Rams-Broncos one-liners

The Rams overcame a mental roadblock to upset the Broncos in Week Twelve by a score of 36-33.

Rookie WR Danario Alexander provided a major spark for the Rams’ offense in his return from arthroscopic knee surgery.

Rams QB Sam Bradford is 104-of-153 (70 percent) for 983 yards and eight touchdowns in his last four games.

The Rams have finally won a road game.

Broncos WR Brandon Lloyd had multiple drops against St. Louis, but scored twice and is now on pace for 85 catches, 1,632 yards, and 14 touchdowns.

The Broncos’ pass defense made Bradford look like a Pro Bowler.

The Denver Post calls the Broncos a “still-proud, if nearly forgettable” football team.

Broncos coach Josh McDaniels may be moving closer to the unemployment line.

3 responses to “Rams-Broncos one-liners

  1. I’m curious to see what the next 48 hours brings this story…… are the media and the other NFL teams going to let this story lose steam and die, or is this story not going to go away as the league would clearly hope it does?

    Wondering what is going through Steve Scarnecchia’s mind right now. Even if he took a buy-off for his silence, it has GOT to be pissing him off that McDaniels is using the “rogue employee/I knew nothing” story, and if he didn’t get paid, he has GOT to be wanting some revenge for being hung out to dry.

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