Steve Johnson tries to get right with God

After dropping what would have been the game-winning touchdown pass in overtime against the Steelers, Bills receiver Steve Johnson took to Twitter.

Within a half hour after the game ended on a Shaun Suisham field goal, the man who caught three touchdown passes in Week 11 but who dropped five balls (including the aforementioned game-winner) in Week 12 filed a formal complaint with God and Company.

“I praise you 24/7!!!!!!  And this how you do me!!!!!” Johnson said.  “You expect me to learn from this???  How???!!!  I’ll never forget this!!  Ever!!!”  (His message actually was in all caps, but since that’s the equivalent of screaming in someone’s eyeballs, we incorporated lower-case letters.)

Earlier today, after his message to the Most High landed in places like MSNBC’s Morning Joe,, and The View, Johnson tried to backtrack.

No I Did Not Blame God People!” Johnson said.  “Seriously??!? CMon! I Simply Cried Out And Asked Why? Jus Like yal did wen sumthin went wrong n ur life!”

We’ll leave it to the folks in the crowd with common sense to assess Johnson’s words, and his meaning.

The possible lesson?  Prayer is best left between the person sending it, and the entity receiving it.

77 responses to “Steve Johnson tries to get right with God

  1. Only a moron would praise God, or condemn him, for their play on a football field.

    I mean really.


  3. Steve–God puts the twigs on the trees but the Robin still has to make the nest. God gave you abilities–don’t question him if you fail to use them. God cares about you, but not football. Are you using what you have to honor God, or are you just questioning him when you fail?

    End of sermon

  4. You know what this shows me… God is a Steeler fan. Yes he part of the Steeler Nation that has to be it. How do you explain someone that praise him 24/7 dropping a perfect pass for the game winning TD… because it was against the Steelers.
    Just kidding, I really don’t think God cares about football. He has way to much going on beside a football game in Buffalo.

  5. He’s going to have a hard time getting past Roddy White and Calvin Johnson for a starting spot on my fantasy team with drops like that.

  6. And only a moron from Toronto would come on the Bills thread and bash them week after week. How is your CFL doing for you JoeBlow? How about all of them sellout Blue Jays baseball games and Raptors basketball games……….oh wait…….sorry……….no one goes!!! Keep your fringe sport hockey, it’s the only game in town in Toronto!!

  7. God actually responded to the original tweet:

    “dam son wtf next time catch da ball wf your hands not yer body lolz”

    It was removed by site admins shortly thereafter.

  8. Dear Steve

    This is God speaking. Please learn how to spell – I hate that text-speak crap. And while we’re at it.. I had Buffalo and the points – next time I’ll turn you into a pillar of salt.

  9. Hey, what’s this a disagreement between Buffalo Bill and his trusty Canadian scout Toronto?

    Kemo Sabe!

  10. He’s right. He didn’t blame God. Did he mention God in the tweet? He didn’t.

    If he had, it would have been even funnier.

  11. “I praise you 24/7!!!!!! And this how you do me!!!!!” Johnson said.


    God replied, “Sorry Stevie, I’m a Steeler fan”.

  12. The last time Toronto won the championship in their national past time was in … hell, it was so damn long ago that I can’t remember. And they’re as irrelevant in all the other sports as they are in hockey. Maybe they can start a Curling league – I’m sure all the natives of Canada will support that sport!

  13. God doesn’t do anything, he empowers each person to make up their own mind. If they want to follow it or not is each person choice. If Johnson wants to blame God for his dropping the football that is his choice but before he blames God he needs to make sure he was prepared for event.

  14. Tell me this, why would God side with one person over another if all humans are equal. It doesn’t work like that, or the poor children in Africa would be disease free and have full bellies.

    People who think God does things for them are crazy, there are people who pray everyday and are still in horrible conditions. Wake up people, believe in God or not, but don’t hold God to your success or failings…

  15. Why bash him for “blaming” “God”? Nobody seems to question anyone who “thanks” “God” when things go well. To complain about that concept would be hypocritical.

  16. Jesus yelled at God and so did Job. There is nothing wrong with questioning the plan. A frustrated receiver who is beyond ashamed and distraught simply felt left down by his chosen diety and typed his problem in twitter. He didn’t rip his clothing and put ash on his head like Biblical morners and those felt forsaken.
    These players thank God when they score, why not blame Him when they don’t.

    Also, I doubt he has been thinking very clearly for the last 24+ hours.

  17. What? You can only praise God when you do well? Why can’t you blame him because you didn’t look the ball into your hands? “I thank God for my speed and jumping ability, but damn him for giving me the concentration of a gnat.” I’m ok with it – loosen up people. My almighty being has a sense of humor.

  18. Religion in general is funny enough without some idiot thinking that some old man sitting on a cloud would take time out from overseeing the entire universe to strike the ball from his waiting hands.

    Religious people are the ultimate narcissists- they believe that God created and controls the Universe yet is intently focused on every intimate detail of their lives.

    That would be like me believing that the president of the United States is obsessed over what I had for breakfast.

  19. I think this case is very interesting actually. You see players crediting God all the time despite no evidence whatsoever he had anything to do with their success. This is the first time I can remember where a player blamed God for their downfall. Seriously though, his tweet “blaming God” was clearly in jest. People take things way too seriously.

  20. God must be wondering how the NFL “Twitter-tweeters” made it through 4 years of college.

    If you removed the identity of the majority of NFL “tweeters” from all the “tweets” being sent…you would think they were all sent by the same person.

  21. Its God’s way of saying “Stop pointing at me you idiots just because you score a touchdown”

  22. cjspiller12:

    I have to drive through that craphole they call Buffalo on my way to Connecticut this Wednesday.

    I’ll be sure to keep my doors locked, and my head down.

    It must suck to actually live there.

  23. ha ha, i love it when people from the armpit of america, a.k.a. western new york, try to insult toronto. it’s ok though, you are still welcome to come help us support the bills when the owner kicks it, because we dont even want them. wide right

  24. God – allowing for people like Stevie Johnson to deflect their mistakes and blame since cr. 1500 bce… 🙂

    And another thing…

    Why do we hear athletes constantly say, ” I just wanna thank God for this moment” and not “I would like to thank my parents for driving me all over hell for practice, games, fundraiser, etc…”?

    its 2010…wake up people

  25. seriously, does anyone want to live in a universe where the winner of a football game is the team that prays to the correct God the most?

  26. How could you leave out the last few characters, where he writes “Thx, tho…”

    That’s the funniest part. Hedging one’s bets, innit?

  27. The sooner Steve Johnson realizes there’s no such thing as God the more accountable he will be for himself and the better he will be at football.

  28. “Uggh, Buffalo Bill, you stink like manure and animal hides”.

    “Uggh, to you Toronto, you barely tame savage, where’s your sidekick with that ridiculous blue suit? Ha, ha, bet you two are all the rage at the clubs with the matching masks and all.”.

  29. Twitter is the god damned death of the English language. You ever see Idiocracy? This is where we’re headed.

    “Dont come in! I’m batin!”

  30. There is a reason why they call it “Twit”ter.

    Okay so now all you ga’mokes under 50 go look up what a “twit” is (no, not “twot”) and you’ll get the frickin’ joke :p

  31. realitypolice says:
    Nov 29, 2010 8:03 PM

    That would be like me believing that the president of the United States is obsessed over what I had for breakfast.
    No, but his wife probably does.

  32. philwauke says:
    Nov 29, 2010 9:10 PM
    Sorry Steve, Buffalo wild wings wanted overtime.

    That’s funny. The game was already in overtime, but that’s still funny.

    Rack him!

  33. Damn. I’m disappointed Johnson apologized for what he said. I thought his comments were tongue-in-cheek and he was actually making fun of those yahoos who thank god for helping them win the game. If there was a god, she wouldn’t give a #%!@ who wins a football game.

  34. Steve Johnson sounds no dumber than all those other athletes who thank god, or the ministers who preach god, or the people that sit in pews and listen to ministers preach god.

  35. God tweeted back to Johnson earlier today:

    Stevie, I give you the opportunity of a life time and you do Me like that???
    I guess as Supreme Being of the Universe I’ll have to go back to solving world hunger and focusing on peace instead of watching Bills games and reading Tweets. @catchitnxttimfool#

  36. Refreshing to see an athlete rag on god when they lose or screw up. So tired of only hearing that crap when they win or play well.

    You go, Little Stevie!

  37. Its nice to see a player have so much passion for the game. I wonder what cowboy fans were thinking when they saw Roy Williams laughing and smiling on the sideline when he fumbled inside the 10 and cost HIS team the game.

  38. #
    mean13 says: Nov 29, 2010 10:45 PM

    Buffalo and Toronto are BOTH crap cities.
    Havent been to Cleveland or Detroit have you?

  39. #
    ampatsisahypocrite says: Nov 30, 2010 12:49 AM

    Just more proof that God is a Steelers fan.


    Of course he is. Why do you think Rothlisberger didnt get charged with rape?

  40. #
    lonesteel says: Nov 29, 2010 8:47 PM

    God tweeted back…..”Why so serious??”
    Oh, and yes. God IS a Steelers fan.
    so Satan was acting through Tom Brady when they ran you out of Heinz Field?

  41. joetoronto says:
    Nov 29, 2010 6:53 PM
    Only a moron would praise God, or condemn him, for their play on a football field.

    I mean really.

    It’s hateful and digusting comments like these that has no place on this site. Just how is an individual a moron because he does that? What makes him any less of a moron that praises the “forces” behind stars and cosmos. Hateful langauge like that, I find, disgusting. Not only do people have the freedom to worship (much to your dismay), but it doesn’t make people ‘weird’ or ‘moronic’. It seems to me you have different beliefs than people who praise God or have a religion and you think you’re obviously superior hence calling people like these ‘morons’. Elitist much? Offensive comments like these have no place around here.

  42. You know if Florio would have posted the entire tweet, you all would see that at the end he thanks god.

  43. tatum064 says:
    Nov 30, 2010 8:05 AM

    “so Satan was acting through Tom Brady when they ran you out of Heinz Field?”

    And he didn’t run the Steelers out of Heinz Field. He simply threw a bunch of touchdowns. The Steelers were back there the next week pants-ing the Raiders!

    Oh tag son!

  44. neverend1: “Hateful comments”?

    Just for the record, I’m a God fearing man.

    Having said that, I don’t blame, or praise, God because of how I cut the grass or shoveled the snow.

    This mofo not only blamed God for his drop, he continued to talk to him about it, AND IN FRONT OF EVERYBODY TOO, lol.

    Now, tell me again how he’s NOT a moron, please.

  45. what a misguided young man. apologize to your teammates and quit embarrassing yourself. you play a game & are paid ridiculously huge amounts of money for doing so, and ‘God’ couldn’t care less. You want to get his attention? go volunteer in a third world country, or be a ‘Big Brother’ to a kid who needs one. otherwise, all the twitters you can type are about as worthwhile as your drop in overtime.

  46. Its all good Stevie, it happens to the best of them. All you have to do is go to in the video section and punch in “drop pass”. There you will see plenty of NFL greats doing the same thing, it happens. Go Bills!!!

  47. somesome says:
    Nov 30, 2010 5:17 PM
    You cannot launch yourself head first into the QB. PERIOD.

    Open your eyes jackass, he didn’t launch himself. My gawd you are a horrible.

  48. cjspiller12 says:

    Keep your fringe sport hockey, it’s the only game in town in Toronto!!

    You mean the West Lake Ontario Golf Association, who also play hockey at Air Canada Center for part of the year?

    I wouldn’t call them the only game in town. I wouldn’t really call them “game” at all. Even the Raptors are more fun to watch.

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