Texans, Eagles file the first Week 13 injury reports

Since we’re well into the Thursday football portion of the schedule, every Monday begins with injury reports from the teams who’ll play in the Thursday game.

This week, it’s the Texans visiting the Eagles.

Houston conducted a walk-through only, so they estimated the availability of the players, if there had been an actual practice.  Missing practice would have been linebacker Xavier Adibi (hamstring), receiver David Anderson (hamstring), linebacker Brian Cushing (knee), tight end Owen Daniels (hamstring), receiver Kevin Walter (calf), defensive end Mario Williams (groin), and safety Torri Williams (hamstring).  Limited in practice would have been linebacker Kevin Bentley (knee), tight end Joel Dreessen (knee), defensive end Jesse Nading (knee), and tackle Eric Winston (shoulder).

Fully participating in practice would have been cornerback Glover Quin (hand) and quarterback Matt Schaub (knee).

For the Eagles, whose report contains no such estimation equivocation, receiver Riley Cooper (knee) and defensive end Juqua Parker (hip) missed practice.  Cornerback Asante Samuel, who missed Sunday’s game against the Bears, practiced on a limited basis with a knee injury.

Fully participating were kicker David Akers (right hamstring), cornerback Jorrick Calvin (back), guard Nick Cole (knee), cornerback Trevard Lindley (knee), and running back LeSean McCoy (shoulder).

The Texans and Eagles square off Thursday night on NFL Network.

10 responses to “Texans, Eagles file the first Week 13 injury reports

  1. oh god please let samuel be back…you dont give up 31 points to the bears without having a big piece missing. that big piece is samuel and we cant have hanson as our starting corner and lindley as our nickel. it just cant happen. PLEASE BE BACK SAMUEL!!

  2. We got something special for Mr. Vick, and Mr. Samule, so get well, we want ya to be at your best
    on December 19th, come on down I95, fellas, right afer Houston Torches your secondary.
    Mr. Smith & Mr. Nicks will be providing all the special treatment, assuming Mr. Vick Plays?
    He’s short a little money, 40k ? Good luck on thursday!

  3. da giants son you barely beat the jaguars and you talk about torchng a secondARY I THINK WE DID THAT TO YOU AND IF OUR RECIEVERS DIDNT DROP THE BALL WE WOULD HAVE BLEW YALL A OUT

  4. @ctgiant, last time I checked New York was UP 95 from Philly. Just because North Jersey/New York is a sewer doesn’t change GEOGRAPHY!!Eli learned how to slide yet? or better yet throw to his OWN receivers? As long as you have happy feet Eli you could have Dick Butkus on defense you still suck……

  5. As poorly phrased as it was, I kind of understand what ctgiant was going for. As a Giants fan, I also want to see both teams at full strength when they meet again. Samuel back for the Eagles, Smith and Nicks back for the Giants, and BOTH OLines in as good a shape as possible.

    That way, NEITHER side can complain or site injuries as a factor. May the best team win.

  6. tdurk, yeah eli is horrible, zzzzzzz…you know nothing about football. everyone keep using the samuel is out excuse ignoring the fact the giants had 7 starters missing vs the eagles. Another yr, another non sb

  7. @hoobsher

    The bears won because Samuel was out??? Please the bears dominated that game the only reason it was close was because the bears were giving them everything underneath for the last 10 minutes of the game to eat up the clock.

    Isn’t Samuel the one who dropped an easy INT against Eli in the superbowl a few years back that would have wrapped things up for the pats?

    One more thing tell Desean Jackson to stop aligator arming passes in the endzone. Little Pu$$y.

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