David Garrard’s wrist won’t be a problem

For one half on Sunday, Jaguars quarterback David Garrard was playing lights out.  Jacksonville appeared to be on it’s way to a season-altering win in the New Meadowlands Stadium.

Then New York’s blitzes started to get home, the Jaguars secondary collapsed, and Garrard spoke after the game about spraining his non-throwing wrist.

“It feels like I hurt everything,” Garrard said.

The Jaguars can’t erase the loss to New York, but the injury shouldn’t be a big issue.  Garrard confirmed on Monday that x-rays on the wrist were negative and it won’t be a problem in the coming week.

The Jaguars head to Tennessee to face the 5-6 Titans in Week Thirteen.

8 responses to “David Garrard’s wrist won’t be a problem

  1. Garrard stinks! He’s a good “fantasy football” QB as he puts up meaningless numbers but the Jags will never win with him at the helm. This is another case where the team should cut their losses and look to bring in a real passer (and a new head coach). MJ Drew’s prime years are being wasted with these fools.

  2. Garrard Stinks… he’s a stiff… HC is a knucklehead. Yet the team is 6-5, tied for first in the division with the tiebreaker in hand against the Colts, in a year where the Jags were supposed to be 5-11 or worse.

    uh.. ok

  3. teamfema
    They won due to the fact that they had 4 more points on the score board after 60 minutes of play

    Are you saying the refs gave the giants a break?
    On a review? yeah its all part of the big plot to keep the hagwires out of the playoffs its the mannings they control football

    Doubtful as the hags were holding Osi and Tuck all game and not a flag was thrown

    Of course there is the point that if by some chance the hags made it to the super bowl no one would care

  4. To Rosenthal:


    Seriously? An apostrophe in its?

    And you, I’m guessing, consider yourself a professional journalist — probably actually get paid — and maybe even secured a degree from an institution of higher learning?

    I expect this kind of mistake from the mouth breathers of the world, but I would hope for better from a “professional journalist”…

    C’mon, man…

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