Raheem Morris says Aqib Talib didn’t do anything wrong

Bucs coach Raheem Morris has grown exponentially in his second season as head coach, making few missteps.  He made one on Monday, when he defended his cornerback Aqib Talib after Talib threatened an official during a verbal altercation after Sunday’s loss.

“He didn’t do anything wrong. He was just in conversation,” coach Raheem Morris said. “So I’m not going to sit here and act like Aqib did anything wrong, or the official, because I’m not into that. That’s between those two men. Whatever happened, happened. Keep it moving.”

It’s not between those two men, though.  It’s between those two men and the NFL, which is investigating the matter.  The official should be held responsible for calling Talib a name.  But it’s insane that Morris would condone his player’s behavior.

Martin Fennelly of the Tampa Tribune reports that Talib threatened to punch the official in the mouth. Teammates reportedly had to hold Talib back.   But whatever happened, happened, according to Morris.

The third-year cornerback already has had multiple incidents in which he acted violently.  Morris may think he’s supporting his player, but he’s doing Talib no favors by coddling him.

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  1. Frazier is not coddling Talib. Frazier is making a point that the official is not an exulted authority. If any person did that to any man they would get the same treatment why hold officials up as bourgeois?

  2. I’m sure this happens all over the league. So Talib isn’t allowed to voice is displeasure with a call? Its grown men arguing. Did you see what Raheem Morris was saying after the Myron Lewis penalty? All you had to do is read his lips cause the cameras caught it. So a player can’t curse a Referee but the coach of the team can? Thats why its not a big deal to Raheem, cause he did the exact same thing.

  3. Florio from what I can tell, you have NEVER been a coach or maybe even ever played one down in football. He is backing his players. That is his job. Talib went and said to the refs what the world was thinking…It was a blown call plain and simple. When he came out and said that Mike Williams did wrong by staying out did you come out and say that wow Rah did a great job there No. Why dont you report that NO ONE ever expected the Bucs to win a game much less 7 of their 11. You have a great site but report the good and the bad. You are starting to sound like the trib writers. You keep drinking the hateraid and we will keep winning.

  4. I wish Takib would have hit the ref in the mouth. He would be suspended for a year…fined a $100,000 and also be in jail.

  5. Not for nothing but there are quite a few refs who deserve to be punched in the mouth. The NFL refs are the best behaved of all the pros (with MLB umps being the worst) but many refs try to insert themselves into the game by making questionable calls and/or talking trash. If the pro leagues held refs more accountable (fining them for bad calls, firing the bad ones) maybe people would take them more seriously.

  6. Depending on what “name” Talib was called, I’d have said the same thing about the situation. You call a grown man a name, and you should reasonably expect that he’s going to want to hit you.

  7. toe4 says:

    “Frazier is making a point that the official is not an exulted authority….why hold officials up as bourgeois?”

    Big-Word Fail.

  8. I’d have no problem with it either.

    I’d have had no problem, if the ref said what is reported, with him punching the ref in the mouth either.

  9. He’s a hot-head, but he’s one hell of a corner. The rules in the NFL are a lot different then normal society. If he pulled that in corporate America, he’d be canned. But, this is the NFL & players, coaches, & refs all think they’re right & will all argue over it.

    They’ll slap Talib w/ a 25K fine & will suspend the ref a game & everything will keep on moving as usual. Not much exciting news to be reporting eh Florio?

  10. I have no problem with Morris defending Talib in public, as long as in private he’s telling to check his anger or he’s getting benched.

  11. Who cares about a heated discussion over a call?
    Why is this even news?
    I agree with Raheem on this one.

  12. What a slow news day this must be to keep bringing this up. It is really a nonissue that the media has blown up. Football is a violent and highly emotional game and when the juices are running sometimes so is the mouth. I am sure both Talib and the ref did not have their brains in gear while their mouths were in motion. Lets just drop it . I am sure the NFL has.

  13. I would rather have my player so upset over a loss that he uses foul language than have him act like Derek Anderson last night – laughing it up on the sidelines when his team was down by 3 touchdowns. The NFL does not need that clown.

  14. if a referee told me “you played like a p—y”, right after an emotional game with a lot of physical play on both sides, yeah, i might tell him i would “punch his b—- a– in the mouth”

    and why is no one giving Jeff Fisher a hard time for standing up for Cortland Finegan, the self-described dirtiest player in the league, but raheem gets the 3rd degree for standing up for his guy?

    And anyone who thinks any coach would bench a top 5 in the NFL corner without the league saying so is outta their mind.

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