Josh McDaniels has another ghost

Troubling statements continue to come out of the Broncos organization about Josh McDaniels.

When owner Pat Bowlen isn’t vacillating about McD’s future, co-workers of the beleaguered head coach talk out of turn about him through the media.  Someone within the organization spoke to Michael Silver of Yahoo! about the root of McDaniels’ problems.

“If he treated people right, everybody’d just keep their mouths shut. But when you treat people like a piece of [expletive], this is what happens,” the source said.

McDaniels said he wasn’t going to chase ghosts when asked if he’d find out who leaked information to FOX’s Jay Glazer about his coach’s meeting.  But McDaniels knows that the sniping he’s taking from within his increasingly toxic building is doing damage.

Bowlen mentioned in his remarks to that McDaniels has the right to clean house on his staff after the season.  First, the coach has to make it through the next five weeks with minimal drama.

If the ghosts continue to out-number the wins, it will be harder for Bowlen to keep McDaniels around.

27 responses to “Josh McDaniels has another ghost

  1. Whoever didn’t see this coming when they hired this turd needs there eyes checked just another belicheck assistant who thought he was smarter then bill

  2. hi I played under belicheat and instantly im good.

    son, u need to learn how to lie about injuries.
    swap running backs around weekly for no reason.
    aspire to be the mail Miss Balbricker look alike.
    and most importantly cheat cheat cheat cheat and cheat a little more, then claim u werent aware it was cheating…….
    18-1!!! GO GIANTS…………….

  3. He wouldn’t even have been considered for the job, without Belichick’s tutilidge!
    What’s the first thing he does when he gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar?
    Throw everybody under the bus! His coaches, Belichick and the Patriot organization….
    Weather you hate Belichick or respect his ability to coach. He didn’t throw anybody under the bus. Took responsibilty, paid the fines! This is how a man reacts!
    He can clean house? That won’t solve the problems. Josh is his own worst enemy! Keep burning bridges Josh, maybe you didn’t plan on coaching anymore??

  4. “If he treated people right, everybody’d just keep their mouths shut. But when you treat people like a piece of [expletive], this is what happens.”

    Sounds like what Cutler said on his way out of town. Either way, good words of wisdom for people without the class to treat people well inherently.

  5. This guy is an idiot! The worst move he made was firing Mike Nolan! I must admit, I enjoy watching this franchise suffer! (Remember the Jagwads!)

  6. This guy needs to be canned. In my 27 years of supporting the Broncos, I’ve never been this embarrassed about supporting this organization. I can endure losing seasons and still keep my head up, but when it comes to unethical means of trying to gain an unfair advantadge, it’s flat out embarrassing. Come on, Bowlen….sac up and cut your losses. It can’t possibly be any worse without this idiot.

  7. He cant work with people that dont kiss his ass, thats why Orton is in Denver and Cutler is in Chicago. Bowlan is allowing this mini turd’s ego destroy this team. Every game they lose, the more their fans realize just how unprepared, unprofessional, ill equipped to deal with talent(from players, to coaches, to evidently administration), this mental midget is. no matter how well his schemes work.(well, at least on offense, that defense is a laughing stock) As a Bear fan, its hard not to enjoy.

    @gallopingghost…. you hit the nail on the head.

  8. Cutler is a creep in his own right, but you gotta give the guy credit. He knew in about 11 seconds that McDouche was about to become the captain of the Titanic.

    McDaniels is just a little weasel who looks like he has that inherent ability to rub people the wrong way with just about everything he says and does.

    We’re about to find out how much influence John Elway has with his former boss…..

  9. This could get ugly in a hurry. It is about time Bowlen comes out from behind his fur coat and makes good on still having a pair. The attitude in Denver is approaching an Andre Johnson level and it is about time!

  10. Boy, this is going to be a fun month! Thank you in advance, Josh, for the holiday entertainment.

    And as for all the self-righteous Bronco fans? Outside of Patriot fans, I can’t think of a more deserving group of people I would wish a guy like McDaniels on. Enjoy the show!!

  11. Mr. Bowlen,

    I’ve been a faithful Bronco fan for 35 years. Bottom line is this. Should McDaniels remain with the team, I will not. A once proud franchise has been decimated in less than two years. I bleed blue and Orange. Have since I was twelve. My loyalty is being severely tested. We all know you made a mistake. We all know the team would be better off with a better coach. We all know the Broncos suck right now….and I NEVER thought I’d be saying that and meaning that. My dollars will walk away. So will many others. Fix it now, or risk losing a substantial part of your fan base. Denver deserves better than this. We’ve supported you strongly for decades and THIS is what we get in return? Bring dignity and respect back to Mile High/Invesco. FIRE MC DANIELS.

  12. Surrounded by the likes of Josh McDaniels and Eric Mangini, who remind me of Brutus and Cassius, Bill Belichick has been “stabbed in the back” more times than Julius Caesar. Both McDaniels and Mangini owe their NFL careers to Belichick. In one sense, they’re not even in his league.

    McDaniels’ meteoric rise to offensive coordinator in 2006, and later his enhanced marketability in the NFL, came about because of Belichick, not in spite of Belichick.

    McDaniels has reportedly thrown his former team, and by implication his former head coach, under the bus in a lame effort to minimize the seriousness of the Broncos’ videotaping incident and save his own neck. Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer, one of the best in the business, reported that Josh McDaniels told his coaches, “’Spygate—that was practiced, that was coached, that was worked on.’” Glazer added, “Then he told guys if this gets out, there are jobs on the line.” McDaniels later said to NBC/, “I didn’t try to minimize what we did at all. What we did was very serious and I feel bad it’s being represented that I have any inside knowledge of the New England situation, because I don’t.”

    In view of these reports, it’s poetic justice that McDaniels has a traitor in his midst.

  13. The problem is simply the age of McDaniels. He is to young for an adult professional job. Young people simply do not understand the importance of treating other people with respect and respect means everything in a league as small and tight as the NFL.

    What makes matters worse is when you take a child like McDaniels or Magini who come in demanding respect while not giving it it severely pisses off the adult coaches who have worked for their position and expect to be treated with respect back by someone who rightly should still be delivering newspapers and shoveling their driveway.

    The child coaches seem to think they need to walk in acting tough. They have watched to many TV shows. That is simply not how life works. Their attitude simply makes their job a 100 times tougher.

  14. Hey bronco fans You couldnt stop running your mouth when the chargers started out slow not look at you. your team is an embarrassment not only to the city of denver, the state of colorado, but the entire nfl as well..

  15. #
    champgiff says: Nov 30, 2010 10:37 AM

    This guy needs to be canned. In my 27 years of supporting the Broncos, I’ve never been this embarrassed about supporting this organization. I can endure losing seasons and still keep my head up, but when it comes to unethical means of trying to gain an unfair advantadge, it’s flat out embarrassing. Come on, Bowlen….sac up and cut your losses. It can’t possibly be any worse without this idiot.


    So you weren’t embarrassed about winning the Superbowl by cheating the salary cap…. I guess it’s okay to cheat as long as you win the big prize.

  16. Who gives a hell if he’s mean? NFL fans are the worst. The same people who bash QBs for not having to take hits are the same ones who bash a coach for being mean. Seriously no one cares about your opinion, we get it, you could be a GM.

    God I hope there’s a lockout.

  17. zinn22 is totally wrong. His age is not the problem, it’s his attitude. Raheem Morris is younger and the Buccaneers are the youngest team in the NFL. And they could stomp the crap out of the Broncos.

  18. steviemo says: Nov 30, 2010 11:15 AM

    “Where are all the people who were crowing when the Bears were down last year and the Broncos were 6-0? My, how the tables have turned….”

    And where was this crowd at the same time? You didn’t hear a peep from them then, did you?

  19. There are two major stories we know about. One, that Matt Walsh, a former New England employee, admitted to filming the Rams during a walk-through practice at the Superdome before their improbable loss to the Patriots in Super Bowl XXXVI at the end of 2001 season.

    Excerpt from Czar
    Here’s the problem. This entire statement is wrong!!! The Boston Herald took out a full page to state that they were wrong about this very issue! Walsh told Goodell he didn’t tape the walkthrough! So, it begins Josh. I do agree with John that you should be axed! He will wind up withdrawing this statement but, toothpaste back in the tube thing!

  20. Why doesn’t Goodell come clean about the history of spying in the NFL?

    (Warning – do not click if you want to remain under the delusion this hasn’t been happening for more than 50 years)

    “For years the Bears have been the most enthusiastic proponent of espionage. Halas fumed and even went to court to prevent Allen from becoming head coach of the Rams. As one writer put it: “Halas didn’t want to lose his ‘super spy.'” ”

    “To hear rival coaches talk it would seem that Papa George has employed an entire entourage of snoopers for several decades. The Rams are particularly disturbed by Bear habits. Former linebacker Les Richter used to check the dressing room doors for bugging when the Rams played the Bears at Wrigley Field . . . and invariably there was a row of strangers behind the visiting scouting phones. ”

    “When I spoke to Al Davis recently about the present status of espionage in the American Football League, he said Kansas City was by far the worst offender. “The Chiefs are the Bears of the AFL,” Davis said. “Lamar Hunt has come out publicly and admitted it.”

    “You mean he’s admitted he employs full-time spies?”

    “Yes, he’s admitted budgeting for espionage. Of course, if you talk to him, he’ll be just like all the rest of ’em–their favorite line is: ‘We just don’t do those things’–but ask anybody in the league and they’ll tell you about Kansas City. Call Don Klosterman in Houston and ask him about the Chiefs.”

    “I spoke to Klosterman, a former Chiefs executive who is now general manager of the Oilers. “Oh yeah,” Klosterman confirmed, “Kansas City spies, we caught ’em last year when we played them in their Municipal Stadium. See, the benches are on the same side of the field and they had this guy who was supposedly a roving photographer, but he was really a spy. . . He was snooping by our bench.

    “Every time one of our coaches would say something important to one of our players, this guy would run over and relay the information to the Kansas City bench. I’m not makin’ this up . . . we’ve got pictures of it.”

  21. @dziniz: See ya buddy. Nice knowing ya. Go jump on the bandwagon because of some hearsay form Michael Silver, the king douche of the DoucheMedia. We’ll really miss you. 35 years down the drain. You sure do have class. Go join the Faiders, we don’t need you and your wavering support.

    @patriotsfans: You guys are making this worse on yourselves by getting involved. Are you that self-centered? McD didn’t say a damn thing that everyone in the NFL didn’t already know. Hell, the NFL General Counsel reiterated the exact same point. So how is that back stabbing? You have a good team, get out of our mess.

    @zinn22: You are a disrespectful, arrogant, and ignorant person, and I hope your social security gets cut. Are you seriously stereotyping everyone aged 0-34 as entirely lacking respect for adults? WTF is wrong with you? I know 34-year old doctors, lawyers, business people, and mechanics with plenty of respect for their elders. Seems like you are a delusional old man and think that because you were a disrespectful 34-year, that you can bash others. Look in the mirror.

    @broncobeta: While I would be terribly disappointed if there was a lockout, I’m glad there is someone still posting on PFT with a brain. Please keep supporting, this situation is made worse by those who jump to conclusions.

    @profootballwalk: Profootballtalk must have been taken. I’m sure no one has ever called for Lovie’s job. Nah, never. One good week and Cutler is king huh. If you truly feel that way, you should be grateful for McD, does anyone realize he traded Cutler, Scheffler, and Marshall to the teams they grew up closest too and rooted for as kids.

    @lovemesomechargersfootball: Do you think anyone in Denver is concerned about your team? Year after year, disappointment after disappointment. Remember that feeling in 2002 watching the Bucs destroy the Raiders in the SB. Yeah, it’s a little like that. Call us an embarrassment, but our organization financially supports yours. Our fans fill the stadium year after year and the Broncos bring in 50% more revenue than the Chargers year in and year out. Pull your own weight and then we will talk about embarrassment.

    @joesixpack: Nice article. That atmosphere should change though. We have enough legal tape out there on every player that organizations don’t need to do this. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but mine is that McDaniels did not order or watch this video. If you look at the evidence logically, and not at biased opinions, the thoughts that he intentionally cheated just don’t add up.

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