Finnegan seems to think Johnson should have been suspended

Titans cornerback Cortland Finnegan, who openly aspires to be known as the dirtiest player in the league and who was described to us by a G.M. on Monday as an “absolute scumbag,” addressed on Monday the league’s decision to impose $25,000 fines on both Finnegan and Texans receiver Andre Johnson for their in-game Week 12 fracas.

Finnegan seems to believe that Johnson should have been suspended for punching a helmetless player in the head.

“As a respect issue, when your helmet comes off, the play is over,” Finnegan said on 104.5 The Zone, via Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean.  “Did I want it to escalate into that?  Absolutely not.  At a point he snapped and he started throwing blows.  The only thing that upsets me . . . is if you reverse that and it’s me I have a game suspension.”

He’s right, but not because Finnegan would have hit a helmetless Johnson in the head, but because Finnegan already has committed numerous infractions.

That said, we agree with Finnegan’s reasoning as to what the rule should be.

“He got my helmet off and I got his.  To me, that is the end of the play,” Finnegan said.  “This is the NFL, not the NHL, and it is a higher standard.  That’s the NHL, they fight and they get penalties for that.  In the NFL that is unheard of.  You do that and you are suspended, hands down.  That is what I have been taught, that is what everyone knows.”

Again, that’s not the rule.  It should be the rule.  For now, not.

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  1. Ha. What courage. A guy who prides himself on being tough. Gets a taste of his own medicine and whines like a little girl. Priceless.

    Guess what they always say about bullies being cowards is true.

  2. The logic seems to be right here.

    However, just as in the case with Seymour’s slap fight with Big Ben, a normal good guy for the NFL was beating up on somebody MANY people wanted to see get their a$$ handed to them, soooo….hey, just slap him with a fine and let him move on.

  3. Hypocrite, plain and simple. He’d be bellying aching if it were reversed and he was ultimately suspended.

  4. Of course he’d agitate for that kind of protection, since everyone now knows it only costs $25k to take a swing at his punk ass. Motives aside, he’s absolutely right. Throwing punches with helmets removed or after the play should be automatic for suspension.

  5. I don’t know if he’s the dirtiest playing in the league, but he’s certainly the biggest jackass. The fact that Finnegan didn’t throw any punches had nothing to do with “NFL’s higher standard,” it was because AJ didn’t give him the opportunity. If the refs/players would’ve let them go at it for another 10-20 seconds, Finnegan would be in the hospital.

  6. I am not sure on how rulings have been in hte past. But from everything I have seen and read, Finnegan is lucky he was not banned, because of his history.

    Johnson’s reputation and demeanor probably went a long way with him not being suspended. Also it being a short week for the Texans a quick ruling was needed, for that Finnegan should be thankful because it probably kept him from being suspended also.

    The only times Johnson has had problems with the league, Finnegan is there. I hope the Refs keep a close eye on them during the next match up in a couple of weeks to prevent another incident.

  7. I am Cortland Finnegan and I started a fight with a dude much bigger and stronger than me and I got “pwned like a noob” in the fight and on the scoreboard!

  8. I really like AJ and Im not a big fan of Finnegan, but you cannot throw punches on a football field and not get suspended. Whether Finnegan is an irritant or not, AJ should have kept his cool. VERY suprised the NFL didnt suspend him. But I think it had a lot to do with Houston playing this Thurs. Plain and simple.

  9. “Did I want it to escalate into that? Absolutely not.”

    Uh, you started it, you were the first to throw a punch (not surprisingly it was like a girl’s), and you were the last to rip off a helmet.
    Finnegan is lucky he wasn’t suspended for multiple infractions Guess Fisher must be keeping Goodell’s johnson warm at nights.

  10. I can see Finnegan’s point, however, if I was Johnson, I would have interpreted it the same way. It seemed as if Finnegan ripped off Johnson’s helmet because he wanted to throw blows. No one is going to fight a guy in a helmet when their helmet was ripped off. So it seemed Finnegan ripped off Johnson’s helmet to even the field before throwing blows. Then Finnegan never threw any….

  11. Finnegan got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Now he wants to cry about it. Also, many sources said Finnegan was still talking sh*t to Dre’s family by the buses after the game. Luck his family all from THE U didnt take care of what he couldn’t fully finish.

    Clearly this is all on a case by case basis. We all know Finnegans track record. Dre’ has a clean slate except for both of them pulling a facemask last year and dre getting fined $7,500.

    Should there be a rule that if helmets are off and punches thrown your suspended? sure… But its not currently “the law”

    I just can’t wait until Dec. 19th Rematch. IF the Texans somehow find a way to beat Philly and Balt and head there on a 3 game winning streak, I just may have to fly up there……

  12. Mr “I want to be known as the dirtiest player in the NFL” needs to stay out of this discussion for several reasons… 1)He sounds like a whiney little b#@%$ who can dish it out but doesn’t want to take it. 2) as a repeat offender and instigator of this incident, his opinion has little value. 3) his attitude and actions before and after the fight showed he has no class and had no remorse. The whole thing was a big joke to him. 4) he doesn’t even have the common sense to be ashamed of the butt kicking Andre put on him. That being said…the punishment given to Andre Johnson was too light (and I’m a Texans fan). I believe he should have been fined $50,000 and suspended 1 game. Finnegan should have received the same punishment for the following reasons: he instigated the fight; he had no remorse afterwards; he is a repeat offender. I don’t see how the NFL can justify handing out huge fines for helmet to helmet hits that happen during a play, yet give players a slap on the wrist for fighting (not just pushing & shoving). This is the second week in a row (Richard Seymor b%$#@ slapped Big Ben last week) there’s been an on-field altercation that’s led to blows. It makes absolutely no sense at all. However, I must admit that I’m proud of Andre taking care of business…Finnegan is a dirty player who needed a taste of his own medicine.

  13. the nfl holds its players to a higher standard than the nhl? sure.. the minute the nfl starts to deal with ALL the steroid users, ridiculous drug and alcohol arrests, baby mama drama, domestic abuse and the inability to put sentences together, then i’ll believe that the nfl holds its players to ANY standards.

  14. Finnegan should stop talking and be thankful he wasn’t fined more or suspended (one or the other was appropriate) for his role in this fight.

    He acts like a petulant child and is constantly in that antagonistic “little brother mode”. You can’t pick a fight, get beat up, and then whine about the punishment of the guy that just kicked you butt.

    C’mon son

  15. So let’s get this straight…….Finnegan has openly aspired to be the league’s “dirtiest player”, but when he starts crap with a guy who is clearly tougher than him, he whines about the rules?

    He obviously is the league’s bigest SOMETHING, and it rhymes with “Wussy”.

    And he’s a hypocrite.

  16. I’d love to see the NFL a little more like the NHL in this regard.

    #1: Its entertaining

    #2. Similar to Goons in Hockey……my guess is that Ray Lewis or Gerrard Mayo could do a lot more to detur a player from taking a cheap shot at one of their players again…..than a $25K fine would.

  17. since fighting only incurs a $25k fee…..

    next meeting 4th quarter every houston player that comes near courtlinda should take a shot…. he just has to swing once for a $25k+suspension

  18. Well his logic explains why he ripped his helmet off during a previous scuffle. He figured taking his helmet off would end the confrontation.

    Regardless he is a little bitch

  19. Glad AJ smashed him and he should not be suspended. In fact, this is the type of thing I wish would happen more in the NFL. Not a lot, but more. Lets call it Justice. A guy who has been a stand up role model in a league full of hooligans has had enough. While I don’t condone this type of action, I must say it was refreshing to see a punk like Finnegan get smashed by the good guy.

  20. Bottom line is that the NFL and Goodell blew this bigtime! If they are actually worried about player safety, illegal hits, unnecessary roughness etc. etc. then it begs the question: What type of player action on the field would result in a player being suspended for future game(s)??????? If Johnson and Finnegan’s helmetless fight after the play doesn’t constitute a suspension or at minimum a much more significant fine, then how can the league fine other players larger amounts for illegal hits during the course of the game when those hits are spontaneous and not planned???????? Goodell’s subjective sense of punishment has resulted him in losing all cred.

  21. Andre Johnson should have been suspended but since he’s an elite athlete in the league they didn’t suspend him. The guy knocked Finnegan’s helmet off and so Finnegan knocked his off and he got pissed and started punching the guy in the head and that should be grounds for suspension! And if Finnegan would’ve done the same thing he should be suspended too. I guarantee you that if you see any defensive player do this to a superstar, no matter if the guy is a good guy or not he will be suspended, period! And please don’t bring up Richard Seymour, he didn’t take Ben’s helmet off and start punching the guy in the head, if he did Ben would be out for a game because of a concussion.

  22. I actually listen to Finnegan on the radio in Nashville, and heard no only yesterday’s statements, but the one where he TOTALLY JOKINGLY was like, “oh yeah, I want to be the dirtiest player in the league, hahaha”. His point was that if it had been ANY other player getting hit, it would’ve resulted in a suspension. If Alterraun Verner had been the one that AJ, in his own words, “snapped” on, and punched three times, it’s hard to argue that AJ would’ve just been fined. And it’s hard to see that ATV would’ve met with a $25k fine for pulling AJ’s helmet off or illegal hands to the face.

    He has a good point.

    And the quote that says “the only thing that upsets me… is that if you reverse it, I have a suspension”. There were words in the “…” that are left out here, words like “the only thing that upsets me is the way I left, waving to the crowd, because that’s not me, not the way I want to behave, and not the way I would want any player I coach to behave, because I want to coach my kids someday. But, if you reverse that, I have a suspension. So be it, though.” Way to intentionally change the meaning.

    This was totally not a “whiney” conversation, he said several times “so be it”, and kept pointing out that his reputation is what it is.

  23. Nothing funnier than a punk like Cortland Finnegan talking about “a higher standard”.

    You gotta love that hometown media. No one thought to ask Cortland why, if he thinks a helmet coming off ends a play, he chose to come flying over a pile to intentionally head butt Broncos guard Chris Kuper after his helmet had come off.

    This guy is a first rate ass clown.

  24. He is right. Johnson should have been suspended since what lead to this was really started on the prior play when Johnson hit Finnegan in the head and then hit him from behind after the play had finished. Finnegan removing Johnson’s helmet in the fracas to me was more just levelling the field and trying to protect himself from a so called good guy.

    Oh yeah, in my experience ‘good guys’ don’t punch people in the back of the head.

    It will be interesting what happens in the future with on field ‘fights’. I do believe the only reason Johnson didn’t get suspended was due to the Thursday night game.

    This is a crock. Johnson is a punk and I’m not saying Finnegan is a saint but in this instance the same fine for both players is ludicrous.

    Question: How many of you who are defending the ‘good guy’ who punches people in the back of the head are doing so due to a fantasy relationship?

  25. I’m surprised both guys weren’t suspended. Their respective teams should set an example and suspend them for a game themselves. Its the only way to show you don’t condone that behavior.

    Finnegan is pure trash. Not that he had to proclaim it himself, but he is the self proclaimed dirtiest player in the league. He taunted the Texans bench and told Andre what he was going to do, then did it. He probably considers it a personal vistory that he got him so riled up, and now he’s hamming it up for the radio shows just to draw more attention to himself. However, I can’t say I’m too upset a talent like his plays in the NFL.

    All that said, Andre Johnson should know what’s coming with NFL defensive backs and rise above these childish altercations. Kubiak really needs to reel his boys in. Sunday was a nice effort but I see a top team displaying a lack of focus and discipline, and Johnson is just the latest example. They should be in solid control of that division by now.

  26. Wonder how long that line going to be to get a chance to smack that lil curly haired fa***ot around ,Orton has first dibs…

  27. Ohhh Cortland.. You are actually a great player but you let your attitude completely mask any respect you deserve.

    You are certainly the most dirty player in the league and tried to abuse Andre’s good nature. Thankfully Andre was not having it that day and put you in your place.

    Also, shave that ‘Crusty the Clown’ hair Cort, seriously man..

  28. Really Tiger?

    I must of seen the play thirty times on one episode of sportscenter last night, and Finnegan instigated every punch he received.

    He ran up to Johnson as the ball was snapped and threw both of his hands at his head. Ok, penalty. But this wasn’t like he was trying to jam him at the line, he was maliciously aiming for Johnson’s head.

    Why did Finnegan do this? Because he was getting beat.

    He told other players on the sideline before he did it to “Watch this”

    Should Johnson have ripped his helmet off? No. But, what Finnegan did to ignite the situation was 10 times worse than what Johnson did. If Finnegan hadn’t attacked Johnson, we wouldn’t be having this discussion right now.

    All I can say is that Finnegan is a punk, he’s a second rate cover corner, and he knew he was getting beat so he tried to get Johnson ejected. He couldn’t play the game the right way, because he is simply not gifted enough, and that is the only reason that Johnson being an elite athlete has anything to do with this.

  29. The league has no understanding of the concept of discipline. The fines are doled out for stupid stuff and the agreed upon “schedule” for the fines is too simplistic to be applied to every situation. Illegal hits happen but most are not intentional. When the player’s intent to injure is obvious, there should be zero tolerance. Any after the whistle scuffles that involve punches thrown (not necessarily landed) should result in an ejection, big fine, and a suspension for at least the next game. Anything else sends the message that it is OK. The “boys will be boys” mentality when it comes to these situations is detrimental to the image of the league. These guys are paid a ridiculous amount of money to be “professional” athletes. AJ is a great player and Finnegan is a scumbag but both should have been ejected (along with Seymour from last week). It seems like the decision was tainted because AJ is scheduled to play on Roger’s network on Thursday night. Pathetic leadership, dumb message, bad precedent. NFL needs to get a clue about discipline.

  30. James Harrison gets fined 100k for non-planned in game tackles, but to sucker punch a quarterback or have a hockey fight is only 25k?

    Goodell, you suck.

  31. Really sham13ert?

    Did you see the play BEFORE that play where Johnson knocked Finnegan’s helmet off first and Finnegan turned around and to put his helmet on WHILE Johnson pushed him in the back and received no penalty and Finnegan didn’t react?! Did you watch THAT play 30 times?! I did and I saw why Finnegan jumped Johnson at the line, either way that doesn’t give you the right to start throwing punches to a guys head, period! This isn’t the NHL, it’s the NFL and I guarantee you this, if it happens again this season the NFL will suspend the players involved. Johnson is perceived as the good guy and Finnegan is perceived as the bad guy it this is favoritism, plain and simple, superstars get off while other players pay and the only reason Finnegan wasn’t fined more is because it would be pretty obvious!

  32. C’mon tiger, go back and look at the rest of the game. This situation was brewing for a lot longer than 2 plays. Finnegan is a punk, no sense in defending him. Johnson’s actions were wrong as well. Both players deserved bigger fines and a suspension.

  33. FinFan68 says: Nov 30, 2010 10:03 AM

    C’mon tiger, go back and look at the rest of the game. This situation was brewing for a lot longer than 2 plays. Finnegan is a punk, no sense in defending him. Johnson’s actions were wrong as well. Both players deserved bigger fines and a suspension.

    Agreed… the difference between them is that A> Finnegan instigated it and B> Johnson knew he screwed up and apologized.

    Finnegan just seems pissed he didn’t get Johnson into more trouble.

  34. Exactly FinFan68, that’s all I’m sayin’, but the player that punched should be punished more harshly, no matter how clean the guy may be. The situation may have been brewing but no one has the right to start punching another guy in the head, c’mon you’re supposed to be a professional.

  35. Look again..Finnegan threw the first punch upside Johnson’s helmet right before he ripped it off.

    Not only is he low-life brain dead moron, he appears to me to be a liar too.

  36. Anybody watching that saw that Finnegan jammed AJ by taking a shot to his face, up under his helmet … so if anything the fact that he taunted the whole team by saying “watch this” AND then jammed to the face, he should’ve been fined more AND suspended (according to the way the NFL looks at things)
    I don’t approve of the fighting BUT I don’t blame AJ at all for the way he reacted !!! Dirty players need to get their ass kicked every now and then. Hitting Finnegan in the pockets might curb him quicker, he’s not exactly a “High Profile” cornerback … just an ass**** …

  37. Really, Tiger?

    Yes, you are right. Jamming a player at the line isn’t against the rules. AJ is soft and couldn’t contain his professionalism, this time. He threw punches and should have been suspended for he is a repeat offender as he was fined for the same type of actions last year, against Court.

    Can’t wait till we host the Texans in a few weeks. You won’t face Rusty in that game.

    Everyone yesterday said Court would be suspended. Stuff that in your pipe and smoke it. Court will play on Sunday and AJ will play on the NFL network on Thursday.

  38. On the last play, Finnegan threw a double fisted throat jab underneath Johnson’s facemask…after he taunted the Texan’s by saying “watch this”. Sure, he denied saying that, but so do most people who get caught doing something they shouldn’t. It was funny watching Finnegan get his ass beat but both guys should have been suspended. Just because Finnegan was not capable of throwing punches in the midst of his beatdown does not mean he wasn’t fighting…it just means he wasn’t fighting very well.

  39. This WHOLE fine business is a joke … because there is NO specific guideline, it seems based on whether a player is important enough to generate $$ on TV or not. If the NFL is going to preach the “choir boy” mentality to the players, they need to keep the rules level for ALL of the players. If the action merits a suspention, then so be it, suspend the player. Same with a coach punching another coach, etc. If you’re going to discipline then do it for EVERYONE in the league. Until they do this … this is a JOKE !!!

  40. yeah gotta love how useless national media outlets leave out important parts of quotes to make them more incendiary

    NBC is already a joke letting self righteous jackoffs like Tony Dungy preach to the league, and then have the audacity to allow the scummiest player in the history of the NFL(Harrison) call out players for being “dirty”. what a joke.

    ESPN sucks, NBC sucks, NFL Network seems to be the only ones that get it right and are actually somewhat fair to all parties.

    of course they dont need an angle do they?

  41. It amazes me that this scumbag would use the word respect, or even have the word in his vocabulary. He is dirty, plays for a worthless team and doesn’t have to worry about wins and losses since his team is going nowhere so he is out to make a name for himself.. someone will take him out with a good hit to the knees and put him out of his misery.

  42. Someone needs to remind both Finnegan and Fischer that the objective is to win games so all this is doing them no good. They will miss the playoffs yet again and with Vince and a full off season of visiting strip clubs, next year doesn’t look good either.

  43. being a Texans fan may make me biased but so be it…everyone here has an opinion.

    first off, Johnson is not a “so called” good guy…he is a good guy. watch him week in and week out. see local coverage of him. he’s good to people, respectful, humble, not a prima donna, and to top it off, he’s a great player.

    this is very hard for people to understand that don’t have a player like that on their team…you know who you are.

    i think that’s why he was not suspended for a game, believe what you may.

    Johnson was wrong in pulling off Cortland’s helmet and hitting him (and i’m a little surprised that he wasn’t suspended, too) but you can see the “after the fact” responses…Cortland is happy, laughing, clapping, taunting, all because he got Andre in trouble and was sure he himself hadn’t done anything wrong. Andre took care of business on the field, was taken off the field, went to the locker room, apologized to his teammates during Kubiak’s game ball presentation, went to the press, apologized again and was ready to take his lumps, fully expecting to be suspended.

    Finnegan then goes on the radio (and Tennessee people, tell me if i’m wrong) and had a chance to apologize (not necessarily to Andre but for his actions) but took that time to complain about Andre not being suspended and having revelation enough to say “so be it.”

    Character is the word that comes to mind. Cortland might be surprised to learn what a lot of people have learned (even at his age), that character gets you a lot further in life (including your job).

    My thought is that’s what upsets him the most…he has no character, doesn’t know how to get it, and sees someone WITH IT getting a break.

    Take care of your own business and stop worrying about others.

    By the way, a lot of photos/videos of Finnegan making plays shows his helmet coming off or loose…maybe he needs a tighter helmet or maybe he wants it that way?

  44. Without taking sides in this…….has there EVER been a player who avoided suspension after ripping off an opposing player’s helmet and throwing haymakers at his unprotected head?

    I’m just curious as to whether there’s any precedent whatsoever for the league’s ruling here.

  45. jarredman

    Finnegan needs to learn character? I’d be willing to say he has far more character than you or I do. he had enough character to get a starting job in the nfl despite being undersized and coming from a small private college. he’s also pretty widely recognized as the player on the Titans that does the most off the field. IRL he is a good guy that tends to take the little man with a chip on his shoulder a bit too far on the field. he’s the kind of player that every opposing fan rags on, but would embrace if he was their spark plug.

    you can be all high and mighty but i’d be willing to bet you dont routinely hold charity functions for and spend time with special needs children.

  46. Finnegan needs to move down in weight class for his next fight. I’d love to see Steve Smith (Car) smack him around.

  47. Yesterday, I knew Finnegan was a dirty, loud-mouthed, disrespectful scumbag.
    Today, I know he’s a whiny little bitch, too.
    Wonder what I’ll know tomorrow…?

    I hope someone punches him in his big, fat mouth twice a game for the rest of his career. I’d buy season tickets just to see that.

  48. Incident ?

    When the ball was snapped If I am correct, I did not see a yellow flag for contact on the line of scrimmage?

    If then there being no flag thrown, why all the talk about the Defensive player being a sissy ? He simply chucked the guy off the line and the W.R. got pissed about it and retaliated by tearing off the helmet and also punching the guy in the head?

    Question here.. what about hurting players with intent to injure the head ? I guess punching the head is ok now compared to using the helmet to tackle ? This is idiotic on how the N.F.L. is legislating this type of behavior on the field of play. Ditka, Carter and others are Hype queens because you know DAMN well if that defensive player was on their squad they would encourage tough behavior, instead they make demeaning remarks about a STARTING player? W.T.F. ?

    Hes all that team has and they have let him be on the starting team so whats the big issue here ?

  49. @thejuddstir says:
    Nov 30, 2010 9:04 AM
    Bottom line is that the NFL and Goodell blew this bigtime! If they are actually worried about player safety, illegal hits, unnecessary roughness etc. etc. then it begs the question: What type of player action on the field would result in a player being suspended for future game(s)??????? If Johnson and Finnegan’s helmetless fight after the play doesn’t constitute a suspension or at minimum a much more significant fine, then how can the league fine other players larger amounts for illegal hits during the course of the game when those hits are spontaneous and not planned???????? Goodell’s subjective sense of punishment has resulted him in losing all cred.


    You moron. Who has Goodell lost cred with? You??

    Who cares. Go watch bowling if a little tussle gives you the shakes dude – its the NFL, these things happen and are great entertainment.

    I applaud Goodell for not over-reacting to media pressure like he did with the illegal hits and suspending these guys.

  50. He has got to be kidding, watch the replay , he had it all preplaned befor the snapping of the ball. If God-del and his cronies could not see this they are blind, which it seem to be there ways this year. Finnegan shoul have been fined as well as suspended. Johnson should have NOT been fined. This was a big big black eye to the NFL. God-del should have made a big example out of this action. Fennegans action was appauling and all the clapping of hand and laughing after the play was bush league for sure. God-del allowed a punching of a QB last week and to follow up with tthis fight should have been seriously addressed.

  51. @ steelersrscum

    i’d venture to say that i would “hold” charity functions if i had that kind of money…but for now, i’ll just support charities, causes, etc.

    it’s not a high and mighty attitude, it’s knowing what i see and knowing how i would act (and how people should act) in a given situation…and before you reply with the “you don’t know what it takes to be a professional athlete” comment, you’re right, not specifically but that’s kinda the point, no matter what you do, your character shines through.

    lots of creeps have made it to the NFL, just because they had to fight to get there doesn’t mean they’re all good guys.

    ask yourself, “if i had provoked that action, would i defend myself, make the “so be it” comment, or would i apologize and move on?”

    i’m not saying the guy has to be mistake-free but his attitude is just an outward sign of the character.

  52. #
    tritan306 says: Nov 30, 2010 1:47 PM

    If you are defending Finnegan you are an absolute moron.. plan and simple.

    When you make a statement like that, it’s pretty clear who the absolute moron is. No one is defending Finnegan, I’m no freakin’ Titans fan either, but I am an NFL fan and wouldn’t condone this behavior from any player on the team I support, period. No player has the right to rip another players helmet off and start nailing them in the head and you must be a moron to actually defend Johnson for losing his cool and punching a guy in the head several times with malicious intenet! Do we tell our kids and future football players that this type of behavior is expected and cheered? C’mon, use your head man, you aren’t the only one watching a national televised game GENIUS!

  53. Jeff Fisher is nothing more than the ring master of a classless circus, with Finnegan being the headlining performer.

  54. Just watched it again for good measure.

    Finnegan punches Johnson in the chin to start the play:

    Here’s a good link to the play in slo motion:

    You can actually see Johnson’s head snap back from the blow.

    Finnegan than continues to push through Johnson until Johnson grabs his facemask and rips his helmet off. Johnson then grabs Finnegans shoulder pads and tries to rip him to the ground.

    Finnegan than grabs a hold of Johnson’s facemask and throws his helmet to mid field, and boy that’s where he went wrong. Not only did he piss off Johnson, he also turned his back on the man he was fighting.

    This is where it gets interesting. Johnson then clocks him in the side of the head while simultaneously driving his face into the turf. Ouch.

    He then pauses, and releases a forearm shiver to the side of Finnegan’s head, followed by an uppercut to the chest, all while the Ref is dancing around like a 5 year old waiting for the pinata to bust.

    After the ref pulls a thoroughly satisfied Johnson away Finnegan starts to talk crap again.

    It took 1 player talking to Johnson to restrain him. It took several refs and several players to restrain Finnegan.

    Finnegan deserved it. He clocked Johnson right in the chin. Watch the video above.

    Oh, and Tiger, no I didn’t see that play. But if Johnson ran up to Finnegan and ripped his helmet off on it, then that’s one thing. But if it occurred in the course of play, then this is football, and helmets have been known to come off.

    And as far as throwing punches. Watch the clip above. Finnegan hit him square in the chin.

    Where did this gentlemen’s rule of not throwing punches to a player not wearing a helmet come from? You sound like a NASCAR driver.

    If I’m going to hit a guy, I’m not going to break my hand hitting his helmet. That’s just absurd.

  55. You’re all a bunch of bitty old women.
    Each one of you deserves to be bitchslapped.
    AJ should have been suspended and the punkster fined.

    Dumbasses ……

  56. Cortland says: “He got my helmet off and I got his. To me, that is the end of the play,” Finnegan said. “This is the NFL, not the NHL, and it is a higher standard. That’s the NHL, they fight and they get penalties for that. In the NFL that is unheard of. You do that and you are suspended, hands down. That is what I have been taught, that is what everyone knows.”

    Hey Cortland…..Denver’s Chris Kuper is laughing his butt off at that comment you hypocrite.

  57. @sham13ert, Dude, I watched the video. Again, as many have said, that is a “jam”. Not a punch. If Court had thrown a “punch” he would have been suspended. There was not flag throw for “hands to the face” UNTIL AJ freaked out like an unprofessional punk.

    @patpatriotagain: Yes you can. It is a penalty, but you can do it. But it is not a punch!

    @tritan306, call me all the names you like, your wrong.

    And check out this tid bit for you folks! Happy Holidays!!

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