DeSean Jackson declined to field practice punts, preoccupied with getting paid

Florio wrote this morning that DeSean Jackson’s recent lack of focus was likely related to his lack of a new contract.

Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer adds fuel to the fire with a report this afternoon saying Jackson is indeed preoccupied and allowing the situation to become a distraction to him.

“The disconnect between player and team was brought into focus Sunday when Jackson declined to field practice punts before the Bears’ game, and Reid disciplined the 24-year-old after the bitter loss to Chicago,” McLane writes.
Jackson reportedly spends an “inordinate” amount of time texting with his agent during the team’s work day, which seems like a minor offense to be sure.  Still, sources “close to Jackson” say the receiver is concerned about his statistical production because it could be used against him in contract negotiations.
The concussion Jackson suffered early in the season can’t help matters.   Jackson is smart to avoid contact because of his size, but it appears he hasn’t gone all out for the ball in recent weeks.
In the end, there is little reason to think Jackson won’t be part of the team”s future.   There’s also plenty of reason to think he’ll be smiling after Thursday night’s game.
Facing the Texans secondary tends to cure a lot of problems.

31 responses to “DeSean Jackson declined to field practice punts, preoccupied with getting paid

  1. The denial gang can come to his rescue but the bottom line is he is starting to act like a little punk. Diva is a fitting word for him. Good talent but limited in scope. He will get a better deal but it won’t be anywhere near what is ego thinks it should be. If he keeps acting like a spoiled chump, the $ will start dropping. He is a speed guy that is not capable of going over the middle. He is not a possession guy either. What he provides is a chance to score on 3-5 touches per game. Every one of these athletes seem to believe that they are the best at their position and want ridiculous money. He will be no different. They all need to grow up

  2. *grumble*

    AEG and Magic Johnson are stealing my Chargers and moving them to L.A… Sorry if I’m preoccupied myself… At least Philly fans get to keep the team they grew up supporting through Jr. Seau-thick and Ryan Leaf-thin..

  3. Well if he is going to be a little B about it in the middle of a season than he is not a good teammate. He should taken care of this in the off season.
    The offense should focus on Maclin and send Kolb and Desean to Arizona in the off season for Larry Fitzgerald.

  4. Oh my gooooooooooooooooooooood a player that has never muffed a punt in his career didn’t want to take practice punts? Get him out of the league.

  5. “Jackson reportedly spends an “inordinate” amount of time texting with his agent during the Eagles’ work day..”

    So someone is actually reading his texts and reporting the contents?

    Kind of think this is a lie.

  6. Get that money baby, we all know the Eagles operate in the cheap and don’t pay anyone i.e. Pats (only person who ever got a good deal was Brady, Vince Wilforks deal was hot trash), Bills, Panthers.

  7. man, when Florio posted the idea of Jackson worrying about his contract earlier the Jackson defenders couldn’t post fast enough. It’s pretty quite now that Florio’s theory was backed up by the local Philly paper.

  8. This is all bull, win thursday vs texans, big game for jackson and all this stupid media speculation will be squashed.

    Stop trying to turn this into another TO situation

  9. Given that the guy weighs 170lbs soaking wet and has had his brain rattled a couple of times, can’t say I blame him for looking for a big payday. Can’t imagine he will go more than another concussion or two before the medical staff tells him he’s risking permanent damage. No point being a millionaire if you can’t remember your name.

  10. If Im Philly I deal him in the offseason. He’s a diva & overrated. Maclin can streatch the field & Avant offers more as a blocker. DeSean is a glorified kick returner / slot WR.

  11. Just wait until Benard Pollard rings his bell Thursday night…. He will be wishing he was only doing punt returns instead of playing WR.

    Texans 31
    Eagles 30

  12. Still haven’t heard D.J. say anything about his contract. He continues to go out and play and he changes the way defenses play against the Eagles. Safeties 30 yards off the line of scrimmage and going into a backpedal upon snap? Some of you make it sound as if guys like Desean grow on trees? Speed guy only? Uh, no, Ginn Jr. is a “speed guy” only. Desean is a playmaker who helps his team win games. Keep on keeping on, haters!

  13. Okay, this is getting a little ridiculous.

    Two “stories” in one day that don’t have any actual facts to them at all.

    Why is this a big deal? As a previous poster said, he doesn’t muff punts. Last week he had a 35 yard punt return after refusing to practice them pregame. If he was refusing to practice them during the week, it’s a different story, but why does it matter before the game?

    I love how “sources close to him” have been telling the Philly press that he is upset about his contract, yet he has said nothing about it himself. Is it maybe because he is waiting to deal with it in the off-season and is focused on playing the game for now rather than preoccupying the team with the problem while they are putting together a solid season?

    “Sources close to him” is a frickin’ cop-out, and I’m willing to bet that that “journalist” (I use that term VERY loosely) is simply spreading speculation. Why would a friend of D-Jax be telling the press that he isn’t happy with his contract? Furthermore, how do we know it’s even a friend of Jackson? I could have called the Philadelphia Inquirer and claimed to be “close to Jackson” and told them B.S. story.

    Also, why would a local writer even want to stir up the controversy like this? I’m not from Philly, so maybe I’m missing something, but wouldn’t Eagles fans want their team to do well?

    I’m pretty disappointed with what PFT has turned into. Every day it’s becoming more and more of a soap opera. I used to enjoy this site, but it is becoming SO obvious how incompetent you guys are at your job it is ridiculous. Every story is filled with grammatical errors (get an auto spell-check system on your computers, it makes things pretty simple) and most of it is pure speculation. Also, Florio does not belong on Sunday Night Football, plugging his sorry little website by sharing his “knowledge” with the viewing public. Do you feel as uncomfortable as you look while you are on camera, Florio?

  14. This is not a TO or Javon Walker situation. His on field actions remind me more of Todd Pinkston with the alligator arms and Westbrook with the diving on the field to avoid hits.

  15. As little as he is, i dont blame him for trying to get paid before he’s broken in two…..I do like how he dives on the ground before getting hit though…….Phili fan has got to be crazy for not supporting a big payday for this kid, can anyone say TO…….not only should he have a contract already but Vick should have one to……dont be surprised if they dont have either on the roster next yr……dumb cheap asses…….

  16. gambleonsports,

    could not agree more with every point you made, especially the direction of this site

  17. I’ve been thinking the exact same thing about the site for some time now. The posts from mike seem more to drive insanity vs being accurate. It’s what happened to ESPN and now PFT. They lie or misconstrue then PFT half reports. Ugly

  18. If it is true. Then Desean is starting to look like the next coming of the diva WR. However I agree with a lot of the posters on here. Florio and PFT are slipping a lot since the NBC deal.

  19. “minor offense to be sure”??????????????

    Trust me…If I were doing a lot of texting during my workday, I would be fired. And not enough employers hold people to that either…Employees everywhere already waste too much time not working. There is no integrity anymore. When you’re at work, you’re getting paid to do a job. That job is not texting or checking out your fantasy team or calling your boyfriend/girlfriend or whatever.

    That’s one of the problems in America today!!

  20. Macklin is a better overall WR than D-Jax. If you take away the deep ball he’s a ghost. Kolb and D-Jax to the Cardinals for Larry Fitzgerald

  21. Andy Reid has visions of T. O. Who needs another guy to split the locker room? Maybe we can trade him and Kolb for Larry Fitzgerald and a high draft pick. Arizona could certainly use Kevin.

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