ESPN has no new comment on Gruden situation

With multiple reports linking former Raiders and Bucs coach Jon Gruden to the University of Miami, Gruden’s current employer has nothing new to say.

On Sunday, when the rumors first surfaced, ESPN issued a statement from Gruden:  “I am committed to Monday Night Football and to ESPN.  I enjoy working with Mike, Jaws and our entire crew and am just trying to get better at this job.”

ESPN spokesman Bill Hofheimer told PFT via e-mail tonight that ESPN has nothing to add, for now.

“I have seen the reports,” Hofheimer said.  “Will let you know if we have anything on this but right now we don’t have further comment beyond what we issued the other day.”

That sure doesn’t sound like a denial.  And it would make Gruden’s out-of-character decision to rip Cardinals quarterback Derek Anderson during Monday night’s game understandable.  If Gruden is heading to the “U”, he need not worry about alienating a third-tier quarterback who’ll be long gone from the NFL by the time Gruden decides he’s had enough college football for one lifetime.

26 responses to “ESPN has no new comment on Gruden situation

  1. What a competitor that Gruden is… he’s committed to Monday Night Football and ESPN and beating… ABC…. er I mean CBS or NBC or the NFL Gameday Live on Fox

    Wait, what is it again that Gruden’s trying to prove by fulfilling his “commitment” to ESPN?

  2. connie73 says:
    Nov 30, 2010 9:42 PM
    I pray please GO. Then I don’t have to mute the tv anymore. He is hard to listen to.


    Would you rather have Tony Kornholer come back?……or how about Dennis Miller?…..Gruden is very good. I swear, some of you people would complain about waiting for a 1 car funeral to pass by.

  3. connie73 says:

    “I pray please GO. Then I don’t have to mute the tv anymore. He is hard to listen to.”


    Turn the volume back up, you might learn something.

    Gruden is the best NFL color guy on TV right now.

  4. “Dad, some guy is checking out that broken washer we left in the alley! Should I say something to him!”.


  5. The Mike Tirico, Ron Jaworski & John Gruden MNF booth is as good as any in the NFL in recent memory. They combine the highest levels of football knowledge with a little bit of humor to provide every level of football fan with something to enjoy.

    To criticize these guys is to show how little you know, or want to know about the NFL.

    -Joe in TPA

  6. You know you gotta love this guy on Monday Night Football. He does his homework, studies all week, pours his heart into this job and does it with passion. He brings a ton of experience and just knows how to get it done. I don’t know about you guys, but I want this guy calling my game any week. Jon Gruden, I love this guy.

  7. I think they could find a better P-b-P guy than Tirico. But, Jaws and Chucky together excellent anylysts.

    Anyone else watch that show NFL Mathup? Best Football show out there.

  8. “Senator, I know 3rd tier quarterbacks and Derek Anderson is no 3rd tier quarterback.

    It’s called an inappropriate smile. Scottie Pippin had the same affliction. I’m just sayin’…


  10. connie73 says:
    Nov 30, 2010 9:42 PM
    I pray please GO. Then I don’t have to mute the tv anymore. He is hard to listen to.


    I think Gruden is great in the booth. The only way i would want to see him leave is if he was taking over for Andy “i have to put my guys in a better position” Reid.

  11. I can’t stand Jaw’s voice.

    He always talks like he’s doing a commercial, or selling you property in Florida that he doesn’t want you to see.

    Don’t need to yell, just talk normal.

  12. @laxer37 says:

    “Turn the volume back up, you might learn something.

    Gruden is the best NFL color guy on TV right now.”

    I agree he is good, but not the best. He seems to have learned from John Madden about sucking up to every single player that ever played the game with his, “he is the best middle linebacker in the game today”…etc, etc…then the next week, its a different linebacker on a different team with the same words. It gets old real fast.

  13. How can you say Gruden is not good in the booth? Do you know any thing? If you listen to him then you will learn something, he’s the smartest announcer in football but not the most entertaining that goes to my man Gus Johnson… Gus makes a carolina Arizona game entertaining..

  14. Monday night has been a joke, and completely painful to watch since it left ABC.
    I don’t look forward to my team playing Monday nights anymore.
    Gruden is at least funny at times..

    They may have the knowledge, and occasionally funny, but that current group does not know how to convey the information at all. You don’t come away from a MNF game going …huh, never noticed that before, like you did back in the Madden days…the old Madden days, not his last couple of years.

  15. I think Tirico / Jaws / and Gruden are one of the best crews doing NFL games. Could you imagine replacing Gruden with Matt Millen?? Shoot me now!!

  16. @ jpg30

    I so agree with this guy. Jaworski drives me a little nuts at times with his over attention to detail, and his overcricism (did he really do every thing right during his career that he endlessly critiques every QB and receiver for? I think, not.)

    I find Gruden to be an eternal optimist, much more so now that he is an analyist instead of a coach. He’s always trying to find the best in players. ( Did he really do that with his team during the ’08 season; esp. the “final four-game-fold?” Yep, he did.)

    To me, this trio is talented, they seem to mesh together to provide a much better commentary and analysis of MNF than we’ve gotten to see in the last several years.

    People that just criticize these guys, to me, show how little they really know about the NFL.

  17. I like them especially when Gruden and Jaws get into it a little. It’s funny. Gruden does share a nice amount of knowledge but the gushing over every player, coach, trainer, popcorn vendor, washroom attendant etc. is annoying.
    I didn’t think his criticism of DA was really “RIPPING”…to me it was a fair critique. All he really said is that he would hate to see that on the sidelines of his team because he wants guys who are bothered by losing. I hate nasty personal type ripping of players by the media unless they are dogging it or are turds.

  18. Jaws is also wrong a lot. Latest example: how Moss was going to open up the running game for chris Johnson.

  19. Tirico reminds me of fingernails across a blackboard. I have never heard a so-called play-by-play announce spew out more nonsense that has nothing to do with a football game than he does.

    Then you have Jaworski who obviously loves the sound of his own voice. He was nothing more than a 2nd or third tier quarterback and a mediocre one at that when he played.

    Jon Gruden is the only guy that deserves to be on this broadcast. Everyone can learn from Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth. Just call the stinking game and leave all the Entertainment Tonight crap to National Enquirer Tirico!

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