Delhomme expected to start again for Browns

Jake Delhomme should get another chance this Sunday to show the Browns didn’t throw $7 million away when Mike Holmgren signed him last offseason.

Coach Eric Mangini won’t announce a starter against the Dolphins, but indicated that Delhomme will get the majority of first team snaps over Senenca Wallace.  Rookie Colt McCoy appears to be at least a week away from returning from his high ankle sprain.

Delhomme apologized after the game to Mangini for almost costing his team a win with a pair of interceptions.  Then again, he’s not going to completely change his approach.  That should make Miami defenders smile.

“It’s a critical mistake,” Delhomme said Wednesday via the Cleveland Plain-Dealer.   “But on the flip side of it, to me, if you’re Charlie Checkdown, yeah, your stats are going to look great at the end of the game. But those 13 points, I don’t know how many wins you’re going to get with that.”

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  1. Aw come on guys. Are we really going to trust Delhomme with the ball again? The guy has proven in every game thus far that he doesn’t see underneath coverage. PERIOD. As much as I respect the coaches for their pursuit of Hillis, I can’t help but question their judgment when it comes to Delhomme.

  2. Why not Wallace?? I don’t get it. How does he go from the #2 when McCoy is in there and then get leap-frogged by Delhomme when McCoy goes down? The Dolphins D-Line and LB’s are gonna kill Delhomme. Dude can’t move. Either way, I hope the get the W.

    Go Browns

  3. clevefan4life says:
    Dec 2, 2010 2:14 PM

    Why not Wallace?? I don’t get it. How does he go from the #2 when McCoy is in there and then get leap-frogged by Delhomme when McCoy goes down?


    7 Million dollars why.

  4. I think this guy is absolutely the worst QB in the league. Turnover machine worse than Brint Favre.

  5. sterilizecromartie says:
    Dec 2, 2010 1:05 PM
    Charlie Checkdown, eh? Sounds like a shot at Colt McCoy.
    Were you by chance formerly known as “sterilizethenry”? If so , lol nice name change. 😀

    I can assure you 100% he would never take a shot at anyone. Not the type of man he is. He has been effusive in his praise of Colt every time he has spoken of him.

    Money doesn’t play into it either I can assure 8 dollar beer of that. Coaches are begging to be fired if they let paychecks dictate their roster. It’s different if the owner or GM tells you who to start (I’M TALKING TO YOU AL DAVIS AND JERRY JONES)but I don’t think that’s the case in Cleveland. Holmgren has said that Mangini has 100% decision on who plays.

    Canton Rep had an interesting observation when Jake and Seneca were both made to go outside to throw yesterday in the freezing cold in shorts and Seneca was all hollering and hooting from the cold and rubbing his hands. Jake was not. Things like this (being a man about things vs. all dramatic)could play into who starts and who doesn’t. Seneca has done a nice job in his time no doubt, but he’s also been vocal about feeling he SHOULD start etc. You want all players to believe they should start but talking about it the way he has isn’t necessarily a smart play. Jake knows his role and knows he’s not the future. Coaches don’t like guys who rock the boat either.

    I found it a little surprising actually how fierce in tone some of the Browns players were when they talked about Jake’s effort on Sunday. I thought it was a mixed bag, some good, some bad and I realize his overall #s this year suck, but some guys like Steinbach were adamant about their feelings for what he brings to the table. That is also a big thing to coaches with QBs since they are in a position of leadership….what their teammates think of them. Do they believe in the guy? Will they follow him? Etc. Jake was picked as a captain by them, Seneca was not though they both got plenty of reps in TC and Jake was actually a team member for a slightly shorter period of time than Seneca.

  6. if delhomme starts then my sunday will be boring. im not watching him give away the game for the 3rd time this year.

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