Jaguars see dramatic spike in attendance

For the most part, NFL attendance is flat in 2010, according to SportsBusiness Daily.  Attendance in Jacksonville, however, has skyrocketed.

Per SBD, the Jags have experienced a 36.5-percent increase, which is impressive only because last year’s attendance wasn’t.

Other interesting points?  Though the Chiefs routinely have sold out the renovated Arrowhead Stadium, average attendance reflects 89.4 percent of capacity, which means that plenty of club seats and luxury suites, which don’t count toward the determination of a sellout for local television purposes, aren’t moving.

The biggest drop in the AFC has occurred in Buffalo, where attendance is off 11.2 percent since last year.

40 responses to “Jaguars see dramatic spike in attendance

  1. Good for the Jags. What is the “blackout watch” around the league look like for this weeks games?

  2. The Jags tarp off half their upper deck. The place ends up only needing 45,000 to be considered a sell out. It is a joke. Buffalo will 100% have a larger attendance this season than Jacksonville. Move the Jaguars to L.A.. Stay the hell away from San Diego, Minnesota, and so on. Jacksonville isnt going to work as a n NFL market-Face it-Cut your losses and move on.

  3. Who would have thought? Put a decent product on the field and people will actually pay to see it. What a novel concept!

  4. Can’t blame Chiefs fans…Club seats went from around 115 to almost as high as 275 a seat…And what do u get for that 275 ? access to the club…
    U can spend 115 next door at beautiful Kaufman Stadium and sit in the Frank White suite and get all the beer and wine and great food u want…
    the NFL is insane..
    Look at Denver- all those awesome fans and they had to downsize the club seating zone- why ? the price are insane( and yes the Broncos stink)…
    the prices for NFL Club seats are insane,
    if u pay 275 a seat- u should get a free buffet, all the beer u can drink and a hummer for God sakes..

  5. @sandiegobuffalo
    Wow! Keep trying, but with the tarps on the upper deck Jax still needs about 60,000 to be a sellout. Once again, the stadium hosts more than an NFL team and with the tarps off and extra seats added EverBank jumps to top 5 in capacity, far larger than other stadiums with larger populations. For example the attendance record at the stadium is for an Alabama vs FSU game where over 85,000 were in the stadium. I know it hurts, the Jags may move one day, but it will be well after the Bills are in Canada, the Chargers are in L.A. and Minnesota is in London or Portland.

  6. Everyone’s going to start throwing around misinformation about the Jags, so here are some facts:

    The Jaguars have 67,000 seats for sale. Club seats, of which the Jags have 16,000, are not included in the blackout numbers for any NFL team. That leaves 51,000 non-club seats the team needs to sell to avoid a blackout. Add the 51,000 non-club seats to the club seats sold, and that is the total number of seats sold. The tarps on some of the seats were put there to reduce the stadium to 67,000 seats.

    Attendance for the Jags started going up before the season started, so it has nothing to do with their (barely) winning record this year. Attendance went up because the community got together to save their team.

  7. sandiegobuffalo is FOS.

    If the Vikes don’t go then the Bills should go to LA.

    BTW Jags put a nice azzwhoopin on the Bills ..but then again who hasn’t?

  8. georgeanderson2, The experience is not just football there. Tailgating is fantastic.Great stadium to watch a game, close to the field.

  9. @sandiegobuffalo
    It’s obvious you know nothing about the Jaguars. The stadium holds 63,000 people give or a take. Right now we have 45,000 seats sold and the game isn’t until next week (and that doesn’t include club seats that have been sold) so know what your talking about before you run your mouth. As it’s been stated over and over again we’re a small market and those extra seats are there for the gatorbowl & for the Fl/Ga game – Buffalo’s attendance isn’t better than the Jags. Try again..

  10. The Jags tarp off half their upper deck. The place ends up only needing 45,000 to be considered a sell out. It is a joke. Buffalo will 100% have a larger attendance this season than Jacksonville. Move the Jaguars to L.A.. Stay the hell away from San Diego, Minnesota, and so on. Jacksonville isnt going to work as a n NFL market-Face it-Cut your losses and move on.

    It’s pretty amazing how easily found all of this information is you’re completely ignorant too. That would require you to actually know what you’re talking about rather than just talking out of your ass, however.

    EverBank sits 67,000+ with the tarps. Without tarps it’s 77,000. So, the Ralph is actually smaller, as is Qualcomm at 71,000.

    And as far as Buffalo 100% having larger attendance… Buffalo averages less than 1,000 more per game. That’s with having a “home” game in Toronto not counting against, which if it did the Bills would average and have less attendance than the Jaguars.

    Again, this is all freely available online. That requires work, though. No biggie.

    Jacksonville’s not moving. We’ve told you all this for years. Sorry.

  11. “The place ends up only needing 45,000 to be considered a sell out”

    Love it when people spout out anything they want when it’s evident they don’t have a clue what they are talking about. Have they no shame?

  12. How about Candlecrap where the niners give away 2/3rd of the upper deck to things like Nedney’s Numbnuts?

    Seriously the entire stadium upper deck is ringed with sections of player donated charity seats. Charity is great, but it was not that way when they actually could attract a sellout, not posture for one.

  13. “SANDIEGOBUFFALO” gotta love the hate you bringing on here, pls remember the total stadium capacity is 80,000 at Everbank Field. Of course we would need to cover some of the seats to stay competitve with the other stadiums that hold only 55,ooo. Even with the seats covered we still have a capacity of 60,000, so please make sure you get your facts correct. Oh yeah, did you make that post to cover up the fact that Buffalo might be leaving for Toronto and San Diegio might be leaving for LA?

  14. I love how someone from San Diego talks about the tarps in the upperdeck of the jags stadium like we just cant sell them . FACT is that without those tarps our stadium would be larger than most NFL stadiums and would be Huge for our market being that it would hold 75,000 but instead holds 65,000 with the tarps . Something else is wrong in that post as well being that it is 50,957 to be considered a sell out not 45,000 . Funny how San Diego is a playoff contender every year and considered one of the best franchises and yet they have always had problems with attendance and the Jags have really only had 1 HORRIBLE year being last year.

  15. @timmons94

    you are spot on, and part of the new arrowhead projected plans involves raising club seats even more in two seasons, to i believe over 300 a seat.

    it’s not only not worth it, look at the fan base they are trying to serve. the midwest is primarily rural communities who are hit hardest in rough economic times. they can’t afford continual increases in ticket prices.

  16. sandiegobuffalo says:
    Dec 1, 2010 12:56 PM

    You are a moron…how many times do uneducated ppl speak about the tarps…the tarps are there because the stadium was originally built for college games…the size of Jacksonville TV market did not warrant that size of stadium. So they covered the seats to make it equivilent to the tv market. And so ur team has to play one of its games in Canada. KEEP QUIET!

  17. sandiegobuffalo ,
    You sound pretty bitter, But I feel compelled to as we say in the hood ” Skool ” you on a few facts. Anyone with the IQ of a Lima bean knows that this stadium was built much much too big for the NFL market, Remember that phrase young man , NFL MARKET. The stadium had to be built this size to satisfy the contract to keep the Florida / Georgia game here in this area , A game that goes all the way back to 1915. The stadium has to have a capacity of 80’000. Also remember that tickets to a college game cost much less than a NFL game. So now you have a NFL team in a stadium built way too big for the NFL , So the Jaguars and the owner Wayne Weaver did the logical thing. He covered up the excess capacity seats with tarps to correctly size the stadium for the market and SHAZAM!! The plan is working. Things are getting better in Jacksonville and the state of Florida as well. We enjoy low taxes here, Great weather, Politicians who do not view the public as a Government ATM machine as they do in California. I am sorry things are not looking as good for you, But do not hate on us because this community took it on its self to do what we needed to do to keep this team here , To build a tradition like they have in Green Bay, In Pittsburgh, In Chicago. It takes time to do that , And in this short attention span instant gratification society we live in today that is hard to do. This team had its 17th birthday yesterday on November 30th, Only 17 years ago. The kids that were babies on that day are now teens who I see at games and they will soon be having their own children and taking their kids to Jaguar games and the circle will continue and grow. Life is good here in Northeast Florida. You should climb down from your ivory tower and visit and see for yourself instead of being a bitter mean spirited person who would rather steal another persons birthright to satisfy your own selfish desires. Jacksonville got our team the right way, We did not steal it from another city and hurt other innocent people. Mr Weaver followed the process as laid out by the NFL and was rewarded for it.

  18. The Jaguars have 67,000 seats for sale. 16,000 of them are club seats, which the NFL does not count towards a blackout in any city. That leaves 51,000 non-club seats to sell to avoid a blackout. If the blackout is avoided, then that means the total tickets sold are 51,000 non club seats plus however many club seats are sold, which this year is about 12,000. So when the Jaguars avoid a blackout, as they have for every game this year so far, the total tickets sold are about 63,000.

    We’ve come a long way this year. We still have a long way to go. We don’t want to lose our team. I hope nobody loses their team.

  19. The Buffalo Bills have the 6th biggest stadium in the 2nd smallest market (75,000 seats)

    The Jacksonville Jaguars have the 19th biggest stadium a market a little bit bigger than Buffalo – I believe 4th or 5th.

    Buffalo fans have more pride hands down. This isn’t even a contest.

  20. Don’t forget, last years attendance in Buffalo was the highest in team history (selling out every game by the end of september I think)….so given Buffalo’s record (and especially it’s start this season) I’m not too worried about the Bills.

  21. The Raiders currently hold the ‘honor’ of having the lowest attendance in the NFL this season, no surprise there. Kinda funny JSpicoli chastises the 49’ers for ‘giving away tickets when it took a 2 for 1 promotion to get the only ‘sell-out’ of their season.

    To be honest, I hope no city loses their team. I wouldn’t wish that upon any fan base.

  22. HAHAHA, I love it! Finally some people taking up for my Jags!

    While we do have our attendance problems, there is one thing that absolutely blows my mind…. San Diego. They have been a really good team for quite a while now, 7-8 years I’m guessing, and THEY have attendance problems?? I just don’t get it. I have yet to read an article that explains this. Not bashing SD, just don’t understand… Is southern California just not capable of supporting a franchise?

  23. Who would have thought that attendence was connected to a team’s success?

    Next you’re going to tell me that attendence is up in San Diego too.

  24. Re: socialtim at 1:41 PM

    “FYI: Jacksonville’s Stadium hold 65,000 even with the tarps ON. That’s in the top half of the league for capacity.”
    WRONG. With the tarps on (which they always are, and have been for years) the Jag You Ares Stadium is #23 in attendance.

    Don’t believe it clueless Jag You Are fan ???

    Look it up, instead of just making up BS lies !

    Although, what should I expect from someone trying to justify his pathetic Jag You Are …. , ummm, “fan base” !

  25. Congratulations, with 63,000 ummm “fans” attending Jag You Are games this season, that means that besides the 14,000 tarped off seats, you only have 4,000 MORE empty seats at your games this year !!!! Bravo Jag You Ares !!!!!


    With a city that has a metro population of 1.3 million, that, is simply pathetic.

  26. @sandiegobuffalo: We have to sell over 50,000 seats to get the games on TV and 67,000 to sell out and that’s with the tarps on. If we took off the tarps, we’d have the 5th largest stadium in (terms of capacity) in the league in one of the smallest markets in the league. If you’re going to talk crap, at least have some truth behind it.

  27. The Jaguars have great fans and are never going to leave Jacksonville

    The Bills have great fans and are highly unlikely to ever leave Buffalo.

    The Vikings have great fans and are extremely likely to relocate to LA.

    The Chargers have pretty good fans and are extremely likely to relocate to LA.

    If you don’t agree with this, I dare say you really aren’t very well informed.

  28. In 2009 The Bills were number 10 in attendance in the entire league, and that is with with ONLY 7 games at home. The Toronto game did not count.
    Jacksonville was #30 in attendance.
    In 2010, we havent sold out twice-Detroit, and guess who else…Jacksonville! Why? Because our record sucks? sure…but Jacksonville is such a boring , personality lacking team. San Diego couldnt sellout its home opener because it was against…Guess who? Jacksonville! Jags are just so dull!( I do like Garrard though…)

  29. sandiegobuffalo – I commend you for actually posting on here again after all these folks explained that you had no idea what you were talking about over and over. I also find it funny that after you realized you had no clue what you were talking about you then decided to post attendance from last year to try to prove your point. Really? Last year? It isn’t working guy! Nobody is buying what you are selling!

  30. @sandiegobuffalo
    So let me get this straight. San Diego didn’t sellout their gam against Jax and that is Jax fault. So a “real fan” only buys tickets based on who “their” team is playing and not to watch “their” no matter who they play. Wow, that is the most stupid comment of the year. Nice try though buddy.

  31. Gatorguar, you gotta realize that San Diego is also a small market. It’s a great city and there are a good amount of people living here, but to the East of us there is mountains and desert, to the west of us there is the ocean, to the south of us there is Mexico (and people from TJ aren’t exactly gonna come up and fill the stadium), and to the North is LA, where a lot of people are Raider fans. Heck, a significant amount of the San Diego population is people who have moved here from other parts of the country and are fans of other teams. In addition, California residents are hit harder than most of the country with this economy, because Californians have to pay a lot more for housing and food while they don’t make up the difference in pay. That isn’t to say that everyone hasn’t been hit hard but it is a FACT that californians are hit harder. It’s also worth noting that while the Chargers have been perennial playoff contenders, they always start off the year horribly, and that doesn’t exactly get fans excited. All these factors contribute to the Chargers having some difficulty filling the stadium right now. But it is also worth noting that this community has supported the team for 50 years, and avoided blackouts more often than not this year.

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