Bucs lose Davin Joseph, Cody Grimm for the season

The Bucs will continue to chase a surprise playoff berth without two starters.

Coach Raheem Morris said guard Davin Joseph (foot) and safety Cody Grimm (fibula) will be out for the season because of broken bones.

Florio reported that Grimm was out for the year last night on his fancy sit-down with NBC’s Bob Costas after the Sunday night game.

The 7-4 Bucs have three losing teams left on their schedule.  Their path to the playoffs would really open up if they could somehow beat the Falcons this Sunday in Raymond James Stadium.

Here’s the video if you missed it last night:

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7 responses to “Bucs lose Davin Joseph, Cody Grimm for the season

  1. Florio reported that Grimm was out for the year last night on his fancy sit-down with NBC’s Bob Costas after the Sunday night game.

    Well played, well played.

  2. Well 7 and 9 isn’t too bad. They really had a shot but couldn’t get it done against the Falcons or Ravens and now without two of their better players, I don’t see many more wins coming. Just being realistic. Joseph is their best offensive lineman and that will make it hard for them to run the ball and protect Freeman. Grimm was getting better each week.

    I just wish Tanard was back and Talib would quit being a knucklehead. They got to get their anger issues under control them young Buccs and leave the “substances” alone. If they can do that and draft great OL and a ferocious pass rushing DE, along with some safety depth and a shut-down corner in the upcoming draft, they could be a great NFC team for many years to come.

    Guess it will have to be a wait and see, but that is where I would build in the draft to make this team better moving forward, based on my observations from the few games I’ve watched this year. I think a good core is there and Raheem is surprising me more every week.

  3. mobuccsfan:

    7-9? Really. That’s a pretty idiotic thing to say considering the Bucs are undefeated against opponents that are .500 or under…and they have the Lions/Seahawks/Redskins on the schedule.

    I won’t guarantee 10 wins, but I will guarantee they won’t lose out. I could definitly see them splitting wins with either the Falcons or Saints.

    Joseph & Grimm are both big losses, but they have Zuttah to fill in at G & he’s actually played really well this year for Faine at Center.

    Go Bucs!

  4. Bucs will not beat the Saints at home but could beat the Falcons at the GAydome providing they have a different crew officiating than the ones who “helped” the dirtyturds beat the Packers yesterday.

  5. @bucbearpig

    Okay…well let me put it this way. 8 and 8 is realistic and possibly 9 and 7. My initial thought is though, regardless of how well Zuttah has played, which he indeed has, is that the Lions have one heck of a D-line that could give the line and Freeman just enough of a fit, to not get going like they need on offense. Don’t forget, they have Megatron and the secondary gets weaker with Grimm out now.

    Redskins, yes though that would be considered a win, it’s football, the NFL…Any Given Sunday. McNabb has shown a few good moments and could surprise people to end out the year. Always seems to do well against the Buccaneers, as much as that pains me to say. Couldn’t ever stand the Eagles and still can’t.

    Seahawks-Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Depends on which team shows up to play. Atlanta and New Orleans, well I would like to think we have a shot at either one of the, it is all up in the air. The way they both are playing right now and Saints already manhandled us when they weren’t playing their best, it just doesn’t bode well. Trust me, I would love to see a 10-6 season or even an 11-5.

    That is the great thing, if they could somehow win out, they could easily get in the tournament. I think 10-6 or 11-5, however, won’t cut it, due to the NFC West having to have a team in. It will be like in 2008, I believe, when the Patriots were stuck at 11-5 and on the outside looking in.

    I definitely think the Buccaneers are on the right path and I’m excited for the rest of the season and the coming seasons. They are young and are learning as they go and getting better. And I believe they have a lot of heart/fight in them.

  6. Mobuccsfan
    You could have just said “you are right” instead of the 300 word explination. 9-7 is probable, 10-6 questionable, 11-5 doubtful

    Bucs play the Falcons in Tampa so they have a chance (if they can hang in until the 4th). Bucs lost by 1 yard the first game

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