Antrel Rolle doesn’t believe in booing

The Giants entered halftime Sunday against the Jaguars down 17-6, and were serenaded by a predictable chorus of boos at the New Meadowlands Stadium.

Safety Antrel Rolle is new to town and seemed to be taken aback by the response.

“I don’t like it one bit,” Rolle said on WFAN on Tuesday. “We’re not going to always have those dominant, blowout games. We’re not going to win each and every game although we would love to. But through it all, our fans are huge.  . . .   But at the same time we need them to have confidence as we have confidence in ourselves. The booing, honestly, it pissed me off. That’s something that I haven’t heard since I’ve been here.”

Rolle has stepped into a leadership role quickly in New York, and isn’t afraid to speak his mind.

“You don’t boo your team,” Rolle continued. “I don’t care what happens, you don’t boo your team. That’s my take on it. You don’t boo your team. This is your home team. We’re out there playing, we’re out there pouring our heart out for our fans, you don’t boo your team. I don’t care what the situation is, you don’t boo your team. We’re 7-4. We’re not 2-10, we’re 7-4.”

This is a battle that Rolle won’t win, but he we don’t blame him for being honest.   Fans have a right to boo, but we have a right to do a lot of stupid things.  The host Joe Benigno tried to explain the the fans did it out of love.

“I’ve never heard booing out of love, I’m sorry,” Rolle said. “I don’t know what booing out of love is. If someone slaps me, I’ve never heard that they slapped me out of love. No, if you slap me you wanted to slap me.”

This much we know: Before Rolle’s run in New York is a wrap, he’s going to get “slapped” many more times.

29 responses to “Antrel Rolle doesn’t believe in booing

  1. If Antrel doesn’t believe in booing, then he shouldn’t boo. If he doesn’t want to hear boos, then he and his buddies shouldn’t play like they did the first half because there was certainly nothing to cheer for.

  2. I don’t think Dummy Rolle knows who pays his salary. The fans pay for their tickets and then they have every right to do what they want.

  3. And he says the booing pissed him off?? So it wasn’t enough that the Jags kicking their asses at halftime, it was the booing that got to him? Nice.

  4. “We’re out there playing, we’re out there pouring our heart out for our fans, you don’t boo your team.”

    Clearly, he hasn’t the tapes of the first half. Antrel, glad Jerry signed you, but the whole team was sleepwalking the first half. If you had played as hard in the first half as you played in the second, NY would won have won that game going away and Garrard would have been in the hospital. Fans know when you guys are phoning it in and, that first half, you were.

  5. I was there, and I didn’t boo, but I don’t blame those who did. But no one was booing you, Antrel. You’ve lived up to that big money all year. And you were even better in the second half against the Jags… So obviously the booing had the right effect on the team. Either it was a direct response to the boos, or a direct response to Tuck’s speech, which was a direct response of the boos.

  6. I agree with Rolle. Boo the other team, boo the refs, but don’t boo your own damn team, who’s out there fighting for you.

  7. I believe unless they play like they did last year we shouldnt go BOO crazy! I hate how fans want them to make a comeback with us putting them down as much as the other team might be beating them up,does that make any sense? We need to back them up when needed.If you feel them lacking energy a good pick me up is the stadium rocking and chanting DEFENSE! not BOOOOOOOOO! i mean really and then you have the nerve to come on blogs and rip the team rip the players. What if the players went into there press conference and said man our fans suck! Im not saying you should voice your displeasure but if your a true fan you cant just boo at every chance you get.WE ARE THE 12TH MAN,imagine if our defense was allowed a 12th man on the field and hes just running around tackling his own players or better yet how do you feel if you were having a bad day at work and 60,000 people were screaming at booing you?

    Figure out if you Love them or Hate them and if you hate them stay your butt home! Go Giants!

  8. Love the way Rolle has played and solidified the safety position. But if the booing hurts his feelings so much, he should have taken the $37 mn from someplace other than NY. Because here in the Big Apple, if you succeed there is no place better, but if you suck, which our D most certainly did in the first half vs the Jags, you are going to hear it. I have been going to Giants games since I was 6, over 40 years ago, and much as I love the team, I was booing as they walked off the field at the half and cheering as they came back on. Deal with it, Antrel.

  9. People, including Rolle, need to get over it. Rolle’s been great for the Giants this year, and I don’t think the booing is directed at him. I don’t think it’s a general lack of support for the team. People are just unhappy with the performance they paid to see, and they’re letting the team know about it. They were all cheering again in the 2nd half, and probably got as loud as I’ve heard them all season on some of the critical 3rd down plays in the 2nd half.

  10. Pay me the amount of money they’re getting per year. I’ll let the fans boo me and throw stuff at me,even if I played well.

  11. HAAAAAAAA! Welcome to NY, Rolle! Give me a break man. This isn’t a fan base of comprised completely of recent transplants that root for the team as a distraction on a Sunday afternoon like the fans do in Arizona. This is NY Rolle, you got paid the big bucks, you better be prepared to get booed when you suck!

  12. I kinda agree with Rolle.

    I respect a fan who sticks with his team. You may not cheer, but you shouldn’t boo. Once you cross that line, you become an indian-rooter.

  13. I agree with Rolle. You don’t boo your own team.


    PS. Why the heck do I have to register with WordPress to post this?? Blech.

  14. Wait……Did Booing just start yesterday?…Was this the 1st sporting event any team was Boo’d? Does this idiot realize, that any slip up from him after this will result in even louder booing? So, he signs with a team in NY, and now complains about booing? Take your head out from under the cash pile bozo, and realize the people who boo you also afford that cash pile. What a damn baby.

  15. “better yet how do you feel if you were having a bad day at work and 60,000 people were screaming at booing you?”

    At $37 million, for 8 to 11 days (if you play in the playoffs at home) of work in front of the 60,000, I can honestly say I wouldn’t give a crap. Give me a super model wife on top of that and I would probably start laughing. If I really stunk up the field, I’d hand some footballs into the stands for the kids. I would figure that I owed the little ones a little something.

  16. Dear Antrel,

    Giants fans boo because they have expectations. That comes after winning Super Bowls, including one that ended the perfect season (which really was a perfect ending to that perfect season). I understand this may confuse you because the fans of your previous team had no such expectations. They were merely happy to finish 9 and 7, appear in the playoffs once every twenty years and maybe, with a little luck here and there, end up in the Super Bowl where they could watch someone else win championships.


    A NFL fan. Who tries hard not to boo.

  17. Booing your own team is just dumb. Why would someone booing you make you play better? They won in spite of the booing, not because of it.

  18. I’m pretty sure that if I fork out all the insane amount of my hard-earned money it takes to sit out in the cold for 3 hours and support my team, and they come out looking like crap, I can boo as I wish.

    I know you’ve never played for a team with REAL fans until this year, Antrel, but the people love their Giants. They have every right to show displeasure when you’re playing that way.

    And booing can be positive sometimes. The Giants came back and won this game. In 2008 the Steelers were playing like crap against the Ravens on Monday night and got booed off the field to go into the half. They came back in second half and scored 14 points in 7 seconds and ended up winning the game. Most of the players would tell you that’s the moment/game that launched them to the Super Bowl and it was directly caused by the booing. Sometimes players need a reality check like that.

  19. Last time I checked there, Antrel, the fans are PAYING to see you play football (and in some cases, paying a LOT with the PSL’s), and you haven’t exactly been mentioned as one of the top secondary players in the NFL.

    So yes, they have EVERY right to boo an overpaid underachiever.

    But just wait…you keep losing, the Eagles keep winning, and you think you’ve heard booing? You haven’t heard anything yet…

  20. The fans pay his wages for him to play the game, but I’m not certain they pay his right to voice his opinion. Getting all butthurt over nothing, typical New York.

  21. We sat there for 2 Quarters of brutal football and they were getting pushed around like a bunch of school girls. I remember all fans standing up and yelling Defense, etc. on almost every 3rd down in the 1st half and they just let one 1st down executed after another on many 3rd and longs. This was when we were cheering like crazy. They deserved the boos, not out of hate, but out of dissapointment. Come on AR, if you and the boys made 1 or 2 stops on 3rd and long you would not have gotten any negative boos. Play like crap for 3o straight minutes against a .500 team all while coming off 2 straight loses where we lost the games due to lack of focus and the good ole boo will be in order.

  22. I agree with Antel…if you are true to your team, you try to pick them up when they are down. Boo the opponents or the refs…cheer on your team and see if you can help them build the momentum to make a comeback. Positive attitude means quite a bit in sports.

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