Florio vents, Rosenthal nods regarding Mike Tomlin and Jon Gruden

On Wednesday, Gregg Rosenthal visited with yours truly on PFT Daily.  Rosenthal probably regrets it.

I was full of a little piss and vinegar today, hold the vinegar.  And so I ranted a little about the recent tactics of Mike Tomlin and Jon Gruden.

Rosenthal knew it was in his best interests to agree with me, even though he initially tried not to.

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52 responses to “Florio vents, Rosenthal nods regarding Mike Tomlin and Jon Gruden

  1. “And so I ranted a little about the recent tactics of Mike Tomlin and Jon Gruden.”

    So much going on in the NFL right now. And with coaches so secretive to begin with, so manuplative, and with so little job security you have to rant about a guy who is not even coaching right now.

    At times it is obvious that Florio has a quota of things he has to do (probably related to a contract or other obligation), no matter if the items are of dubious quality or not.

  2. I think the league’s customers, that would be us, the fans, are already saying that the league is full of it as of late, regardless of what Tomlin says.
    As well, only one of Harrison’s fines is for “helmet to helmet”. In point of fact he was fined for hitting Fitzpatrick in the chest.
    ” ‘James Harrison was fined $25,000 for roughing the passer, specifically he made helmet contact to the chest of the Buffalo quarterback, who was in a defenseless position at the time the contact was made’ a league spokesman explained in an e-mail to the Post-Gazette.”
    Fitzpatrick was hit within a tenth of a second after releasing the ball, squarely in his chest, wrapped up and Harrison stuck his arm as he was falling to make sure he didn’t land with his weight on the QB. Better still if you watch the play again, the ref was reaching for his flag as soon as Fitzpatrick released the ball, not after the hit.
    This is from where the anger and frustration on the players’ part comes in and why we are also hearing about this from them. Tomlin commenting on this doesn’t really change anything. The toothpaste is out of the tube regardless.

  3. OMFG he has 2 kids and making MILLIONS… what about the ones who don’t have jobs and have kids… Tomlin just STFU… Oh ok lets keep it in football, how about the other pros that run the risk of not being able to play because of his aggressive (dirty) play.. WHATEVER ! you two want to go to Mamby Pamby land suck it up and play straight…

  4. I agree with the Tomlin statement, it’s not quite to the level of Sprewell unable to feed his kids on $15MM salary, but it is completely insensitive especially in these times when a guy who just got a $10MM bonus (Harrison) to whine about a fraction of that going to the NFL (and charities) for doing something illegal.

  5. Florio you have clearly fallen off your rocker!!!!!Did you seriously say the steelers should be “setting aside the issue about winning 12 or 13 games in 2010” If you do not retract that logic you expose yourself as a clown!!!!!!

    Quit hating on Tomlin and other league players that do not have their lips applied to Goodells back side like you do

  6. @zombierevolution

    Honestly I think he just likes to hear himself talk out loud and in his head.

  7. Maybe Tomlin is defending his player because the league is biased against a certain individual, and the punishment they’re enforcing isn’t equal across the board. Saying it’s not ok to make a legal textbook hit that’s a bit too aggressive, but fine to rip a helmet off a player after the whistle and proceed to beat him in the head isn’t in the best interest for player safety. Extending the season to 18 games also isn’t in the best interest of player safety.

  8. florio, I wish someone would fine your D-mb a s s. You are overrated with the info you get and basical talk BS. You are a pot stirrer and a rumor whore. The Fines on Harrison are mostly BS, yes one or two was deserved but $125k… not. You are a overpaid “National Enquire” blogger who luck out into your present job. I truely doubt that you EVER played any sort of athletic games when you were younger. Normally I ignore what you say but this time I had to comment. I’m sure this will only be up for a short time but You are a piece of Sh it.

  9. I would think that with SpyGate I and II in the news this week, that any journalist who is really concerned about the integrity of the league would spend his “rant time” lambasting Belichick and McDaniels for doing everything in their power to taint the public perception of the NFL.

    Nice job picking the wrong target, Florio. And I’m sure you got his attention – Tomlin probably cares VERY deeply about what you think about his tactics the week of the Ravens game.

  10. I give Tomlin credit for not being an NFL lapdog, when some of the hits Harrison gets flagged and fined for are comical.

    He doesnt have to lie and say things he doesnt believe in, if he did that he would be just like Mike Florio! Way to write an article about yourself entitled “Florio vents” by Mike Florio….wow

  11. You’re absolutely right Florio, Tomlin should just let his players get perpetually screwed by the NFL without putting up a fight. That is the American way after all.

  12. Florio you are an ass.

    Harrison’s latest hit was NOT helmet to helmet….it was a textbook tackle.

    The public is NOT on board with Goodell.

  13. Fining the players to stop helmet to helmet hits is a lot like just arresting drug dealers and expecting the drugs to go away. You’re attacking supply, sure, but letting demand continue unabated.

    They should fine the teams. Anything else is moronic. Does anyone actually think players are going to respond to fines like these knowing that if they’re not being as physical and violent as they can be they’re liable to lose their jobs? On the one hand you’ve got a $50,000 fine, on the other you have the UFL if you’re lucky. Guarantee 999 out of 1,000 players will take the fine.

    If the fines go to the teams, then there’s actual incentive to make sure players play safe. There will be an incentive for coaches to coach their players to play safe, there’s incentive for GM’s to get players willing and able to play safe and there’s quite a bit more incentive for players to play safe (as playing dangerously, instead of playing safely, is now what runs the risk of getting you fired).

    Of course it won’t happen, because the NFL doesn’t actually care about head injuries. Fining players allows the PR department to push off systemic responsibility onto a few supposedly rogue players without taking the guys signing the checks for the NFL to task.

    Owners have an excuse – they’re about the money and it’s not their responsibility to concern themselves with player safety. If it’s anyone’s responsibility to hold the league accountable for this stuff it’s the union. Florio, on the other hand, does not have an excuse. It’s just cheap populism.

  14. By the way Harrison wasn’t fine for a helmet to helmet he was fined for roughing the passer

  15. “touchdownroddywhite says: Dec 1, 2010 5:22 PM

    That picture of Tomlin is the best still shot of the year.

    It’s also how 90% of Americans looked when they heard the garbage he spewed about Harrison’s fines.

  16. The league doesn’t care about concussions.

    It cares about money.

    If the league truly cared about concussions, there would never be a thought about increasing the schedule to 18 games.

    It’s all about the dollars…

  17. If I was Tomlin I would be complaining more. The Refs have thier number, the BS holding calls on the Oline are a Joke. compared to the holding that goes on Woodley and Harrison every single play. why dont they call the tackle doing the arm bars on them. but the flag thrown for holding because a guy places his hand on the outside of the shoulder pads, without doing anything. there is a double standard. what about the amount that the steelers have fines compared to rest of league. why didnt the helmet to helmet hit ward got that took him out of the game get fined. so yes I think tomlin has a right to complain. because the refs can definitely change a game and the games coming up are one and done. look at the BS penalty on harrison that was a pick six. what if that happended in the playoffs in a close game. but I guess tomlin should get on board having his team victimized.

  18. Tomlin should speak up b/c Goodell is ruining the NFL. Goodell is trying to increase scoring by over-protecting the QBs and WRs. Just like the HR races of MLB in the mid-90s brought fans to baseball, Goodell knows high-scoring games will do the same. And don’t give me any crap about player safety. If the NFL cared about safety, they wouldn’t be trying to increase the season to 18 games, which will only shorten the average NFL career.

    Goodell is trying to market the NFL to women by making it less violent. Doesn’t anyone else find it odd that they have breast cancer awareness month, but nothing for awareness for any diseases that affect men? I’m not against breast cancer awareness but how about prostrate cancer awareness for just a week? How about heart disease Sunday? Why does the NFL spend an entire month raising money for a woman’s disease but do nothing for diseases that affect the NFL’s largest audience?

    The answer is b/c the NFL doesn’t have to market to men. It’s all about money. And to get more money, they need to attract women by decreasing the violence and Europeans by awarding them a Superbowl.

    I want the old commissioner back. Goodell sucks.

    PS: Nice to see that ripping off helmets and throwing punches is a $25k fine, while Ochostinko wearing a sombereo is a $30k fine. I wonder if the non-suspension has ANYTHING to do with HOU playing the NFL Network game this week. Can’t wait until someone punches Tom Brady. I want to see them squirm to get around the $25k fine.

  19. So Mike Tomlin should just shut up and let his player get screwed over ? Tomlin is protecting his players and that makes his players play hard for him . Harrison is getting screwed . We all see it but you Florio . And on the other side his QB gets punched in the face one week with little said from the NFL then when playing the Bills he was bent into a pretzel which was illegal and way after the whistle and no fines or flags . Tomlin sees the double standard . WE all see it as well . If anything Tomlin needs to speak out more about it . Draw as much attention as he can to help his cause . You know Tomlin is speaking out so much ? Cause he player is getting fined like never before . Stop the Bullsh!t flags and fines and Tomlin will shut up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. If I were Tomlin I’d be really pissed about the way the refs favored the Seahawks by giving them so many more flags than the Steelers.

  21. Kudos Florio!!! I know that you and I have had our problems in the past, but for once, you said the right thing regarding a Steelers employee. This means you may just be worthy to pour Rosenthal’s coffee.


  22. Florio,

    You just justified the NFL becoming a fascist league. Tomlin has to be able to dissent here, especially when James is getting fined, not for helmet-to-helmet hits, but for helmet to chest hits, which are perfectly legal.

    But you’re just like Peter King and Don Banks and any of the ESPN writers–you’re in the bag for the league.

    The league controls the media just like any totalitarian regime, and now you are part of it.

    You should be defending the league’s idea to adjust, while simultaneously pointing out that they are not applying the rule consistently. If 25-35+ players a week were getting fined, Tomling would have to shut his mouth. But that’s not the case–it’s only his linebacker.

    It’s his linebacker that is undoubtedly being singled out for something that 75%-85% of players do.

    You should be focusing on that, Mike.

    But you didn’t and you won’t.

    You jumped the shark. You’re an official NFL mouthpiece.

  23. It does not matter how much the talking heads try to sway public opinion. The average NFL fan is smarter than you think ( Hard to believe from the blog responses, I know). This crusade by Goodell to change the game to flag football so the league can expand to 18 games is NOT being accepted by the fans and will NEVER be accepted by the fans. Florio and whoever else that wants to spew the official NFL party line- ” stop being so mean to the QB !”- are not going to change public perception. You can try, but it didn’t work for NASCAR.
    The bean counters that do not play the game and the talking heads fattening their bank accounts by breathlessly “reporting” on the NFL are killing this game. Which, after all, it is supposed to be. A game.
    Oh yeah, there are 32 starting NFL QB’s, but only a few will draw that flag.

  24. lol. G3=”Doogie Howser”, or what? My I see some ID, young man?

    That pic of Tomlin? I can practically read his lips:”…you betta RECO’NIZE…”. The Steelers have had their way with officiating until this year. The more Tomlin bitches, the more he can expect the Al Davis treatment. Davis fought the NFL in the courts for years. Coincidentally, his team has been in the top 3 in penalty yardage every year.

  25. I can’t bear to see those Harrison kids suffer. I’ve sent two cans of beets, a package of scrapple, and a bag of Cheetos to the Harrison house. (the poofy Cheetos…I keep the crunchy Cheetos for myself)

  26. Tomlin’s comments upset me almost as much as the fine on Harrison. Regardless of his intent, the comments were out of touch with reality – especially the reality of the average stiller fan. As some of the above comments stated – it isn’t the fact that Harrison was fined, it’s the complete lack of logic and consistency with the fines that have been levied this season. Plus, IMO, after Troy made his comments about the fines, the league has been out for the Steelers. Just look at the number of penalties per game since versus previously. And this assault on the core physicality of the game isn’t about player safety, it’s about economics. It’s about an 18 game season and about reducing pension/health related costs when players retire. How much money does the league spend a year fighting claims? Anyway, helmet to helmet violations should definitely be enforced, but let the players play and cut the BS. This is one fan you’re beginning to lose. Why isn’t this an issue in college FB? If they go to a true playoff, I may never watch the NFL again.

  27. Seriously, doesn’t anyone else think it is odd that in the Bills-Steelers game the ref starts to throw the flag against Harrison before Harrison even hit Fitzpatrick? I thought it was a holding call, it came out so fast.

  28. Ha! Someone used the term “jumped the shark”. Didn’t using that expression do just that in 2006? It is funny how all of the complainers keep coming back and making this site so popular. Agree that Harrison should be suspended. Maybe Tomlin will shut up once his players getting suspended leave him shorthanded.

  29. I was one who was all for speaking out against the sissification of the NFL, but make the argument financial and plead to the fans to feel bad is one step shy of making it racial and calling in Jesse Jackson.

    He can take that nonsense and sell it to somebody much more naive than myself.

  30. Too bad that’s not actually what Tomlin said. He was just making a point that $100,000, no matter how much money you have, is still a lot of money. That’s all he was saying. He didn’t say “he won’t be able to send his kids to college.” Nice job twisting Tomlin’s words.

  31. You’re right, Mike, coach Tomlin should worry far more about 50 years from now, instead of winning this season. Smart coaches always take the armchair quarterback/self-righteous hack’s perspective.

    I don’t blame you for thinking it was helmet-to-helmet though, you’ve already been conditioned to think that’s the end result of every hit Harrison makes. For those of us who watched the game for what it was, instead of looking desperately for a story angle, you saw Fitzpatrick clearly had the ball when Harrison lowered his shoulder for the hit. If he held onto the ball, there wouldn’t have been a problem. There’s no way he could have stopped his initial approach, and he in no way drove him to the ground.

    And do you really think Tomlin’s main purpose in sticking up for his players in front of the media is to make sure chowderheads like you and that dweeb to your left are clear on what he thinks? What he says in the locker room is one thing, defending his guy to the nation is a bit more impactful.

    You and other media types are outwardly against them, which makes them even more motivated to win.

    Keep talkin’, the league will keep fining, the Steelers will keep winning. I don’t give a flip what happens in 50 years. This isn’t our legacy, it’s our entertainment.

  32. Florio, lay off the 5 hour energy drinks. The people calling for Harrison to be suspended are ludicrous. A few years ago James won the Defensive MVP award for the same hits and the same style of play that he is doing this year. Those of you calling him a head hunter are either way off base or a fan of a team that doesn’t like the Steelers or someone that hasn’t watched the plays in question. Harrison did not hit Fitzpatrick in the head, he did not lead with the crown of his helmet. The fines have been so inconsistent and that is the problem. Smack Ben in the face after a play and get fined the same amount as James for making a routine tackle is BS. Rip a helmet off of a player and punch him repeatedly and get the same fine. It is crazy. I just want to see some consistency. GODell had a knee jerk reaction to one week where numerous players were hurt by tackles / hits and most of them were legal. The league is so hypocrytical, selling the pictures of the hits and videos. They want to extend the season with no regard for the players health. cbass59 was dead on with his comments. What is GODell looking out for? Greed and finacial gain of the owners. I hope there is no lock out next year but greed will drive that decision.

  33. Florio…get in your car, drive to the Steelers practice facility and make the same speech in front of Harrison and Tomlin. Dare you!

    Nothing better than a bunch of runts mouthing off in the internet.

    The Steelers have legitimate complaints on the officiating. Watch the Pitt-Buff game play where Johnson drops the pass in OT. Woodley is clearly held on the play, the Bills linemans white glove is in the same position Steeler lineman where penalized on.

  34. Who do you think you are kidding, Florio? We are not blind, deaf, or stupid. Harrison did not spear Fitzpatrick or Brees in the head and you know it. The still photos confirm it. In fact, Harrison wasn’t even in the vicinity of Fitzpatrick’s head. So this has nothing to do with concussions, and you–with you’re cute little speech–are full of it.

    The number of concussions and the long-term risks of concussions has not increased this season over where it was in the last couple of seasons. What’s increased is the interest of the Federal government. That’s what attracted Goodell’s interest in the subject of concussions.

    What’s happening in this instance is the league wants to expand to 18 games, and the players don’t. The league wants this expansion to occur with minimal personnel costs, while the league also cuts health benefits. And the league wants to attract more casual viewers who prefer high-scoring games. As several owners and Goodell himself have said, that requires “altering” the way the game is played–meaning softening hits, minimizing pass rushes, cocooning quarterbacks, and neutering defenses.

    This isn’t about the Pittsburgh Steelers, James Harrison, or Mike Tomlin. It’s about MONEY and an unethical commissioner who’ll do what’s necessary to get defenders to pull up. The man who launched this Web site and turned it into a powerhouse knows that. And if you were still independent, you’d probably be covering it. But please don’t insult our intelligence by pretending that a hit on Fitzpatrick that landed nowhere near his head has something to do with a concussion issue.

    Gonna remove this post like the last one when I asked why you’re not covering this issue?

  35. Would it be better for or NFL Coaches to become “Yes Men” or Stepford Coaches who unquestionly support all of the NFL changes – Conflict and differences in opinions usually brings about the best solutions to problems. Tomlin is a an intelligent, well spoken – highly respected NFL coach. — not a hot head, etc. When he disagrees with a decision or policy — there is most likely merit the opposition.

    That said — his comments regarding Harrison’s fines and the impact on Harrison’s children’s college education was probably the wrong verbiage to illustrate his point. Totally agree on that one —- But…..I can’t believe that none of us haven’t made a similar error and made an inappropriate comment / comparison / slang term at one time or another in some sort of public forum; be it work, church, boy scouts, – etc. Probably not a pattern of behavior – but it happened – I know I sure have….So – let’s give Tomlin a break on his comments.

  36. I can just see the failures of Pittsburgh’s educational system from the repeated comments by Steeler fans. Apparently, by repeatedly fining Harrison for doing the same thing after he has been told not to do it, the league is out to make all defenders stop playing like men in order to extend the season. You can still hit hard by not leading with your head, which is the penalty at hand, not hitting a helmet to helmet hit. Beyond that, the NFL, contrary to your homer thoughts, is much bigger than Harrison and Pittsburgh. How does fining one player make the whole NFL softer? Please give an intelligent answer.

  37. Florio says at about the 2:45 mark that the team needs to look at the future, and the league is trying to elimiate concussions by eliminating the hits. That explains the expansion to 18 games.

  38. This issue is all politics. Both sides are wrong. The league is over-reacting to increased concussions, & trying to take away the highlight-reel hits that make stars & sell tickets. The players are acting like there’s no way they can adjust their techniques to reduce the risk of injuries when making tackles. Tomlin’s comments about Harrison being a father are downright offensive. Tell me your player is being unfairly targeted, & I’m on board (and I’m a Browns fan!), but argue that $125,000 in fines are going to ruin his kids’ lives, & you just sound out of touch with reality. I haven’t seen all of the hits #92’s been fined for, but in the Browns game, he should’ve been flagged for the Massaquoi hit, & not fined for anything, in my opinion.

  39. Steelers are the filthiest team in the NFL. Harrison, Ward and Polamalu lead the charge with their cheap shots and their QB is a rapist. The Rooneys are the most unscrupulous owners in the NFL.

  40. Florio, Who is paying you NBC or the NFL. Maybe Tomlin was trying to exaggerate when he was talking about Harrison needing to feed his kids but it is surprising that you and the rest of the media do not have the gumption to call out the NFL. Harrison at most may have been ruled responsible and fined for the hit on Massaquoi but all the rest have been bogus and not even worth a penalty. No other players have been fined the amount that Harrison was even fined for that one hit. $50K on that one hit?? Come on. Harrison at most should have been fined for $25K total if anything this year. You and the rest of your media colleagues should have the guts to stand up and ridicule the NFL’s practices. It has gotten ridiculous. If you want a real debate have me on your little “video show” instead of another media crony.

  41. I have never been one to complain about the refs… you win some you loose some and the team needs to play well enough to overcome bad calls. But this is becoming ridiculous. The league IS picking on Harrison, and the fact that Florio suggests Tomlin should sit down and shut up (even implying that he should be threatened) is insulting. The league does need to be undermined on this one.

  42. @spellmethis …

    I wasn’t born or educated in Pittsburgh, but given the small-mindedness of your bigotry for the place, are you sure you can comprehend an intelligent answer?

    As many objective football analysts have pointed out, James Harrison didn’t hit Brees or Fitzpatrick in the head, nor did he lead with his helmet in those instances. So he’s not being repeatedly fined for doing what he was told not to do. He’s being repeatedly flagged and fined for making legal hits. Now Florio has just told his coach to keep quiet and get with the program before the league shuts him up. Doesn’t that strike you as even a little odd?

    No one thinks Harrison is the only player being flagged or fined. But players have always been flagged and fined. Nothing about continuing to flag and fine defensive players as usual would capture their attention and make them alter their playing style.

    However, imagine you have one well-known player on a highly rated defense within a storied franchise. What if you started smacking down that one guy week after week? Other defensive players are watching this drama play out. They see that the refs are keying on him. They see that he gets fined no matter what his coach or even the team owner says.

    At some point, when they get flagged, they can’t help but think, “Crap … I need to take it easier so these guys don’t start keying on me like they do Harrison.”

    It’s a common tactic to single out one guy to use as an object lesson. Harrison nominated himself for the role when he leveled both Cribbs and Massaquoi in the Browns game then complained so loudly about being fined.

    Listen to interviews with Goodell and other league power players. In an interview last weekend, Bill Polian said he expected the NFL to go to an 18-game season, but there would need to be changes in the way they play the game. No one’s being terribly secretive about all this.

    And if Goodell were so interested in player health and safety issues, the league wouldn’t be trying to cut player health coverage, wouldn’t have cut funding to spinal cord research, and wouldn’t be offering only a one-player roster increase with a 12.5 percent increase in playing time.

  43. The fallacious circumstances of this issue warrant some clarity. First off the league is not worried about player safety. Just the few players that are in the camera’s view. As Rod Woodson stated today there is helmet to helmet contact on every play but there is not mention of it. Woodson brought up 5 different situations within a play where player safety goes unnoticed. This is all about the appearance of concern.

    As far as Tomlin’s comment, I believe he was being satirical by mentioning Harrison’s children. That was the only statement he could say without being fined. And as far as Florio’s comment that all the Steelers organization should cow tow to the league’s new policies is arrogant at the least. The league works for the owners not the other way around. I now see how Mike Florio feels the NFL is now the ultimate power in the universe. His perspective is flawed and so are his conclusions. Mike Florio, Mr. High & Mighty

    Fire Goodell.

  44. The people who have the right to vent — as one poster above called them “customers” — are we the fans who have had it up to HERE with what Goodell is doing to this game. We are sick of the cheesy calls and the double standards (shown to his buddy Kraft) and the general sissification of the league. If Tom Brady had been hit by Seymour, as even the pre-game talk show guys are saying, Seymour would’ve been thrown out for the year.

    Let’s just hope somebody from the NFL reads these boards. We are SICK AND TIRED of you, Goodell. Go and become the commissioner of badminton, your kind of game with your kind of rules.

  45. Nice. Posts full of bigotry get left up all the time but I mention this video is pointless and boring and mine gets removed. Sensitive, eh?

  46. Gotta shed that supposed bias don’t you Florio? I’m glad Tomlin has a spine and isn’t just giving into this BS and backing down.

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