Texans not dead yet in AFC South


The awfulness of the Texans secondary has its limits.  Rookie Titans quarterback Rusty Smith is that limit.

Houston shut out Tennessee 20-0 on Sunday because of an inspired defensive effort against Smith.  Rusty completed 17-of-31 passes for 138 yards with three interceptions.  Chris Johnson had seven carries for five yards.  Even early in the game, the Titans went pass-wacky in some curious playcalling.

Both teams are 5-6 after the loss and remain alive in the AFC South race.  (More like a slow jog really.)  If the Colts lose on Sunday night, all four AFC South teams will be within one game of one another with a ton of division games left.

We know this much: The Titans aren’t going anywhere as long as Smith is behind center.

8 responses to “Texans not dead yet in AFC South

  1. “Rusty completed 17-of-31 passes for 138 yards with three touchdowns.”

    So Rusty threw for three touchdowns and his team still managed to put up no points?

    Proofreading is a good thing, Rosenthal.

  2. The best thing about this game was watching cortland finnegan get pummeled by andre johnson toward the end. Does he just like getting beat up? I remember when he tried to start something with hines ward earlier in the season and ward just slammed him to the ground. It never gets old.

  3. Of course you would say that, Gregg. Wasn’t it you that picked the Titans to make the playoffs just 3 short weeks ago? You only had them losing 2 games the rest of the reason.

    That prediction looks even sillier now, doesn’t it?

  4. Just the latest example of why Fisher needs to go. He was feeling himself too much and wanted to show Vince Young why he doesn’t need him.

    This idiot actually said before the game, if the Texans want to put 9 in the box and stop CJ, they’ll be making a mistake, Rusty’s going to show them lol. Even if you hated Young, he had a 98 rating when he was playing, yet you’re ready to throw 30 times a game with a rookie at QB, a recipe for disaster if you had a rookie Peyton Manning.

    And the moronic love thrown toward one of your worst players and biggest mistakes this year, Randy Moss, is comical. Fisher you screwed your team up with that acquisition because when he’s on the field, you’re playing 10 on 11, and you don’t have the balls to sit him down.

    He’s not even moving off the line when the play’s not going his way, lol. But you keep propping up his dedication and telling everybody how it was Young’s fault why your offense has gone into a tailspin since acquiring him. Vince is immature, but I think he wasn’t throwing Randy’s way because Moss doesn’t even run routes now, he doesn’t even move off the line unless it’s a play designed to go to him, not to mention he can barely get open now when he does.

    However, you keep telling everybody Moss was “open all day but Vince wouldn’t throw it to him.” It’ll only get worse with Rusty and Kerry, and maybe one of the biggest fraud “good coaches” as we’ve been told will finally get fired.

  5. Just three short weeks ago, the situation was much different, takingbacksundays5. In case you haven’t noticed.

    Rusty didn’t make his Florida Atlantic homies very happy today.

    The big question is how Fisher’s meeting with Bud Adams will go tomorrow. With Heimerdinger out, it’ll be more difficult for ‘Aricept’ Adams to fire Fisher. Unless he decides Vince Young would make a better coach. Or himself.

  6. Yes, but how about the fight?! We’re watching the officials throw a flag on Harrison for a hit to the quarterback, then we see Andre Johnson smacking the crap out of Finnegan.

    Roger Goodell, this is the NFL. Not the fantasy land you’re attempting to create.

    Fire Goodell.

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