.

    A win is a win and we will take it leading up to a huge game against the Ravens next week!


  11. @connie75: “Is there a luckier team in sports?”

    You sound bitter. Tsk tsk tsk, jealousy is a STINKY cologne. Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good, but if you’re both, you end up the winner most of the time.

    Oh, and they look like GENIUSES as usual, with the Suisham signing… Steelers aren’t the best franchise in the league for nothin!

  12. Harrison got flagged again for another perfectly formed tackle…You have to wonder why the Steelers, who are traditionally a disciplined team, get penalized over a 100 yards in back to back weeks. Something stinks.

    I think the league should just paint a giant target on the quarterback’s stomach, that way defenders know where to aim. I’m being completely serious, too. I’m really trying to quit watching after seeing another call go the wrong way.

  13. Finally we got to see that awesome ground and pound offense late in overtime on the game winning drive – Mendenhall, Redman, Mendenhall, Redman, Mendenhall, Redman – first down, first down, first down – then game winning field goal

    I’ve been waiting for Arians to use that obvious combo for almost two years now. If the Steelers really develop a strong running game and start making those short-yardage plays consistently, they will be much, much harder to beat

  14. I guess I have to preface this comment by stating that NO, I am not whinning, simply making an observation. Of course all the haters will still say Steeler fans whine, but who cares? 5 holding calls on the Steelers, 0 (ZERO!!!) against the Bills, as I watched Woodley clothes-lined, horse collared, rode to the ground, and on one play the offensive lineman actually JUMPED ON HIS FREAKIN’ BACK, yet not one single holding penalty called. And Harrison gets another bogus roughing call? I know some will say, “oh, but he led with his head!” Well what’s he supposed to do, DROP KICK the QB??? Lead with a knee to the groin? Good tough win, but sweet jesus, if you can’t see something’s not quite right here, I’m not sure what you’re watching.

  15. @cbass59

    Dude, you’re delusional…..your line was holding the whole game and they are lucky the refs only called it about 5 times. One of the calls was made when your tackle held the jersey from behind Maybin.

    As for Stevie Johnson…..stop eating butter popcorn on the sidelines. Get back to the superstar from last week.

  16. Congrats to the Bills and Coach Gailey on a well-fought game. Definitely wouldn’t mind having Gailey back as our OC, but he’s too busy proving that he was a good head-coaching choice for the Bills. Thankful for Johnson’s drop, but can’t help feeling bad for the guy.

    Thank you Suisham!!! A kicker who actually makes his kicks when needed–without whining! Reminds me of what Jeff once was.

    @connie whatever …

    You spent months pretending to be a Steelers fan who hated Roethlisberger. Now you just pretend to be … what? … a Ravens fan? a Browns fan? All we know is you’re an obsessed troll and a pretender. Good grief, grow up.

  17. It’s amazing how quickly a game is reviewed and condensed into a 1 minute sound bite. The story of this game wasn’t the Steelers escaping with an OT win. Rather a Bills team who capitalized on a few mistakes to make the game close. The Steelers blew out the Bills through the first half. Dropped passes and a non-existent roughing the passer call on James Harrisson and the Bills clawed back in. The Bills’ 74 yards on the ground (including OT) does not equal a win.

    Ben Roethlisberger showed that he’s the toughest QB in the league. The 18 yard run (on a twisted ankle) for a first down should have been on shown every highlight.

  18. Who cares, finally the AFC North division is decided next week. Can’t wait.

    Go Ravens!!!

    As for luckier, donnu … we could have won in NE and in ATL and didn’t, so who is luckier?

  19. Week 7: Buffalo puts up 505 yds of offense on the road in Baltimore and loses in OT. ESPN, NBC and Ravens fans declare a hard fought victory.

    Week 12: Pittsburgh holds the Bills to 74 yds rushing on the road, totally dominates the first half and wins in OT. ESPN, NBC, and Ravens fans declare a near win for Buffalo.

    As a Steeler’s fan this crap happens every week and its getting old.

  20. Steelers lose = karma
    Steelers win = lucky

    Steelers fans who discuss bad calls when they lose = sore losers
    Steelers fans who discuss bad calls when they win = whiners

  21. The Steelers were fortunate the Bills receiver dropped the ball in the endzone. The Steelers should have won the game in regulation but penalties and turnovers made the game much harder.

    I’m not taking anything away from the Bills. The Bills are a team on the rise. The Bills are probably the most dangerous team in the NFL regardless of their record. They know they can win and they know how to win in the second half when it counts the most. The Bills should have won today but fortune smiled on the Steelers. The teams the Bills still have to play this season are in for a very tough match up. Next for the Bills, the Vikings in Minnesota.


  22. I now know why the Steelers moved to Heinz field… Its becaus the rivers surrounding Three Rivers Stadium Flooded from the tears of whiney steeler fans!!! Get a grip, the game was well officiated. Im sorry your best 2 O-lineman cant handle our undersized nose tackle by any other means than a hold. Also, Mr. Harrison, you are a loser. I hope the NFL finally suspends you, your a cheap shot artist who knows no other way to play. Where was this vaunted pass rush? Oh well, the Bills are on the rise, and good game, and good luck.

  23. @rabidbillsfan
    Actually we built Heinz Field about 100 yards from Three Rivers so not what you’d call a big move. However when your sorry a$$ team moves to Toronto will you be weaping or thumbing along the highway for a ride to Canada?

    Nothing better than a two win team talking smack after a third of the stadium was filled with your opponents fans.

    Good things come in threes and bad come in four….Super Bowl loses that is!

  24. “Is there a luckier team in sports?”

    I challenge you to find an NFL team who doesn’t get some lucky breaks along the way to a championship. It’s absolutely vital. Just today Josh Freeman underthew an easy pass for a TD against the Ravens today that would have had them back in the game early in the 4th qtr. Earnest Byner’s fumble, Big Ben’s tackle, the Immaculate Reception, Troy Brown’s strip against the Chargers a few years ago, this year’s Jets squad, Scott Norwood, Gary Anderson against the Falcons, the Music City Miracle, David Tyree’s helmet catch, a handful of games the Saints won last year — I could go on for days about teams who went deep into the playoffs/won the whole thing who got lucky as HELL to help get them there. When you have an oblong shaped ball, it’s gonna bounce in some funky ways every once in a while.

  25. Another week, another JOKE of a roughing call on Harrison. Seriously, this is getting ridiculous. Without that crap call Buffalo never scores and this one never goes to OT. Maybe THAT’S how ESPN should be reporting the game.

    Another big step in Roger’s plan to turn football into soccer. Fire this poor excuse for a commissioner now.

  26. rabidbillsfan says:
    Nov 28, 2010 11:39 PM
    I now know why the Steelers moved to Heinz field… Its becaus the rivers surrounding Three Rivers Stadium Flooded from the tears of whiney steeler fans!!! Get a grip, the game was well officiated. Im sorry your best 2 O-lineman cant handle our undersized nose tackle by any other means than a hold. Also, Mr. Harrison, you are a loser. I hope the NFL finally suspends you, your a cheap shot artist who knows no other way to play. Where was this vaunted pass rush? Oh well, the Bills are on the rise, and good game, and good luck.


    Hey numbnuts, look at google maps. Heinz Field is nearly in the EXACT same spot as Three Rivers was.

  27. Glad I didn’t go to the bar and watch that mess. There’s no telling how this Sunday is going to go, both teams are all over the board. I’m guessing the point total for the game will be under 35.

  28. @cup1981, halftermguv

    Hey numbnuts, I know that, and without even having to google it. And with all the whining lately, I wouldn’t be suprised to see it happen again. And i wouldn’t have to talk “smack” if it wasn’t for the ridiculous comments on here. I really dont’t think that anybody who comments actually watches the game. I’m actually suprised that there aren’t more Raven fans here. Can’t wait to hear how next week’s game goes, both teams seem to think the NFL is out to get them. And also, i don’t really see any room for Steeler fans to talk smack either. You took a 2-8 team to OT and only won because of a “lucky drop.” You were out-played, in the second half and OT. So again, uh, good luck.

  29. survive and advance

    sad to say, but i think the only way to get Goodell to wake up on this is for defenders (especially harrison) to just stop tackling the qb. just bear hug, hold them still until the refs blow the play dead. it would be extreme, but effective. i’m just tired of it all.

    i dont care if you love or hate the steelers, but you know like i know IT WAS A BAD CALL. even if it made you feel all warm and fuzzy inside to see it called.

  30. Harrison’s helmit hit the QB in the chin initially and people are saying that the official was wrong. Stop complaining, your player broke the rules AGAIN and you still won the game. So why are you bitching?

  31. @rabidbillsfan …

    Scroll up and you’ll see I spent most of my post talking about the great job your team did. Did the same on another post yesterday. Shocked to realize you’re 2-8 because you’re a better team than that.

    If your support dates back to the great Polian/Levy Bills teams, be thankful there was no Goodell to cripple your defense. I’d never condone spearing or deliberate helmet-to-helmet hits intended to injure other players. But so far Harrison’s bad hit was the one on Massaquoi in the Browns game. He didn’t spear Fitzpatrick and didn’t hit near his head.

    Goodell is targeting Steelers because of their reputation as a hard-hitting defense. He’s sending a message to the league. If it’s not received, he’ll target another player or team. If he cared about player safety, he wouldn’t be trying to cut health benefits in the CBA negotiations, wouldn’t have cut NFL funding to spinal cord research, wouldn’t have needed threats of Congressional oversight to take an interest in concussions–which are no more frequent or debilitating now than five years ago.

    This isn’t about player safety. Goodell wants an 18-game season–more wear and tear on players. And he wants to draw higher viewing numbers. That means attracting a more generic crowd that prefers scoring to great defense. So he’s trying to neuter the sport. It may seem like Steelers fans are “whining” about flags, but
    every “rabid” NFL fan should be concerned because Goodell’s strategy will have a big impact on the game.

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