Agent speaks out regarding crticism of Cortland Finnegan

The general consensus in the wake of the in-game brouhaha between Texans receiver Andre Johnson and Titans cornerback Cortland Finnegan is that Finnegan instigated it, that he deserved the pummeling he received, and that he should have been suspended.

On NFL G.M. opined to us via text on Monday that Finnegan is a “absolute scumbag.”  Finnegan’s agent took exception to that characterization.

“The General Manager that hid in his office and called Cortland an ‘absolute scumbag’ is a coward,” agent Terry Watson said via unsolicited e-mail.  “If he wants to share an opinion on a player in the league that is harsh, he can identify who he is or keep his opinion to himself.  Additionally, he clearly has no idea what Cortland is about.  Cortland simply plays as hard as one can on the field and is a charity fixture in the Nashville community off of it.  Have there been times when he has been too aggressive on the field?  The League Office thinks so.  Are there other players that have been fined more this year for their actions?  Yes.
“And if this invisible General Manager would like to own up to his cowardly comment regarding Cortland, at a minimum he can reach out to me or Cortland at my number.  Or better yet, he can let you write an article with his name next to this ridiculous comment.  I’m sure there are many other General Managers that would love to have Cortland play for them.
Watson also took aim at our criticism of Finnegan.  “Perhaps you could get a better understanding of Cortland as a person and player by meeting with him some time instead of writing a quick ‘gotcha’ article,” Watson said.  “I know you would find much more there than what many of the poorly researched media have falsely stated about his talent level and character in the last 36 hours.
“Finally, Cortland has been treated like a villain when the wide receiver was the one that acted outside the boundaries of a football game by punching Cortland with his helmet off.  No apology through the media after the game can change that.  As well, I also find it interesting that no one identified the wide receiver as a likely antagonist from the play before when Cortland is pushed in the back after the play is over and then the receiver is seen on tape yelling obscenities among other things at Cortland.
“Cortland has won his share of battles and then some against the top receivers in this league.  The 1 yard TD catch Andre caught was the first TD he’s had against Cortland in 9 games between them.  I would urge the media to actually watch the game instead of grabbing the stat sheet after it.  Andre’s big game was against the other corner for the Titans last year.  In the second game last year at Houston, Andre was held to less than 55 yards receiving.  In the game Sunday, Andre averaged less than six yards per catch.  If that is ‘getting worked’ as Trent Dilfer has falsely claimed repeatedly the last 36 hours, I think a new definition of the phrase is in order.”
We decided to let Watson speak his mind, and maybe I’ll take him up on his offer to meet with Finnegan at some point.  Still, the fact remains that Finnegan has said he wants to be known as the dirtiest player in the league.  Once those words come out of his mouth, it becomes very difficult to secure the benefit of the doubt.

47 responses to “Agent speaks out regarding crticism of Cortland Finnegan

  1. Quite a spin….too bad he doesnt mention that finnegan is the common denominator in almost every altercation during Titans games. How many other altercations has Johnson been involved in this year?

  2. But no explanation about his hair? Something’s fishy… I mean if that doesn’t scream “Spice Girl” then nothing does.

  3. “Finally, Cortland has been treated like a villain when the wide receiver was the one that acted outside the boundaries of a football game by punching Cortland with his helmet off. ”

    Let me be the first to point out to this agent, who obviously was in Band playing flute all through high school, that the “receiver” in question would have never had the opportunity to beat the living crap out of his client if Finnegan had not instigated the whole thing to start with.

    Finnegan wrote a check that his a$$ couldn’t cash, he got said a$$ handed to him in return, and as every guy on here who has ever been in a fight knows, when you start something, make sure you can handle the guy. If you can’t, then take what you’ve got coming, STFU and sit your a$$ down.

  4. Nice to see a dedicated agent doing damage control for his scumbag client. Johnson apologizes and Finnegan whines about Johnson not getting suspended — what else needs to be said? Absolute scumbag is probably an understatement.

  5. The agent is right. It’s easy to call someone a scumbag when you are an unnamed source. The funny thing is finnegan won. He got under Andre’s skin so much, that Johnson ripped off his helmet and punched him. As a guy with a hot temper and a former football player, I give these guys passes, heat of the moment etc. But the smear campaign against this guy is funny. I’m sure he’s a cool guy off the field and a pest/trash talking dirty guy on it.

    Florio I’d take the agent up on meeting Cortland, you never know when your 15mins will be up.

  6. Totally agree with Watson’s assessment of this G.M. “hiding in his office.” Stand up and take credit for your statement. You’re supposedly some hard nosed, “tough” exec.

  7. As Queen Gertrude said in Act 3, Scene 2 of Shakespeare’s Hamlet – “Methinks thou doth protest too much.”

    Typically, an innocent bystander never has to argue their stature as an innocent bystander. Watson appears to be lobbying hard to reverse the bad P.R. image that Finnegan has. Which begs the question, why haven’t the Titans come to Finnegan’s defense? The Raiders defended Richard Seymour and the Steelers have rushed to defend Harrison (most recently, and perhaps vehemently, after his $75,000 fine in October). Where is Bud Adams/Jeff Fisher in this equation?

  8. Ha! Now he has his agent come out and take up for him!! What a joke! CF is like that dude on the Miller Light commericial when the waitress calls him a momma’s boy…. Peanut, what she say to you?! HAHAHA!!!

  9. “The General Manager that hid in his office and called Cortland an ‘absolute scumbag’ is a coward,”

    The agent is right in this regard. If you do not have the courage to stand behind what you say about another person you are a coward. And reporters are no better using unnamed sources to hammer others without having to provide evidence of the soucres validity.

    There is a reason many athletes, GMs, and coaches do not trust reporters, like Florio. reporters, like Florio will not even meet with the guys they are helping to slander, like Steve Smith.

  10. Regardless of what kind of player/person Finnegan is, his agent makes an excellent point regarding the coverage of this situation. Most of the lazy, often minimally connected and informed members of the copious 24/7 sports media swallow and then regurgitate what someone else said 5 minutes earlier without bothering to check for accuracy.

    PFT does a good job of collecting and providing to it’s readers ‘News and Rumors’. It’s when you cross the line and editorialize that you tend to embarrass yourselves.

  11. What about the fact that Mr. Finnegan INTENTIONALLY breaks the rules on the field, for example ILLEGAL HANDS TO THE FACE, in order to get a rise out of his opponents? I have no problem with trash talk but the rules are there to protect the players, not so people like Cortland can take advantage of the fact that he’ll only get a 15 yard penalty if he decides to smack someone in the face.

  12. Watson’s job is to defend his player. It doesn’t make up for his actions though. For an individual who says he wants to be the dirtiest player in the league, his agent should know that would not sit well with the higher ups in the league who want to protect their investments (ie their players). Not to mention the numerous infractions he has already had to date. So to see a player taunt the teams bench, and then purposely deliver an illegal forearm to the face of Andre Johnson demonstrates how wrong Cortland was. You can’t defend vindictive actions like that. Now me personally I believe that both men should have been hit harder with fines AND suspended. This is not the XFL or the NHL. You just can’t fight guys because your angry. Nor should you blatently be allowed to deliver a forearm to the face. What is this? the 1940’s? And shame on the NFL for letting this go with a slap on the wrist. They should be trying to protect all players, not just QB’s with those rediculously high fines. Only to let a full out brawl off the hook with 25 grand.

  13. When you make a statement like “I want to be known as the dirtiest player” or “I play when I wanna play” you better be ready for it to come back at you. If your a true die hard one team following fan like I am you will dislike 97% of all the other teams. And a big mouth loser you will dislike even more, unless he’s on your team. I don’t like Finnegan and now that I know whom his agent is, I don’t like Terry Watson either. After I hit submit I’m going to google Terry Watson and see if they list the other players he represents and dislike them also. Being a fan of one and only one team for 40 years and paying these huge prices to see and wear my teams merchandise gives me that right.

  14. Well, the reporter (Florio?) obviously knows the GM who said “scumbag.”

    Why not print it, Florio?

    A GM is not a valued or trusted source. They blow sunshine up reporter’s arses 24/7. Just listen to them leading up to the draft.

    Send GM text to Deadspin. They’ll let us know the GM who said it!

  15. “Cortland has won his share of battles and then some against the top receivers in this league”

    Soon as he gets out from behind Mama’s skirts, he is going to ask for a rematch.

  16. Actually his agent is doing his job…..what he is paid to do.

    It’s a waste of time to argue with Florio or the numbskulls that post here since it’s all about shock value anyway.

    I will leave you all with this, if you lived in the Nashville or Middle Tennessee area, you would see the charity/community work he does. Not only that, but he has never once been involved in an off-field issue. His character off the field is stellar, you may not like him when he pounds on your favorite player on the field, but his intgrity in real life is unquestionable.

  17. Hey Terry Watson.. want a simple way for this to be reversed.

    Have Cortland change his actions on national TV reflect the type of person he really is.. otherwise all we have is his punk like actions to judge him upon.

    Opinions are much like shadows.. they are only cast from the object in front of the lights.

    Simply.. he looks like a punk because he acts like one in front of us.

  18. I can see the rematch now. Johnson’s hand outstretched on Finnegan’s forehead, all the while , Finnegan swinging wildly in mid air connecting with nothing.

  19. I’m laughing at the posters saying the GM should reveal himself. You know there is a reason why coaches and GMs always have watered-down talk and don’t really share opinions. You’re held accountable for what you say, even if its true.

    If the GM came out publicly he’d have to say some garbage like “Cortland is a fine DB”, but that is nowhere near as fun as hearing the truth what he feels about the player.

    If a GM talks about another team’s player, he could probably get in trouble with the league, possibly fined.

    Use your heads guys! Some stuff has to be off the record

  20. Locally Courtland is what his agent says he is. You can tell a great deal about these players if you have kids and watch them talk to and interact with the kids at football camps and at other events. When the local news outlets cut their camera feeds usually their real personality comes out. Past and current Titans like McNair, Rolle, Kearse, Bennett, and Young refelect this and to be blunt were/are fake and in some instances real jerks. Courtland is one of the more approachable Titans and is genuine. Often he talks with kids about overcoming diversity and not letting obstacles like your size stop your dreams. I’d put him with Kevin Dyson, Eddie George, Erron Kenney, Frank Wychek as far as what he gives back to the community. By far Kevin Carter was the Titan that I can remember that had the biggest heart and was genuinely a great guy. I remember seeing him at a charity softball game hosted by Fisher. A child with cancer was attempting to get autographs but was being ignored. Kevin took the child by the hand, walked him around to each player and forced the rest of the team to acknowledge him as well as sign autographs.

  21. I’m a big fan of the simpletons here that agree with the agent’s assessment of the mystery GM as a “coward”. How stupid would a GM have to be to have his named attached to something like that?

    When stupid people are frustrated by smart people they call the smart people things like “coward”. Cortland Finnegan is a scumbag. The GM who shared his opinion is entitled to do so without putting his job on the line.

  22. @kjb6655,

    You said about CF:
    “Often he talks with kids about overcoming diversity and not letting obstacles like your size stop your dreams.”

    I hear ya–I love the whole positive message about trying to overcome diversity, too.

  23. Perception is everything KBJ6655. He may be a good guy off camera to a few… but he is making poor choices with the cameras on under the microscope of a much larger audience.

  24. what really kills me is how so many of us, think we know these players based off of their games/post game interviews/bs reports from the BS media

    florio – i got $100 that says you will never sit down with Finnegan

  25. @bradwins:

    Perhaps the GM, fearing for his job and/or rep, shouldnt say anything.

    Afterall, if it doesnt invlove a player from his own organization, he really has no stake in the issue, does he?

  26. Funny, a couple days ago I saw a small rticle posted about Finnegan pushing a girl who was ill five miles in a wheelchair, so she could finish an annual run she’d competed in since she was a child.

    So…we have conflicting views. The ‘bad’ Finnegan wants to be the dirtiest player in the league. The ‘good Finnegan pushes a girl five miles in a wheelchair to keep her string alive…and does it before a full practice.

    Humans are usually some of both the good and bad. I don’t doubt that Finnegan started the trouble with Andre Johnson. I suspect Finnegan would tell you that was his job…to bother Johnson, distract him, and eventually get Johnson ejected. He succeeded.

    But pushing the girl five miles wasn’t his job. He didn’t make a cent for doing it. He won’t get a lot of recognition for it. But, you know…it mattered to her, and so it also mattered enough to him that he did it, regardless.

    You cannot judge all of a person using only one side of the coin. You don’t have to like the Finnegan who started the fight…the guy who wants to be a dirty player. But, you shouldn’t dislike the guy who gave himself to help a girl, just because it mattered.

    :shrug: It’s a big world. Football is not that big a deal…but you can bet, to that girl in the chair, Cortland Finnegan is the good guy.

  27. Nice try Mr. Agent man. We understand you gotta get paid, so you tote the line for your nu*less cleint. Little Court… you challenged K. Orton to a fight from a hundred miles away! What a man you are. You were beat on Sunday in everyway, plain and simple. Hide your wife, Dre might take her next.

  28. @BlackHeld

    Thanks for passing along that story.. here is the link

    CF might be misunderstood.. but there are numerous actions beyond this one on the field.. in front of the cameras that paint an entirely different view of CF.

    So if his agent or CF himself cares about that perception, then he might let some of that person shine through to his play on the field.

    One could make the same argument that what he did for that girl was outside the norm instead of the norm.

    Unfortunately sites around the NFL didn’t pick up on that story to paint a more complete picture.. so we the fans only get to see what is in front of us.. and that picture of CF isn’t flattering.

  29. “Agent speaks out regarding crticism of Cortland Finnegan”

    Spellcheck must be on the blink again.

  30. Dear ‘Agent’ (I have to scrub my keyboard after typing such a filthy word):

    Do you really think we are THAT stupid? You’re telling me that Cortland does charity work out of the kindness of his heart? The same heart that behaved like he did on the field?

    Let’s see…a player making hundreds of thousands of dollars can either pay the ~40% tax on those earnings…or…he can donate his money/time to lower his tax burden…hmmm…lets see…BINGO! Sorry…we aren’t as dumb as you hoped.

    Also, a good deed in life is not currency to be spent on deviant behavior. Just like Bob Knight graduating a bunch of his players is not an acceptable excuse to be a boorish ass, Cortland and his “charity work” are not ‘cover’ or a reason to look past the fact that he is an emotionally troubled thug that without football would be in jail.

    Go back to your sales pitches on naive, desperate college players with a pro dream and ruin their school’s athletic program because of your greed. We don’t like you here…or anywhere. You are the enemy of all sports consumers.


  31. would the Real Cortland Finnegan please stand up?
    2 things
    1- is his skill set so small that he has to resort to Pat Fischer styled play to offset his own shortcomings or is he capable of playing what alot of us would call,, just good solid physical football and beating your man on a regular basis?
    2-does the fact that he does good things in the community make him any better than one of us going out and doing good deeds?
    i guess my point is
    you cant give him a pass for being a jacktard on the football field just because he’s ‘one helluva good guy in the community”
    lots of good guys in the community make mistakes and have to pay the price for the error of their ways.
    Why shouldnt he

  32. romoscollarbone says:

    “The funny thing is finnegan won. ”

    Well, if you’re not counting the fight. Or the game. 🙂

  33. Sorry you were wwwwwwwwwrong about Finnegan getting a suspension (ITYS). He got what he deserved and what precendents would dictate. We all know you have a minny woody for him, but lay off.

    The concensus in America doesn’t mean much except you fooled more of the fools. Look who we elect to lead the country.

  34. Finnegan should just be glad he doesn’t play hockey where the refs let them finish the fight.

  35. Good for Finnegan, and for his agent. You can bet come December 19, the rematch, that Andre Johnson will be plenty distracted. I’ll bet he doesn’t catch a ball.

    As for Finnegan? Don’t muck around with the red-headed Irish kids. They’ll not go down easy, or stay down for long. If it’s a fight Andre wants, he’s come to the right place.

    How ’bout you, Florio? You got the pieces – parts to interview him? The invitation couldn’t be more plain. Bet you can’t, you won’t, and you don’t.

  36. This is an agent who is in it only for himself. This is a publicity stunt for him and nothing more.

    I know this because if he really wanted to help Finnegan, his letters and emails would offer real, usable advice like this:

    Dear Cortland,

    When a guy rips your helmet off and is twice your size – RUN, just RUN, keep RUNNING!!

    No-one wants to see a corner get beat down like that, and beat downs aren’t good for your health or career – RUN!

    In closing, I would like for you to know that the best way to handle situations like this in the future is to RUN!

    Your faithful servant,

    Terry Watson

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