Report: Miami Hurricanes A.D. meeting with Jon Gruden today

As the University of Miami continues its pursuit of Jon Gruden, the school’s athletic director plans to meet with the coach today.

The Miami Herald reports that Miami athletic director Kirby Hocutt traveled to Tampa to meet with Gruden, a meeting expected to take place Wednesday.

It’s not clear yet whether Gruden actually wants the job, but he is believed to be Miami’s first choice.

According to the Herald, Miami is already working on a marketing plan based around Gruden to sell 2011 football tickets, and the school has evaluated how much Gruden would improve attendance, which faltered this season.

Some reports have said that the deal is already all but done, but Miami trustees have said that’s not the case. Still, Miami’s athletic director plans to make his pitch to Gruden today.

27 responses to “Report: Miami Hurricanes A.D. meeting with Jon Gruden today

  1. Gru-dog would love coaching at a college that was very similar to the pros, except that in college there are fewer egos and the kids would be star struck. They would play their asses off for him and he would be enormously successful at it. He would be the biggest thing at the U since Jimmy Johnson.

  2. If I don’t have to spend another evening hearing how “this guy” is a football player and “this guy” is the either the greatest or most underrated player in the history of, at least, the planet earth, then I am fine with Chucky going to the U.

    I think he would do well there, his super bowl victory and media prominence would help with recruiting.
    I also think his coaching style and personality would be a good fit for the college game.

    I like Gruden but I would like him even more as a Coach than as a commentator drinking game.

  3. It will be great to get Gruden out of the announcing business. He is really poor at it. he constantly sucks-up to both teams as if he is seeking work as a coach somewhere and wants to keep everyone happy. Gruden is all rah – rah in the booth with terribly biased opinions.

  4. So Gruden is reportedly meeting with Miami, even though he just stated publicly that he’s not leaving MNF….. have we got that straight?

  5. Let me get this right. They fired a good coach IN HOPES that they could get the coach they wanted?


    Big mistake. It’s like dumping your girlfriend for a girl whom you haven’t even talked to to see if she likes you or if you are her type.

    This could turn out bad for The U.

  6. Jeez with all this talk you’t think Gruden was Vince Lombardi. Last time I checked Vince had way more wins, but didn’t do TV. Maybe thats the difference? The U is the U is the U – Gruden can’t change that.

  7. Now if only someone would take Jaws off our hands too. What a pleasure it would be to have competent announcers. Ahhhh one can dream.

  8. “competent announcers?” What’s your idea? Tony Kornheiser or that scumbag self-titled comedian they had for awhile. Maybe Wade Phillips or John Fox.

  9. If Gruden becomes the HC this will knock the Dolphins to the 4th spot as most popular local team…

    The Dolphins sure can sell lots of tickets to visiting teams fans. Go to a Dolphins game and you see more colors of visiting teams than of the Dolphins. If the Canes start winning the community in Miami does support them. The Heat are fast becoming the “chic” team to be seen at. The Marlins are building their “Pulled a fast one on you Stadium”-( Marlins got their stadium from a broke ass city and now they put the brakes on any money the Dolphins are going to request. A bit of karma for all the years the Dolphins bent the Marlins and MLB over the stool. Mr. H is laughing behind closed doors at Ross and his buffoons. H knows business and got out just in time as Ross overpaid for a team and stadium.)
    And when are the Panthers going to fold up shop- can’t Cleveland use a hockey team? Wouldn’t it be funny to have a team or player actually move to Cleveland on their own? First question you ask when you get to Cleveland is, “when are we leaving”.

    Good for the Canes if they actually get Gruden. This would be good for the ACC .

  10. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.

    Gruden should take this job. Randy Shannon is one of the best recruiters in the country. This is why he was fired- that roster is loaded with great players who don’t develop because RS can’t coach his way out of a paper bag.

    Gruden could walk in their and win a weak ACC next year with that roster.

    After all, isn’t that Gruden’s MO? Step in and win with a team someone else built?

  11. The Glazers in Tampa must be really happy about this, since they will be off the hook for the last $5mill in 2011 of Gruden’s old contract if Chucky were to get a head coaching gig in the NFL or College.

  12. Gruden would be an idiot to go to a college job and have to put up with all of that BS and the pay is much less than he could get in his next NFL job. This just doesn’t seem plausible and Miami is not the most choice job out there either. If he wants to coach in Florida, there could be a couple of openings at the NFL level.

  13. It makes me laugh that no matter who is in the booth, fans will complain about them. Happening for decades. The networks should just get rid of the entire concept of announcers. Just have some boring dude give the down and distance like at the stadium. Maybe a name now and then. That’s it.

  14. Gruden would be considered a God if he were to ressurect the U…..just dont think he’ll take the job tho.

    AND @ Godofwine330….
    They didnt fire Shannon “in hopes” of hiring Gruden…they fired Shannon because he lost the players and fans…it NEEDED to be done.

  15. I don’t want to turn the sound down. I want to be entertained with some football insight and an occasional funny line. Is that really too much to ask? Gruden’s commentary goes something like this:

    Play 1: QB throws incompletion – “Some people are questioning his commitment to the NFL and throws like that will keep those questions coming.”

    Next play: Same QB throws 5-yard completion – “This is why he worked so hard this off-season. If he keeps this up, he could have a Hall of Fame career.”

    Gruden makes Dennis Miller sound like John Madden.

  16. Donttouchmyjunk, dont laugh, NBC, in the mid 80’s, who use to televise the AFC, did exactly that for one game. There were no announcers, no nothing but the PA announcer, the sounds of the game and fans yelling etc, etc. It was a hit according to the numbers and feed back. I liked it.

  17. I remember that game–thought it was pretty cool myself. I played Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of The Moon after the last note of the National Anthem and everything was in perfect sequence.

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