Randy Moss fails to meet with the media after Sunday’s loss

Lost in the recent controversies in Tennessee is the status of receiver Randy Moss.  Now 1-6 since being traded by the Patriots, who are 6-1 since dumping him, Moss has faded into the background.  But he soon could be stepping back into the limelight, albeit against his will.

While watching Sunday’s early games at 30 Rock, I noticed a play from the Titans-Texans game in which Tennessee receiver Randy Moss develops a full-body case of alligator arms, failing to make any effort to nab a catchable pass in the end zone.

I thought at the time that this could make for some interesting post-game press conference fodder.  But after Johnson-Finnegan I, the latest example of Moss choosing not to play was gone and forgotten.

After Cardinals quarterback Derek Anderson blew up at his post-game media availability on Monday night, I remembered the Moss incident, and I looked into whether he addressed the lack of effort after the game.

As it turns out, Moss didn’t meet with the media after the game.  Though we’re told that he’s generally making himself available once per week, league policy requires every player to be available after each game and one other time during the week of practices.

Moss was fined $25,000 for failing to comply with this policy in Minnesota.  Though it appears that no one in the Tennessee media has made a similar complaint (yet), it looks like Moss will soon be making another contribution that will exceed significantly the price tag for thumping a player in the head after ripping off his helmet.

UPDATE:  There’s a question as to whether any member of the fairly small contingent of media covering the Titans at the Texans game asked Moss to talk after Sunday’s game, given the Andre Johnson-Cortland Finnegan fracas.  That said, Moss has on multiple occasions this year made it clear he doesn’t want to talk.  At a certain point, reporters have little interest in banging their heads against the same wall.

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  1. He was there – he kinda jogged waved his hand a little then stood there with his hands on his hips. It’s not his fault the media didn’t see him.

  2. the question now is whether ANY team will want the guy next year…he was worth putting up with when he was setting records, but i think he will either retire or be playing in the UFL next year

  3. Florio, love the site. Never seen so much “love” for my boys in Titan Town who are 5-6 in all my life. Hope we continue to provide plenty of material for you moving forward. Maybe something positive. Fish will get this turned around. Can’t wait for the next three weeks!

    Go Titans!

  4. I’m sick of everyone trying to blame Randy for his actions. It’s not Randy’s fault. Everyone from New England to Minnesota to TN need to go home and look in the mirror and realize how you have impacted and hurt Randy this year. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

  5. There is a reason this is his third team this season. He plays when he wants to play. His self motivation is gone. Don’t know what it takes to inspire this guy. A waste of a very talented player.

  6. Moss is “damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t”. Has anyone ever wondered why Moss doesn’t want to meet with the media. The media is constantly taking his quotes out of context, trying to make him look stupid, and selling newspapers and airtime by showing him in a bad light. Remember, it was some jerk journalist who leaked the “big story” about Moss not playing hard every play. Moss simply mentioned to the journalist a comment about how he paces himself on certain plays he’s not involved in and next thing you know (i) the journalist is famous for “leaking the big Moss story”, and (ii) Moss has a reputation for not playing hard. When he refuses to give journalists a “career-making sound bite”, they cry to Roger Goodell to have Randy fined.

  7. Randy Moss = Latrelle Sprewell

    Latrelle spent the remaining years that he could have been playing, in solitary up in his mansion designing spinner rims.

  8. I don’t understand this. There are 106 players on the active rosters for both teams. Do ALL of them make themselves available? Obviously all 106 players are not hitting the podium, so why is Randy Moss being singled out? Did someone attempt to speak with him and he declined?

  9. “League policy requires every player to be available after each game and one other time during the week of practices.”

    Here is the catch; this guy is no longer a player, just a fraud wearing a uniform.

  10. I think the bigger story is that he could be fined more because the poor media didn’t get their time with him than he would have if he got in a fist fight. Something is wrong with that. Judging by the fines, the most severe infractions are 1. borderline hits that occur during play 2. not talking to the media and tied for 3. fighting on the field/sucker punching an opposing qb.

    That sounds about right.

  11. Does anyone miss hearing all of his insightful postgame commentary?

    I thought not. You were all hoping for a train wreck to watch.

  12. What about players such as Marion Barber who refuse to talk to the media their whole career. I’ve never heard of him being fined. Moss didn’t talk to the media his whole time in Oakland and nobody cared then.

    The NFL needs to be more consistent with their policies and fines.

  13. maybe the TN press knows collins is coming back and want to give him a chance to step up instead being total A-holes so he doesnt try when a real quarterback is in there…………

    no wait everyone is impatient idiots…..

    moss is a quitter OLD NEWS!
    and the pass wasnt catch able still dumb of him.

  14. people stop hating on moss. he’s the only wr in the nfl that get double and tripled ever play… could ur fav wr make lots of plays like that. not to mention he plays with rusty smith. if he’s not good why don’t teams snigle cover him…. thought so

  15. Randy, I hope shooting your way out of town is working out for you. The Pats seem to be making out ok.

    What a dope this guy is, he was in THE PERFECT situation for himself. Instead he wanted to complain about not being signed for next season. Where did that get him? On a worse team with a worse QB, and in the process he has killed his value. Nice work Randy…One Clap!

  16. Not sure if you mentioned this in the other articles of fines but…not complying with the media is the same as ripping each others helmets off during the run of play and having a (drastically one-sided) fist fight?

    Both worth $25,000?

    But a bang-bang play where the receiver lowers his head and subsequently get hit in his head is worth $75,000?

    What the hell is up with these fine amounts?

  17. So we don’t get the Randy Moss interview featuring Randy Moss? I was looking forward to his interviews where he asked the questions, then gave the answers. He is not that creative though.

  18. What is up with the Tennessee organization? It used to be a solid operation. I’d of thought they would have had there hands full without Moss. Why is he still on the team and does anyone really care he skipped a microphone?

  19. “While watching Sunday’s early games at 30 Rock”
    Thanks for letting us know how really really really cool and important you are!!!!!! Can’t you tell us who you were watching with also???????

  20. Randy landed in town, just as Fisher is packing his bags.
    I think Jeff wants out of Bud Adams “toy”. Jeff would rather be with a team and owner who wants a winning team, not an excuse to sit in his box seat and wish he was home in Houston.
    When the Oilers left Houston, the fans told Tennessee how it would be, and they where right.
    Poor fans of the Titans deserve better, it is a great football state, look at the string of games sold-out!
    Jeff will be missed, VY will be there and 8-8 goes on and on.

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