Fisher, Finnegan make their case to league


Titans coach Jeff Fisher and cornerback Cortland Finnegan pleaded their case to the NFL on Monday morning regarding why  Finnegan should avoid a suspension, a league source confirmed.

Fisher’s argument was simple: Finnegan didn’t throw punches, while Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson did.  Fisher made the the case that Finnegan would have drawn an illegal hands to the face penalty at worst if Johnson hadn’t ripped Finnegan’s helmet off.

The entire sequence can be viewed at, including the play before in which Johnson and Finnegan really started to battle.  The two men shoved and jawed at one another, with Johnson eventually pushing Finnegan in the back after knocking his helmet off.

A league source says Johnson started to amp up the trash talking during that sequence,  taunting that Fisher was going to leave the Titans soon, among other things.   The source says Finnegan denies saying “Watch this” before the fight happened, as reports have indicated.

Frankly, what was said between the men is irrelevant.

It’s more important for the league to view what else happened throughout the game.  Johnson said in his post-game comments that a culmination of events led to his explosion.

The baggage both players bring to the fight is significant.  Finnegan has been fined repeatedly this year.  He’s been warned that his next infraction could result in a suspension.

Johnson, meanwhile, was fined $7,500 last season for taking Finnegan to the ground by the facemask in a scuffle.  On Monday, Fisher pushed for Johnson to be punished with a suspension because of his punches thrown.  The league could possibly view both players as repeat offenders of their conduct policy.

With the Texans set to play again Thursday, we should find out what the league thinks soon enough.

UPDATE: Fox 26 in Houston reports Andre Johnson won’t be suspended by the league.  We are awaiting official word on Finnegan, although early signs point towards no suspension for him as well.

40 responses to “Fisher, Finnegan make their case to league

  1. while finnegan is a dirtbag, the tape doesn’t lie. it’s true about the hands to the face penalty being the worst that finnegan couldve been given. he shouldn’t have been ejected, while andre johnson absolutely shouldve been for throwing punches to a helmetless guy. i hope fisher gets fired at the end of the season, and finnegan needs to get to playing football and not being a cheap shot artist, but this would not warrant a suspension for cortland, while i think it’s a pretty clear suspension for andre. you just can’t be throwing obvious punches at guys faces.

  2. To say Finnegan didn’t throw any punches is ridiculous, if you watch, it was shoving and facemask grabbing UNTIL Finnegan takes a swing on AJ’s helmeted face. That’s when Johnson started really swinging.

  3. I feel bad for Johnson. Sometimes people push buttons and you lose it. Finnegan will be suspended and so will Johnson, in my opinion that is. If I ran the league I would suspend Finnegan and give Johnson a reward.

  4. Finnegan did throw a punch. Who cares if it was a weak punch. Shoud Fisher be on the competition commitee when a player from his team starts a fight, in which he was no competion?

  5. It appears you forgot to mention that the “League Source” is also a “paid employee of the Tennessee BESFs.” Sheesh.

  6. “Illegal hands to the face” is penalty that occurs during the course of a play. Finnegan intentionally went went straight to Johnson’s head when the ball was snapped. It was brain dead, flagrant, no class, low-life, scum-bag, loser, sorry excuse for a human being move.

  7. Fine and suspend them both for a game.
    Fine Finnegan extra for his b**** a** nature and then double it for that atomic mushroom cloud haircut.

    And then match the fine on Fisher for never truly getting rid of that mullet – the ghosts of mullets past continues to haunt us.

  8. People who say Hines Ward and James Harrison are dirty players need to watch some film on this Finnegan scumbag.
    The difference between the three is while Ward and Harrison play HARD, Finnegan just tries to goad and cheapshot to compensate for his lack of talent on the field.
    This dude should be banned for life. Come on “GOD” Goodell, all STEELER NATION is waiting on the fines and suspensions on this one!!! Unless of course you’re going to apply the double standard thing again.

  9. “Frankly, what was said between the men is irrelevant.”

    I’m not a lawyer but intent seems to affect how severe a punishment is from time to time. There are degrees of crimes (for instance murder ranging from manslaughter to first degree etc..which have a lot to do with intent and fraud is completely based on intent) and sometimes a great way to know what a person intended and was thinking is to listen to what was said.

    The league I am sure is not only concerned with the fact that punches were thrown, they penalize unsportsmanlike conduct even when the players don’t necessarily physically harm each other.

    So if what was said over the course of the game that Finnegan was over time trying to play dirty (or in other words unsportsmanlike) I think the idea that what he said is “irrelevant” is kinda simplistic. Sure it may not matter as much as punches, I’m not saying it is the only thing that matters, or that it matters alot, just that saying it’s irrelevant is, well wrong.

  10. My GOD, look at the big balls on Fisher. Most other coaches would figure themselves to be in line for a fine along with the player.

    But not Jeff. It looks like he’s well aware of his high standing around the league and in the media, and is taking this opportunity to use that credibility as leverage on behalf of his player.

    He would be wiser to make the kid apologize publicly, (“like a man,” right, Jeff?) and see to it that the team is fines the player, too. Then again, Jeff has a dysfunctional relationship with his team’s owner (gee, what a model coach this guy is), so that last part about the fine might not be feasible, anyway.

    Hey, Jeff, be careful. In the last ten days, you haven’t done much to live up to all that cred you’ve got. Instead, you seem to be trading on it. Keep this up, and you won’t have any left (although it may take a long time for the media to fall out of love with you).

  11. Actually, this should be pretty easy. Johnson is a class act, who has only been in trouble because of this piece of trash. Finnegan is a wannabe bad guy, who goes around flaunting the need to be known as the dirtiest player in the league. It should come as no surprise that Fisher would stick up for him because he actually enables the kind of dirty play that Sideshow Bob exhibits.

    In my opinion, Finnegan should be suspended for his history, and the league should take his fine money and give it to Johnson for doing everyone a favor and embarrassing him in front of millions of people.

  12. Finnegan did throw punches…but only when Andre’s helmet was still on. He should be suspended for his track record and Johnson fined.

  13. Scooped GGGGGrregggggggggggg!

    FOX 26 Sports has learned Houston Texans receiver Andre Johnson will be fined for his actions Sunday involving Tennessee Titans cornerback Cortland Finnegan, but Johnson will not be suspended.

  14. Cortland Finnegan remind anyone else of Josh Koscheck from the UFC? Looks like him and has the same attitude.

    …and will probably look similar when Kos is balled up taking a beating from GSP the way Finnegan was vs. Johnson.

  15. Good thing they stopped that fight.

    Finnegan’s turtle shell approach just wasn’t working out for him.

  16. Fisher and Finnegan are both full of crap. If you watch the video of the fight, as soon as Finnegan’s helmet comes off, he takes a swing to the side of AJ’s helmet. Not only that, Finnegan shoves both of his hands right into AJ’s facemask at the snap. To play off Finnegan as the victim in this whole thing shows you how much class Fisher has.

  17. It’s kind of hard to believe anything Finnegan says considering all his dirty play over the years.

  18. The lame defense that Finnegan didn’t throw a punch doesn’t hold up to the video. Both hands are shot to Johnson’s face, and Finnegan does land a lame ass punch while they are twirling.
    I also think the league should punish Fisher as its not unheard of for Tennessee players to be engaging in dirty behavior.

  19. If Fisher had any integrity he’d impose a team disciplinary action on Finnegan. Finnegan incited the whole thing and it was a certified act of Turdhood committed by a certified Turd. But here we see Fisher defending his little Turd. Apparently Fisher is not the standup guy he pretends to be.

  20. whoever wrote that article should be fired. it says the Titans won the game, which they didn’t. I mean, if you can’t get the winner right, then why bother.

  21. Fisher? Finnegan is a reflection of Fisher…Turd! His “Watch this” comment to the Texans sideline says everything, he deserves a suspension…he is the dirtiest player in the NFL.

  22. cant wait til their next game and AJ runs circles around finnegan again. finnegan is a chump that couldnt cover AJ so he resorted to cheap shots.

  23. Finnegan’s antics need to come to an end, and it’s the league’s job to do it if his team won’t. Smack talk is fine and aggressive play is fine, but you’ve obviously lost focus if you constantly make a play to be the “league’s dirtiest player.” Granted, AJ shouldn’t have resorted to swinging and he needs to be held accountable, but at some point Finnebum was going to cause someone to attack and Finnebum deserved what he got. He needs to either shut up and play like a man or be banned from the league.

  24. Just because Finnegan didn’t land any punches doesn’t mean the guy wasn’t vainly trying.

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