DeSean Jackson distraught after Reid chews him out

DeSean Jackson was chewed out in front of his teammates by coach Andy Reid following Philadelphia’s loss on Sunday, according to Geoff Mosher of the Wilmington News Journal.

Jackson reportedly sat at his locker with his head in his hands for at least 15 minutes after the incident, and was consoled by many of his teammates.  Reid’s frustration reportedly started with a “loose pre-game demeanor” in which he didn’t take pre-game drills seriously.

The deep threat also had a frustrating day on the field, catching only two passes for 26 yards.  Jackson also appeared to have alligator arms on a late pass near the end zone.  The Bears are experts at taking away the deep ball, and did a good job roughing Jackson up near the line of scrimmage.

Michael Vick was seen trying to help Jackson in the locker room, once saying, “C’mon, D-Jax, you’re my boy. I would never tell you nothin’ wrong.”

Vick later said in his press conference that he’ll “get the young guy together.”

Jackson’s production has been more up and down this year. Surely he wants more from this season before making a big contract push in the offseason.

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  1. Im surprised he has never been chewed out for always flopping and diving when there are a few defenders waiting for him, he flops down like a QB. This is one overrated team, i wouldnt be shocked if dallas swept them and if the giants get half their team back on the 19th as well.

  2. I wonder if Vick made sure to read him a night-night story and tuck him into bed, too.

    Better watch out, Djax. If you don’t perform on the field for Vick, you know what he might do to you.

  3. I guess if you can run into the endzone backwards and do a little dance then its not worth catching the ball.

  4. @jkay:

    How can a young, talented team that everybody was picking to go 8-8, that nobody was even picking to make the playoffs, be “overrated?”

    The Eagles were significantly hampered by injuries last night, and they STILL almost stole that game at the end. The Bears want *no parts* of an Eagles team at full strength.

  5. @saturn1111
    funny, last week all you hear is phi prob won’t lose the rest of the way and how the giants are this and that, making excuses because they had injuries, you had samuel out vs a crap bears team, the giants had 8 starters out last week vs phi, but that wasnt an excuse.

  6. Ok…He prepared badly and he performed badly, lets give this YOUNG man a chance to turn this around. I don’t applaud those gator arms, nor do I blame him. He’s about two more concussions away from commentating and posting like us.

  7. Got to give the Bears credit, they took it to the Eagles for most of the game. I didn’t understand how they could be the underdog at home other than some folks being overly hyped about the Eagles. This game was lost by special teams and poor depth in the secondary.

  8. So many Excuses coming out of Philly after this game, eagles lost to a BETTER team. period. and Bears WRs arent SCARED to take a hit.

  9. Timtanium, you’ve got to be kidding me. There are ZERO excuses coming out of Philly. The team didn’t play well, period. The Bears are in no way “the better team.”

    You are positively delusional. Hope you have fun losing in the first round of the playoffs.

  10. Who’s making excuses? Who was saying the Eagles would win out? I don’t blame Jackson for hitting the deck. That could have easily been another trip to the sidelines for a few weeks. He doesn’t do us any good when he’s off the field (cue the “or on the field” jokes). He’s a great player because of his explosiveness, not because he lights people up.

  11. Not all Djax fault. Bears defense is nasty and they took away the deep ball. Bears deserved to win this game because they played better football, plain and simple. Defense wins championships

  12. What a Punk Diva
    The boss yelled at me BOOOHOOO
    Grow a set you little punk
    You are a slap happy putz look it up
    One good hit and you will be done
    You and Vick can work the drive thru at Micky D’s
    And funny to hear how two starters being out is a big deal yet not a problem when the giants had 8 out last week

    More Cry baby Cry Egal fans BS

  13. ahhh….so you’re a GIANTS fan, eh, jkay?

    no wonder you’re spewing so much Eagle hate.

    Your hate goggles must be making you see unwarranted praise for the Eagles everywhere you look. Get over it.

    After last week’s game, I never heard anyone say the Eagles would win out the rest of the way. I heard a lot of people talk about how fortunate they were to beat your team. And they WERE fortunate. Your team *handed* the Eagles the game! And you know what? They almost lost to Jacksonville, too! Pathetic.

    Of course, lots of teams are banged up this time of year. But last night, the Eagles were missing both of their starting corners and a Defensive End who plays A LOT of downs. That’s a pretty big deal.

    Oh and by the way: the Eagles have also been playing with a patchwork o-line all year. And that o-line shut down your big blue vaunted pass rush last week (which *was* at full strength, wasn’t it?).

    Also, who were the 8 starters the giants were missing vs. the Eagles? There’s Smith, Nicks, Andrews….keep going….

  14. @phillyfan
    What I was implying was that if you under-perform (like an under-performing pit bull), Michael Vick will put you out of his misery, by either drowning, electrocution, or beat you to death.

    Giants fans DO NOT want to hear that “we were hampered by injuries” crap over Asante Samuel and Hobbs. Last week when any Giants fan (namely me) even mentioned injuries, we were told “injuries are a part of the game” and “deal with it”. Check the link to the story about Shawn Andrews:

    Specifically check the 3rd comment (from “packeranddarien” and the12th comment from “camprobot”.

    Now all of a sudden Philly fans are going to start with this injury crap? Deal with it.

  15. @saturn1111
    Giants did NOT have 8 starters out last week, no matter what bigbluefan says. But they were missing their starting center and his back up, their starting left guard, their starting right tackle, and their starting #1 and #3 receivers.

    So missing 4-5 starters, but the injury concerns that Giants fans were mentioning were to the depth at both the OLine and the WR positions. They have been decimated there the last few weeks.

  16. Every team has injuries by this point in the year, lots of them.

    The Bears won because their a tougher football team, period.

  17. “They almost lost to Jacksonville, too! Pathetic.”

    NY Giants 17, Chicago 3. 10 sacks and knocked Cutler and his backup out of the game. And the “mighty” Eagles lost to this team??? Talk about pathetic!!! When will you morons learn one regular season game is just that – one REGULAR season game! Don’t worry Chicago fans, Eagles fans always blame every loss on injuries, bad officiating, the other team got “lucky”, etc., etc. Every win means they are destined to win the Super Bowl. This year will be 45 years and counting with no Lombardi and all the Philly trolls will be gone from PFT for a couple of months once they get eliminated from the playoffs. It’s an every year event.

  18. It’s quite entertaining how all those Eagles fans said they didn’t need Samuels to beat the Bears. How did that work out? Also, which receiving corp looked better in the game? That’s right, the “horrible” Bears WRs! D-jack can hang his head some more, cause it’s obvious he can’t be effective on underneath or intermediate routes. Here’s another doozy of an excuse- the field conditions helped the Bears by slowing down the Eagles. Seriously? The Bears are built on speed too, so this paper-thin argument can’t hold water. I didn’t see speedsters Knox, Hester, or even the “slow” Bennett have problems.

  19. gcsuk, you seem like a fair sort.

    So if we’re going to “keep score” with all of the injuries, then you have to note that in addition to recently losing the starting CB’s and the DE, the Eagles have been making do *all season* without their starting center, their starting FB, and their starting right guard.

    So if we’re talking about depth (and that really IS the issue), the Eagles are so deep that you’re not even considering some of their backups as backups!

    Also, somewhere in the neighborhood of 8 of the rest of the Eagles’ projected starting 22 have missed at least one or two games.

    This is to say nothing of the fact that going into the year, the Eagles were described as either a “rebuilding” or “young” team that would have to “take a step back” before realizing the full potential of their talent. Couple that assessment (which was accurate, I think: they *are* young, and this was a rebuilding year after having scrapped so many veterans) with all the injuries, and you have to be impressed with their ability to do more than just hang with your mostly veteran Giants. It doesn’t bode well for your end of this rivalry’s future.

    And finally, you can’t have it both ways: at this point, you’ve said enough about the Giants being “decimated” to be labeled a crybaby yourself.

    The fact is, injuries DO make a difference, and the Eagles have had to deal with more of them.

    And as I’ve pointed out already (and as Collinsworth kept pointing out all night) the Eagles’ patchwork O-line rendered vaunted pass rush ineffective (and your front four *were* at full strength, yes?). The Giants fans in this thread seem to have no substantial answer for that.

  20. “and they STILL almost stole that game at the end.”

    Wait, when did they add the Almost column to the win-lost-tie-almost record?

    You do know the Bears just basically sat on the ball on both sides of the ball halfway through the final quarter?

    Favorite part was when Fox played “Chelsea Dagger” after one of the TD’s…

  21. @comeonnowguys:

    Yes, the Bears sat on the ball…and nearly let the game slip away. Nice strategy.

    You can make clever retorts about close only counting in horseshoes, but I’m simply pointing out an irrefutable fact: the Eagles backup corners spotted you all of those points and your team *still* somehow managed to find a way to make it close at the end. Gotta make you feel real confident come playoff time, doesn’t it?

  22. @saturn1111
    I would love nothing more than to have a rational and adult discussion about this.

    At no point would I argue that the Eagles do have their share of injuries, and yes, injuries DO have a lot to do with the outcome of games. The Bears have been one of the luckier teams this season in that they seem to have avoided the catastrophic injuries so far. They had a lot last year, and the team paid the price, record-wise.

    I guess my issue was with how Giants fans were basically just told to deal with it and it’s part of the game when we mentioned that the Giants were dealing with a lot of injuries. In fairness to you (because you seem like the fair sort), you were NOT one of the posters who “chastised” me for saying the Giants were injured deeply in the Philly game. For that, I will apologize to you (but only you), because I was not trying to single you out.

    I make no excuses for the Giants losing the game to Philly. Injuries are to be dealt with on both teams. I just pointed out (not saying “well, if we would have had so and so, we would have won”) that the Giants injuries are, inexplicably, concentrated in 2 critical areas.

    Here’s hoping that these 2 teams meet in 3 weeks at full strength. I know when the Giants won SB 42, it would not have been the same if the Patriots had been short one Tom Brady.

    Take care, Saturn1111.

  23. First let me say good game Bears, Martz took Mcdermott to the woodshed for 2 quarters and the Bears got the win. THIS GAME WILL HAPPEN AGAIN, TRUST ME.

    That being said, Giants fans on this thread is pathetic. You lost get over it injuries or not.

  24. Come on Eaglelover, what do you really expect? These columns are not mutually exclusive. Any fan for any team can comment on any board. Steelers fans are constantly chirping on Ravens stories, etc…

    Giants fans hate Eagle fans, Eagles fans hate Giants fans, and we both hate Cowboys fans. It’s part of who were are.

    I know you were openly rooting for the Giants to lose to Jacksonville. I don’t blame you. I would too if I was an Eagle fan.

    And don’t forget, in the end, it’s football, simply a game, a diversion for us fans. It really has no outcome on my life or yours (unless you happen to be part of the Eagles organization).

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