Sabby Piscitelli finds a home

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Bucs fans don’t have safety Sabby Piscitelli to kick around anymore.   Browns fans now get the honor.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Piscitelli was cliamed off waivers after Tampa dropped the 2007 second round pick.  The Bucs made the move despite losing their starting free safety Cody Grimm for the season.

The Bucs never seemed to know what to do with Piscitelli, so perhaps Eric Mangini and Rob Ryan will know how to use him better.

17 responses to “Sabby Piscitelli finds a home

  1. I guarantee you the Browns will know where to get the best gabbagool and cannoli’s in Cleveland by Friday

  2. Didn’t Fonzie date Sabby Piscitelli for a while? Culminating in a demolition derby or something?

  3. Piscitelli is a fantastic athlete at 6’3 224 lbs and running in the low 4.4s. He just always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time…. I still think he would make a GREAT zone CB if people could get over the fact that he is white.

    He covered Tony Gonzales last season man2man for the majority of a game last season and pretty much shut him down, I think he could be pretty good out there at CB where he would have less to think about and be able to use his immense physical tools.

  4. Teams don’t cut good safeties.

    Cleveland’s just pickin’ up the scraps to get through the season …

    Sabby’ll be in the porn biz after that …

  5. Sabby Piscitelli should do well for the Browns. Rob Ryan is a good defensive coach who is good at it and has done well putting people in the right places at the right times. Sabby should play well now!

  6. Scabby has been stealing money since he was drafted. He’ll give up a big play within his first five plays with the Browns and will then secure a roster spot in the UFL in 2011.

  7. 4sacroc says:”Sabby’ll be in the porn biz after that …”

    I hope not. With the bad angles he takes on the field, I could just imagine what he’d be like in the sack. They’d have to have a gynecologist on set.

  8. Wikipedia says:

    “On November 30, 2010 after being considered one of the poorest tacklers in the NFL and blowing numerous coverages, the Buccaneers announced that they had released Piscitelli. He was signed December 1, 2010 by the Cleveland Browns.”

    Nice! He will battle Eric Wright for the worst tackler in NFL history.

  9. Nice to see fans snarking at Sabby over all that ‘money he stole’ since he was drafted.

    Here’s a clue: players have no control over who drafts them or in what round

    Shocking, I know, but there it is.

    Perhaps you should transfer some of your ire from Sabby the Money Thief to Tampa Bay’s inept front office?

    Just a suggestion.

  10. He will most likely only be 3rd on the depth chart at best. This is most likely a special teams signing, with the recent loss of another Goomba, Blake Costanzo, to the IR. The starters at both safety spots are solid so I doubt he sees the field much at all on D. Sadly for Tampa fans, the guy who was not even good enough to make the Browns active roster, Larry Assante, was signed by the Bucs off the Browns practice squad and is now second on your depth chart. Very disturbing for a team with playoff hopes.

    Good luck with that, Bucs fan.

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