Broncos issue statement contradicting Bowlen’s comments on McDaniels’ future

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As soon as we read Thomas George’s article containing comments from Broncos owner Pat Bowlen indicating that coach Josh McDaniels will be back in 2011, we had a pretty good idea that the commitment eventually would be proven to be meaningless.

We had no idea it would happen so soon.

The Broncos issued a statement on Monday night contradicting Bowlen’s comments.

“This has been a very trying and disappointing season for all of us,” Bowlen said in a written statement, according to  “We haven’t had the success we had hoped to achieve.  Josh McDaniels is the head coach of the Broncos, and you always strive for stability at that position. However, with five games left in the 2010 season, we will continue to monitor the progress of the team and evaluate what’s in the best interest of this franchise.”

The statement didn’t address George’s article, or Bowlen’s comments appearing in it.

At best, Bowlen’s remarks to George were a trial balloon, and the team quickly realized that it was made of lead.  At worst, the conflicting comments will cause those who believe that Bowlen is having health issues that affect his memory and/or communication skills to feel even more strongly about those suspicions.  (Bowlen strongly denied in his remarks to George that he’s suffering from any health issues that would impact the owner’s ability to run the team.)

Either way, the message is clear — McDaniels’ vote of confidence had a shelf-life of a couple of hours.

17 responses to “Broncos issue statement contradicting Bowlen’s comments on McDaniels’ future

  1. Given the way the NFL works, except with a few teams… This means, sorry McDaniels, but you are fired after the season unless something extraordinary happens…

  2. I’ve got a great scenario for you…..McD destroys the Broncos…gets fired(so he gets paid)…then goes to the KC for a better GM, coordinators and his QB.

  3. As a Broncos fan, this makes me a little nervous too. Bowlen did very similar back tracking with Cutler. The owner going back on his own word is almost as distressing as the coach doing so. It suggests instability and a lack of trust, and those sort of vibes trickle down through teams.
    I know we won’t replace McDaniels until the season is up because there is no one on the staff to replace him (who’s going to get promoted? Wink? I miss Mike Nolan more every day), but more than anything, I hope that when he’s gone it solve a lot of these problems.
    I’m just not sure it will. Oh well. You take the good with the bad…

  4. whaddya expect when you hire a teenager for a HC job in te NFL? This guy had the luxury of calling plays for a record setting Offense in NE and enjoyed the tutelage of the Dark Lord himself!
    Theres no guarantee he’d be able to do it himself!
    In over his head? He was never even “in”!
    Tim Tebow?!?! Puhleaze!

  5. Broncos better get it together quick….Arrowhead awaits and Chiefs are pissed about what happened in Denver 3 weeks ago. KC 31-Denver 13…then McDaniels can starting packing his stuff

  6. Dude never should of pump fisted in BB face after the win last year. Total bush move. Let’s see – Jay Cutler doing great (recently) in Chicago and BB team has the best (tied) record in the league. Josh record is what? He’s a fraud, plain and simple – adios man.

  7. Love the Broncos. Hate McDaniels. Hes in over his head. I shudder to think what a coach in his right mond and with some experience could have done with Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall. Im guessing not send them out on separate busses to better teams. Ugh

  8. Wow, it’s as if NFL fans should now become coaches. Everyone on here is just so smart. Absolutely everything you’re saying is great stuff, where’d it come from? HOW ABOUT FROM THE MEDIA, you mindless, gullible fools.
    This is his second year coaching. I honestly am starting to take these posts as a compliment, because it’s as if everyone has so much faith in the Denver Broncos that they don’t afford the team an opportunity to rebuild.
    Have any of you watched our games over the past 5 years? Obviously not, because if you did, you would have seen that we had the most despicable defense in the NFL under Shannahan in 2008. We had absolutely no depth and completely fell apart. That team was bolstered by a few players who gave every idiot the impression that we had a chance when, in actuality, those players played like garbage when it mattered. Cutler has a cannon, a cannon from the Civil War. He isn’t accurate and rarely puts a nice touch ball in the end zone when it counts. We would watch games and see potential, but those players didn’t have the mentality to be winners.
    You guys think Cutler is fixed? Ha. We thought so too. That potential gives everyone extended hope and then he goes and makes a fool of himself.
    McDaniels is portrayed exactly the way everyone sees him when no one knows a damn thing about him. Everyone knows what happens when you assume, right? You make an ass(out of)u, but not me. We deserve time to rebuild this team, and it’s no disaster. Close games against the Colts, Jets, Jags, and Rams. Outliers against Seattle, KC, SD, and Jokeland. Give this team a break! He deserves one more year unless you “fans” would like to see us rebuild for the next ten years. You know nothing about the NFL or this team! Somebody describe our schemes, and why Hillis didn’t fit our style (as every person in the media thought when it happened anyways). Or why Alphonso is now so good with the Lions, or is he (someone tell me why a rookie refuses to learn a system, NOT McD’s fault)? How about Lloyd and Orton. Did everyone predict that too? How about losing the NFL sack king? Or losing a stud right tackle delaying the consistency of an potentially solid O-line?
    At least develop your own opinions rather than spewing the media BS.

  9. @mcdeezznuts
    No one is saying that we know every inner-working of the team, but most of us are capable of forming our own opinion.
    Maybe Hillis and Smith didn’t fit McDaniels’ gameplan, and maybe trading away Marshall was a smart move, and Cutler wasn’t the golden boy Shanahan hoped he would be when he was drafted.
    But McDaniels set the stage for himself when he came in and claimed that Denver was not a rebuilding project, and then proceeded to dismantle parts of the team. Under his supervision, the team has made bad trades to acquire Brady Quinn and Alphonso Smith. He pushed out a defensive coordinator who contributed to the team’s positive reformation, and someone had to have asked Josh about hiring the videotaping bandit at some point.
    You say that we aren’t thinking for ourselves because we use the media as sources of information… which I don’t deny. In fact, that’s what they’re there for.
    But fine, you want us to ignore everything off the field as media muck raking? OK. The team is on it’s worst losing streak in 4 decades. The passing game is smoldering hot because our running game is MIA and our defense is only holding up under so much pressure. In game adjustments seem lacking, and since the Oakland loss, most of players out there seem half-hearted about playing.
    Even the great Bill Belechik screwed up Cleveland before going on to help the Patriots. Maybe Josh is just following in his footsteps… but as a Broncos fan for 31 years, I feel I’ve earned the right to care enough for my team to disagree with where it’s headed.

  10. Geez, McNuts……..wait…you’re REALLY McDaniels, aren’t you? You’re all over the place advocating for this guy. Here’s the bottom line… collapse last year, total losers this year.

    Isn’t the fact that he’s at 3-8 right now all that matters? He’s decimated this team. What was a respectable and honored franchise 2 years ago is now the laughing stock of the NFL…..and yet, you advocate.

    Makes no sense.

    It’s all about the W’s….and our team has few.

    It’s time to make a change.

  11. @forevercorr:
    You are absolutely entitled to your own opinion. But our fans have been utterly disappointing. Several go as far as to say that they had hoped McDaniels would fail since he was hired. Others have said they will no longer support the Broncos if he returns next year. And even more have said that they want Bowlen to sell the team. How can someone go as far as relinquishing their fanship? I am concerned as everyone else is, but the way we are acting is embarrassing. Teams face problems. We have faced as many as any other team this year. McDaniels did say that this was not a rebuilding plan. But look a little deeper. Do you expect a team to switch from a 4-3 with small linemen and small linebackers to a 3-4 and dominate instantly? He said that because he wants the players to be competitive while he searches for the right pieces.
    Bowlen couldn’t have said it any better. The football bounces weird, and sometimes it doesn’t bounce our way. How do you look for adjustments during the game? How can you compare play calling issues to execution issues?
    You’ve obviously watched the NFL for a long time. Take the offensive line, for example. You must understand how power blocking works in comparison to zone blocking. There was no way we could continue with Casey Weigmann. McDaniels drafted Walton and Beadles to play for years to come. When Harris was injured, Beadles had to shift to right tackle forcing McD to put a practice squad player in at left guard. Can you really expect Walton to know which gaps to cover with no continuity? Or Beadles to move from the left to the right without having done so in god knows how long? McDaniels didn’t have a choice. And that impacted our running game heavily. At this point, I would say that Moreno looks very solid and this line will only improve.
    Now how about defense. We lost a player with 17 sacks last season. And then we lost an up-and-coming safety in McBath to another injury. And then we lost our starting right CB, forcing us to play another rookie, who was a great draft pick in the 5th round. And then we lost Ayers for 4-5 weeks. And then Cox for a game, and last week we started 4 rookies in the secondary. And Vickerson for a week or two. We were forced to teach primarily backup 3-4 personnel to play 4-3 again for two weeks. None of this is his fault. And I doubt any coach could successfully adjust in this situation.
    I would never be one to say that Orton is our QB of the future. Under McD, he has become a great game manager, with a few tricks under his belt, and would be very quality in Minnesota. But we are invested in Tebow and we have no choice at this point. McD is a great QB coach and at the least, we have a kid with incredible desire to win and one of the best work ethics we have seen. If he could turn Cassell into a starting QB, then I am willing to forgo the waste of money and time in re-rebuilding with a new coach. He has shown some great stuff too. Our organization needs to make some adjustments, but firing McDaniels isn’t the easy fix that everyone assumes it is.

  12. @mcdeezznuts
    I see what you’re saying, but there is also something to be said about the way one handles personell, and he doesn’t do it well. I am relieved he no longer refers to anyone as “the player” as opposed to their name, but there is obviously some bad undercurrents in the organization. I’m not going to favor the words of Cutler or Marshall, but when Mike Nolan and other coaches within the organization is complaining about the way he treats people, it doesn’t matter how many transitions the man is trying to make, or what investments he has on field.
    Football is a team sport, and though the coach is the leader of that team, he is not above it.
    As far as the pieces of the team, I understand the transitioning o-line, and I actually like our rookies there alot. I think a lot of rookies are stepping up, and that’s great… but there are a lot of coaches in the world who like a power blocking o-line and 3-4 defense who also understand that while you push to develop your goals for the team’s schemes, you also surround yourself with people who give you every chance to win and use their talents to the utmost. After his mistakes with Nolan and other internal issues, it starts to become clear that the guy is absolutely a great coordinator or QB coach… but he hasn’t had the right development to be a strong leader as head coach, and needs more time to understand that simply being passionate isn’t enough to get you there. I think eventually he’ll figure it out. I just don’t want it to happen in Denver at the cost of what the large perception of us is. We still need to be an attractive place for coaches, players, and staff to come work, and McDaniels is hurting that a lot.

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