Derek Anderson has his Denny Green moment, sort of

On Monday night, ESPN’s Jon Gruden had a rare Chucky moment, calling out Cardinals quarterback Derek Anderson for yukking it up on the sidelines with guard Deuce Lutui while the home team was losing to the 49ers by 18 points.  After the game, Anderson was asked about it during a press conference.

Let’s just say there was no laughing then.

KTAR has posted the video of the exchange.  While it’s not nearly as epic as Denny Green’s 2006 “they are who we thought they were” rant, it’s the best sound bite the franchise has produced since then.

“You think this is funny, I take this shit serious,” Anderson said, his voice rising.  “Real serious.  I put my heart and soul into this shit every single week. . . .  I don’t go out there and laugh.  It’s not funny.  Nothing’s funny to me.  I don’t want to go out there and get embarrassed on Monday Night Football in front of everybody. . . .  We’re talking.  Deuce and I were talking.”

As the reporter began to ask about the context of the discussion, Anderson stormed off.  (Fortunately, there was no microphone striking or references to crowning the asses of the 49ers.)

Here’s the reality.  Anderson was laughing during the game, so he was lying after it.  Getting pissed and talking loudly and walking off doesn’t change that fact.

The bigger problem, in our view, is that Anderson isn’t a very good quarterback, and that the Cardinals miserably have failed in their effort to replace Kurt Warner.

Fans of the other teams in the NFC West find that to be very funny.

UPDATE: Here’s the Anderson video:

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33 responses to “Derek Anderson has his Denny Green moment, sort of

  1. Glad to see B-West have some fun. It must’ve been a little bit redeeming for him.

    Also glad to see Arizona continue to demonstrate how pathetic of an organization they are. Every game like this is further proof that their super bowl appearance was one of the greatest cinderella stories of the NFL – sitting upon Kurt Warner’s shoulders. That’s the polite phrasing.

    The reality is Arizona sucks.

  2. He was criticized for the exact same thing in Cleveland… I’m sure he does in fact take the job seriously, but he just doesn’t know how to act like it.

  3. I put my ‘heart and soul’ into spelling!
    Spell ‘looser’-

    1. Derek
    2. Anderson
    3. Braylon
    4. Edwards

    Wow. Four correct!

  4. I dont blame Anderson one bit. There’s way too many sports geeks out there that think their job is more important than the players. Fire that guy, it was a non-issue and didnt warrant the discussion.

  5. #
    thereisalwaysnextyear says: Nov 30, 2010 7:33 AM

    How is it that this guy keeps getting to play and someone like Sage Rosenfels can’t get a shot?
    Because Anderson threw for 3000 yards with Cleveland and Rosenfels hasnt done squat.

  6. Hey Florio, where is QB John Skelton in all of this? If they can’t get anything done with Anderson or Hall, why isn’t this kid getting a shot? I heard a lot about him during the draft.

  7. As a Browns fan I could honestly care less about this guy. With that being said I love how the “media” is going to jump all over him for this. God forbid someone is laughing and smiling at a time when the “media” thinks they should not be. What should he have been doing? Should he have been crying or throwing his helmet and pads into the stands? In addition, it is none of anyone’s business what they were talking about that made DA smile. Why do you “media” people act like you should be told/explained everything?

  8. I didn’t see that as a happy smile, he looked like he was grimacing, possibly in disappointment…either that it was a grimace of constipation.

  9. The media and Florio need to find a real story. A team mate makes a comment to a down player and it is a story. Wow Florio you are sinking further into TMZ territory. I guess you must be upset they beat you to a few stories this year. Remember if you cant beat them join them

  10. May i ask where is there cussing in this article but people aren’t allowed to type anything offensive in the comments? unfair…

  11. Oh, come on. Lying? You’ve got to be kidding me. I have no idea if Derek Anderson is the worst quarterback ever and feel free to say he is if he is based on his on field performance, but this is crazy. First of all, as the other readers pointed out, he wasn’t laughing. Second, these guys are actually playing the game and if it takes a joke to stay positive in a dire situation, so what? Anyone who has actually taken the field knows that it’s more important to keep your head up and in the game then to sit on the sidelines moping. Lastly, believe it or not, people even smile at funerals. Oh my gosh, how terrible that is.

  12. tatum064 says:
    Nov 30, 2010 7:59 AM

    Because Anderson threw for 3000 yards with Cleveland and Rosenfels hasnt done squat.

    Rosenfels has thrown for 4,156 yards in only 12 career starts. His career rating of 81.2 is considerably better than the 69.4 Anderson has put up.

    If I owned this team, this guy would be gone today. Let’s see: he sucks, he has destroyed the season of my 40 million dollar WR, and to top it off he embarrases my organization by acting like a 12 year old on national television?

    Your 15 minutes are up, Derek baby. You’ve milked all the cash your going to get out of one decent season against the Browns last place schedule.

    Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

  13. The reporter kept egging Anderson on. That kind of thing is unnecessary. It’s obvious Anderson stinks. It’s also obvious that he shared a quick giggle with a teammate. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about stinking. Being stone faced wasn’t going to help the Cardinals’ play.

    The reporter is fortunate he didn’t get a fist in the mouth.

  14. “Here’s the reality. Anderson was laughing during the game, so he was lying after it. ”

    I just LOVE when PFT or other garbage drama mongering media sources use words like “reality” or “truth”.

    The real picture here is a conglomerate of reporters want to kick a team and athlete while they’re down. I hate this rule that you are never allowed to exercise any type of joy or looseness on the sideline when your losing. Maybe you “professionals” have never been in that situation yourself, but surprisingly sitting around feeling sorry for yourself doesn’t put points on the board.

    Who knows what they were talking about, maybe Anderson was saying “man I am getting eaten alive out of that B gap” and didn’t want to make that public knowledge. The same thing happens with Cutler in Chicago, if he looks pissed then he’s pouting and not showing leadership. If he’s laughing or discussing things with teammates he’s not taking things seriously and unfocused. Pure garbage.

    Anderson played poorly last night. Write about that.

    P.S. Sage Rosenfals doesn’t play because his play in NFL games and practice isn’t good enough to move him ahead of Tavarious Jackson on the depth chart, which says a lot.

  15. While I don’t think Anderson is a good NFL QB, I think the criticism from Gruden is way off. Basically, the cameras show DA for a few seconds and all of a sudden that means he doesn’t care about the team, isn’t upset by how the game is going, etc. The reality is, neither Gruden nor the reporter knew how bad Anderson felt. The reality is, when you are playing a sport, and times are tough, guys react in all sorts of ways to deal with it: some may mope, vent, and some may actually try to “stay loose” in order to go out and try again. Guys are different. It’s presumptuous of Gruden or the reporter to interpret Anderson’s inner feelings based on a few second video clip taken out of context.

    Earlier on one of these evening football broadcasts, they showed a picture of Albert Haynesworth supposedly standing by himself and the announcers said he was taking himself out of a defensive meeting. The only problem was, when later you saw the wide view, other Defensive Lineman were not in the meeting either…so the announcers took the clip out of context and misreported the situation.

    This says more about the TV announcers than it does the players.

  16. I could care less if he was laughing. But that is no way to act at a press conference. He needs to be able to control himself.

  17. Sorry guys but I watched the entire game and as a resident or Arizona and supporter of the Cardinals – Jon Gruden was 100% correct. The team looks pathetic and leaderless. Anderson has and was stinking up the field BIG time last night and to see him yucking it up on the sidelines was very telling. All Gruden said was if he was coach, he’d be on him hard about it given the fact that they were 3 – 7 and getting their asses handed to them at the moment. Obviously by DA’s little tirade, he got caught, called out about it, and is guilty of no being all that worried about the present sad shape of this franchise.

  18. This should be a non-issue. DA is obviously not the future, but if I had somebody inferring something from one brief shot at the sidelines i’d be pissed too. This is one of those things that should be left alone. People handle anxiety or stress or frustration by trying to have an upbeat and positive outlook. Its crap that if your team is losing you shouldn’t be allowed to smile. Fact is nobody knows the context and it concerns nobody but DA and Deuce.

  19. He did the same thing when he was with Cleveland. During his “Pro Bowl” year (and I use the term loosely), he threw 4 picks late in the year against the Bengals. And he sits there smiling and laughing after 4 picks and a loss (19-14).

    He sucked then and he still sucks now.

  20. Just another silly attempt to read something into someone’s facial expression. He smiled, ok, so what? When you’re embarrassed you sometimes try to laugh just so you don’t cry. When I have a REALLY bad day, I laugh like “is this really happening?” It doesn’t mean I’m happy.

    Now, we have reporters who are trying to make a story out of someone’s facial expression. Pathetic.

  21. I saw the original footage of Andersonon the sidelines, and also the press conference. Gruden stated what was obvious to everyone watching; Anderson was indeed sharing a laugh at a moment in a game where he stunk the joint out and Arizona did squat offensively, in the middle of an embarrassing 3-7 season.

    No, I don’t think there should be even 10 seconds of happiness or humor in the situation this guy has put himself in. I don’t want my franchise quarterback – of ALL people – setting the tone that there is even a bit of humor in the midst of all this piss-poor play. I want him to be pissed off at himself for obviously not preparing or executing his game plan well enough THIS or any OTHER week in a season this bad.

    Anderson obviously doesn’t take this job as seriously as his salary suggests he needs to, and didn’t give it a thought that anyone would notice or care that he was laughing in the middle of this debacle, and obviously didn’t see the question coming. When it was presented to him, he should have owned it, not denied it. At the very least, he should have kept his temper in check. It IS a big deal, Derek Anderson, to the fans who pay far too much to watch your sorry a$$ get kicked around while you laugh about it.

    The very LAST thing you should have done was become indignant at the question. You remind me of a husband confronted by a wife who found love letters from your girlfriend, and who yells at the wife for snooping in your drawer as a way to throw the blame at HER and off of YOU.

    Derek Anderson is a crappy quarterback, and apparently a crappy human being who owes the reporter, the fans, and the entire organization an apology; for the tirade, for laughing in the first place, and for sucking so badly in general.

  22. “I put my ‘heart and soul’ into spelling!
    Spell ‘looser’-

    1. Derek
    2. Anderson
    3. Braylon
    4. Edwards

    Wow. Four correct!”

    Um, hate to break it to you, but “looser” means “less tight”. I think the word you’re looking for is “loser”.

  23. First of all, he wasn’t lying. Even if he was laughing at the time, it’s irrelevant because, when taken in context, his statement was that he wasn’t laughing about the game. But we all know how reporters love to ignore context when it makes for a juicy story. Good job on that one.

    Secondly, if that’s what you call “storming out”, then I suppose you storm out of every room that you enter.

    Seriously, did anyone actually bother to watch the videos? This is such a non-story. It surprises me that anyone would agree with any of the comments in this article.

  24. well they could cut him, oh but thats right they ditched Matt Leinart so they have no one to step in – let alone step up.

    The team is a mess and made the 9ers look like the Patriots which we all know they are not.

    Whisenhunt doesn’t seem nearly so good now that KW is gone.

    Alas the Cards are well… the Cards.

  25. “ednoclue says:
    Nov 30, 2010 8:28 AM
    The media and Florio need to find a real story. A team mate makes a comment to a down player and it is a story. Wow Florio you are sinking further into TMZ territory. I guess you must be upset they beat you to a few stories this year. Remember if you cant beat them join them”

    This post by ednoclue is a textbook example of someone shooting the messenger and completely missing the point. What an appropriate nickname.

  26. I like how none of the videos have the earlier part that I saw on Sportscenter where he calmly answered the reporter, and didn’t say specifically what Duece said, but basically that he was just trying to lighten the mood. Obviously the reporter wasn’t satisfied with his answer and kept pushing him and pushing to tell exactly what was going on, as if it really mattered and as if it’s anyone’s business, so I see why he lost his cool, especially after the game he has just played.

    And Jon Gruden is a moron. A guy’s smiling and you have absolutely no idea what the context is and you’re just gonna automatically assume he’s not taking his job seriously or that he doesn’t care about how badly the team is performing?

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