Gruden’s look-at-me game continues

It’s a game that has been played for nearly a decade, maybe longer.  Coach Jon Gruden and his long-time agent, Bob LaMonte, believe that Gruden’s overall interests are served if there’s a perception that he’s in high demand.

And since he apparently has no real intention of ever coaching at the college level, Gruden is willing to use the occasional NCAA program as a pawn in his greater game of look-at-me.  (He’d never do that with an NFL team, since he wants to maintain bridges to as many NFL franchises as possible, as evidenced by the weekly butt-smooching in which he engages from the broadcast booth.)

It started while he was still coaching the Raiders, with talk that Gruden was on Notre Dame’s radar.  Last year, the ridiculous notion that he could coach at Louisville emerged.

Now, Gruden has been linked to the “U”.  And he has denied it without denying it, affirming his commitment to ESPN without saying that he didn’t (as reported elsewhere) initiate contact with Miami.

Gruden wants to coach again.  Gruden needs to coach again.  And with the NFL hiring cycle currently tilting toward promoting from within due to the ongoing labor drama, Gruden needs to find a way to force his name to the front of the brains of the folks who’ll be hiring NFL head coaches in January.

It’s a simple yet brilliant approach, with no real downside.  Gruden wants to be talked about as a potential head coach, and it’s working.


33 responses to “Gruden’s look-at-me game continues

  1. Florio, you seem pretty annoyed that Gruden has been successful at getting people to talk about him.

    But here you are…uh…talking about him.

  2. Gruden & Allen ran the Bucs into the ground. Why does he “need to coach” again? I have to say, I half way like him in the broadcast booth though.

  3. I don’t have a problem with it at all but when he talks about players and when he talks with them, it appears as though he gets extremely aroused. No wonder he wants to get back into a locker room.

  4. he never had a losing season, and raiders have never had a winning season since he left, unless you count the following season, when callahan inherited grudens team….just saying gruden wants to be a raider again, and al should swallow his pride and welcome him back.

  5. Hope he returns to coaching soon. He should get Al Michaels or John Madden to teach him how to do coverage more evenly. His glee for everything is annoying with every game hyped like the superbowl and every player playing at a probowl level or will be or has some other superhuman distinction.

    He also is balatantly rude and constantly diagreeable to Jaws who is at least trying to keep the broadcast real.

  6. Wow, I used to have a login, but the site must have changed. Now I have to jump through hoops to comment.

    Anyway, here it is:

    Dick Vermeil would be proud.

  7. So, whats your point?

    He said he isnt coaching Miami, how is that “look-at-me”?

    As for butt-smooching, I dont get a sense of that at all. The guy has a passion for the game and is needed to offset the often over-matched and bewildered Mike Tirico. I’d take his style over milquetoast fence posts like Costas, Nantz, and Tirico, any day!

    Its not his fault he’s damned good at his job and deserves to be on many “radars”.

  8. I do not like this guy at all and hope he gets a coaching job somewhere besides Cleveland. Hoping MH stays with Mangini and isn’t enamored by this guy.

  9. I have no idea why he would need to draw attention to himself with all the pathetic coaches in the NFL right now. There are at least 10 coaches I would fire immediately to bring in Gruden to replace. Unfortunately my team will fire Singletary and hire some other idiot to take his place. Whichever coach has a little NFL experience that is near the bottom of the Pac 10 right now….that’s our guy.

  10. Gruden completely turned things around in Oakland and won a SB in Tampa. He’s going to get $6-7 million a year to coach in the NFL next year and so feel free to give him all the crap you want. Raiders and Niners fans, to name two, would take him as head man in an absolute flipping heartbeat.

  11. I am curious as to why…
    1. Florio cares so much
    2. Florio seems bitter and angry at Gruden
    3. By him saying no thanks to Miami and that he didn’t initiate conversation with them, that he is bringing attention to him. There is no story here…
    4. Florio says Gruden is using a look at me approach, yet just got all of his PFT readers to “look at him.”

    Come on Florio, Jon Gruden has succeeded almost everywhere he has gone. Including the MNF booth. Yes, he gets a bit annoying at times, and yes he over-emphasizes each players abilities or impact, but Tirico and Jaws are flat out useless. At least he keeps it entertaining. You would be fortunate if Gruden took over your beloved Vikes…

  12. Wrong, Mike. Gruden doesn’t need the U or any other NCAA program to create a market for his services. He is in high demand. He is obviously waiting for a specific position. Which one? Don’t know, but would hope someone with a journalistic background would have the time to think about it, investigate it, and write about it.

    Did you expect him to take the Seattle job? Buffalo? St. Louis, Cleveland? Nah. He’s waiting for a Miami, Denver type job.

  13. Just for the record, I’m on board with PACKER.
    But, imagine Gruden & Parcells, if they didn’t kill each other, Miami would have a dynasty in the making!
    Florio, how can I get a job like you?

  14. Bit of reach here Toupee man…

    Chucky gets talked about because he is intense and has won a SB; when you get the World Championship for running a sports blog, be sure to let me know!

  15. packerrube13 says:
    Nov 29, 2010 1:32 PM
    I am curious as to why…
    1. Florio cares so much
    2. Florio seems bitter and angry at Gruden

    Let me explain it to you. Mike Florio works for NBC, which televises the Sunday Night NFL game. Jon Gruden works for ESPN, which televises the Monday Night NFL game.

    This is why Gruden, Schefter, Jaworski, et. al. are treated like garbage here and Tony Dungy, Dan Patrick, and even Rodney Freakin Harrison are revered as geniuses.

    I agree with him about Gruden, though.

  16. Gruden should take the UM job. Randy Shannon was a lousy coach but a fantastic recruiter. That team is STACKED.

    That’s why Shannon was poopcanned so soon after signing a 3 year extension. He wasn’t developing the incredible talent he was recruiting.

    Gruden could step into that job with a loaded team in a crappy conference and wind up in a BCS bowl next year.

    Nothing would shine his star better than that.

  17. Why so annoyed Florio?

    If what you’re saying is true, the guy is a brilliant businessman.

    Te bottom line is, you can’t leverage your worth if nobody is interested.

  18. ctgiant says:
    Nov 29, 2010 2:38 PM
    Just for the record, I’m on board with PACKER.
    But, imagine Gruden & Parcells, if they didn’t kill each other, Miami would have a dynasty in the making!
    Florio, how can I get a job like you?

    Right? I mean, I guess you go to law school, become an attorney, get bored and start a football site. You rip other writers headlines and put your own ironic or ignorant opinion/twist/thought into it and post it for others to see. And then boom, you have PFT. I wish I had thought of that.

    He has no sources, no inside information, no relationships with any players/coaches/front office personnel, no relevant information that hadn’t already been posted elsewhere 10-30 minutes ago, and he bases all of his posts on opinion or heresay (Great journalism) How he turned that into a career in football reporting and then furthered it into a spot on NBC for Sunday Night Football is beyond me. Maybe Florio is a genius after all… It’s Mike Florio’s world, we just live in it. I come to this site only to trash talk and read others’ comments.

    Ten bucks says that this doesn’t even get posted.

  19. ctgiant says:
    Nov 29, 2010 2:38 PM
    Just for the record, I’m on board with PACKER.
    But, imagine Gruden & Parcells, if they didn’t kill each other, Miami would have a dynasty in the making!

    Except that Parcells doesn’t work for the Dolphins anymore.

  20. Not for nothing but isn’t this entire website a big “look at me game” for Florio? Why hate on a man for trying to leverage himself the best possible job?

    Don’t hate the player, hate the game! Heck, without the “game”, your website wouldn’t exist.

  21. It hilarious to watch Florio on NBC Sun nights. He looks like the nerdy kid everyone makes fun of after he leaves the room.

  22. Come on, I would rather listen to Gruden than the other two boobs in the booth (Tirico tries to make every play sound like it was the winning play in the Super Bowl and Jaworski is about the most annoying person in the MNF booth NOT named Tony Kornheiser) but it would be fun to see him back on the sidelines. I find it hard to believe that he could go down and “Pete Carroll” his way at the college level because I think his personality would probably force most of his players to transfer.

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