Chad Ochocinco says he’ll punch Darren Sharper

Andre Johnson vs. Cortland Finnegan may have just been the undercard bout. Chad Ochocinco and Darren Sharper are getting ready for the main event.

Ochocinco addressed Sharper on Twitter Wednesday, telling him, “at some point in the game I’m gonna punch you through your facemask.”

Sharper replied, “don’t embarrass urself bro!”

We’ll assume that Ochocinco was just messing with Sharper and doesn’t really intend to get into a fight on the field, but the good news for Ochocinco is that the fine for fighting during a game is only $25,000 — an amount that Ochocinco can certainly afford, as he’s already paid the same amount for tweeting during a game.

24 responses to “Chad Ochocinco says he’ll punch Darren Sharper

  1. So true, so true. You tweet during a game and get fined $25K and if you pull off a players helmet and punch him in his head 2-3 times during the game you get fined $25K, unbelievable. The blatant hypocrisy of the NFL is repulsive.

  2. So ratings for Chad’s tv show are that low huh? I just don’t find him interesting and his team isn’t either.

  3. I’d love for him to do it, and this open up a new category of fines called INSANELY PRE-MEDITATED AND ANNOUNCED, which would draw a quarter-million $$$$. All it would take would be 1 time, and this BS would stop.

  4. Nice to see that Richard Seymour was fined at least as much for punching a qb in the face as he would have been for “tweeting”

    Bud Selig must be deliriously happy – Roger Goodell has officially replaced him as the most inept, worthless, and counter-productive sports commissioner on the planet. Pop some champagne Bud – you are off the hook

  5. Chad Ochocinco??? seems there used to be a wide receiver by that name… Can’t remember when he played last…

  6. Say whatever you want about Chad but he’s entertaining (all in good fun) and doesn’t seem to be a bad guy at all. Off course some hypocritical “internet hack” will pound on him for seeking the spotlight when themselves will do worst to achieve the same.

  7. What you fools don’t understand is Ocho is just being funny. He’s hilarious and makes you talk about a game that will otherwise be terrible.

  8. ralphwilsonsucks says:
    Dec 2, 2010 9:58 AM
    This guy just can’t stay out of the media. Pinhead!

    Thats the thing, I don’t think he wants anything else but to be in the media’s eyesight. Ocho is a lover of the limelight. He also has a gigantic mouth.

  9. Leave it to you guys to miss the best part of the story.

    Ocho kept popping off until Sharper just tweeted a pic of his superbowl ring, which put an end to the trash talk real quick and had Ocho backpedaling like a little bitch.

  10. Ocho is Ok. Maybe he should get together with a certain QB who can’t make up his mind about retiring. They would make a good couple, like ebony & ivory. If you need someone to tell you who that is then you are just as dumb as both of them!

  11. Sure why not? It’s just a 25K fine with NO suspension.
    That’s the new norm in the NFL. Fights allowed, you just have to pay a small fine.

    25K to somebody who makes 5+ Million per year is really not that big of a deterrent.

    THAT IS 1% OF HIS CONTRACT!!! What is keeping him from sucker punching somebody? Nothing.

  12. It’s true, he has done nothing that has really hurt the league. Well, as far as his antics are concerned. The case could be made that his play on the field has hurt the league, but in reality, he’s a decent receiver. Not a #1, but there are far worse WR’s in the league. To my original point, he’s just entertaining. He’s paid a lot of money for my entertainment too. I would probably be annoyed if I was a Bengals fan though.

  13. Sharper would curb stomp him. Much like Finnegan, Ocho will run his mouth but won’t back it up. Big talking little bitch.

  14. I laughed. Can’t knock him for having some fun. At least he doesn’t take himself too seriously like so many other WR’s out there…

  15. hey look at that suddenly florio remembers he told us the nfl stated $25K is the max fine for fighting.

  16. he’s not that funny, most jocks aren’t. They try to be and laugh while they’re saying it, or they’re just not that original but seriously, they’re lame. Stick to playing ball and leave the humor to comedians.

  17. What’s the difference between a fight in football and a fight in hockey? They’re both contact sports played by padded atheletes that go out of their way to hit or check players from the other team. Are hockey players fined for fighting? Again, what’s the difference?

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