Report: DeSean Jackson worried about safety

There’s been a lot of talk this week in Philadelphia about wide receiver DeSean Jackson’s preoccupation with his contract situation.  ESPN’s Sal Palantonio added some meat to the bone Thursday, explaining why Jackson’s “camp” is worried.

“It’s not about his production.  It’s about his durability and his safety for the Jackson camp,” Palantonio said on NFL Live.   “Another concussion and the Jackson camp is specifically worried about his marketability going forward and that’s why they want the Eagles to do a better job protecting Jackson.”

To do that, Jackson’s camp is reportedly hoping to “reduce” the number of shallow crossing routes Jackson runs, which makes him vulnerable to big hits by linebackers.  A reduced role on special teams (punt returns) would be another request.  (All of this sounds familiar.  Jackson doesn’t want to get hurt before he gets paid.)

We’ve seen suggestions that these reports dismissing these Jackson reports as making something out of nothing.  But Eagles coaches don’t want to hear how to call plays or how to use their player from any “camp.”

When hearing Paolantonio’s report, we immediately thought about the report that Jackson refused to field punts in pregame warmups last week.   Jackson also struggled on those shallow crossing routes against Chicago.

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  1. Yeah i dont see why they still have him returning punts.. your most dangerous wideout. it just doesnt make sense to me..

  2. It takes guts to run those short routes over the middle. Makes you appreciate guys like Donald Driver and Hines Ward who have done it fearlessly for years. You can’t play scared.

  3. I want to get paid like a big time receiver as long as I don’t have to do the things that big time receivers do.

    He is worried about not getting paid because of potential durability issues but has no problem getting paid big money and then not playing because of the same issues.

    Nice mindset. me, me, me. Guys that think that way have no business in any endeavor that requires teamwork

  4. This is the same Sal Pal who on multiple occasions last year assured us that Donovan McNabb was not going to be traded…

    He’s from Philly, great, we get it but he has no clue whats going on inside the eagles front office.

  5. Jackson has a good point. He’s built small. He’s fast and makes plays, but shouldn’t be left in high-danger type plays. Maclin is bigger and can handle the over-the-middle routes better. Which is also why Maclin should make more than Jackson.

  6. I’m inclined to give the guy (and his “camp,” which has an interest in the well-being of the player) a pass here. He took a *huge* hit that could have wrecked his career, not to mention cost him his life.

  7. Great. So now I need to think about benching him from my Fantasy because he doesn’t want to get hit.

    C’mon Man!

  8. So what routes would princess like to run? Take away shallow crossing routes via play calling then a safety could play over the top on him, leaving exactly what. His marketability just pummeled. Typical pay me before I get hurt so when I get hurt I can continue getting paid. WTF! His size is something that just won’t go away and if he quits playing on routes he doesn’t want to run then he’s already a liability. Time for Maclin, Avant, and Riley Cooper to step up. DeSeans big play days are limited, D’s have figured out how to handle mike and the scrawny receiver.

  9. One good hit and he is done finished over

    He is to small yeah he is fast know but one day the hit will do him in

    I love it Filthys QB is a fellon and the top WR is a Diva

    While I hate the egals I credit them for having the worm return kicks gives prick a short field
    He can do more returning kicks then as a wr

  10. is this a joke? so he wants to get paid for playing football…. but doesnt want to be put in a position to get hit??? i wonder if he can hit a 3 pointer.

  11. Awww…

    The little showboat is scared to be a man? Wants to get paid, which will take his “fear” away, so he’d have no problem taking big shots, getting hurt, and walking away with money he didn’t earn.

    I would never wish injury on anyone, but I hope he gets his damn bell rung. Can’t stomach that overhyped clown.

  12. So DeSean Jackson’s sales pitch for a new contract is to declare himself a brittle and frightened WR?

    That sounds like a winning strategy.

  13. I don’t want to earn my salary…….i just want you to pay me like i did…….what a freakin’ wuss.

  14. DJ has been worried about getting hurt since training camp this is nothing new he wants to get his long term deal.

  15. LOL. It is sincerely funny to watch you guys hate on Jackson. the man makes 400k a year and change. Don’t get me wrong thats a great salary, if its a life long career. If Jackson goes down with another concussion this week, he’ll be out of the league in a few years and then what? what is he going to do to make money? Its a business, you wouldnt go to work if the salary didnt justify the consequences.

  16. Well, my Texans’ secondary camp sucks, so I’m sure Jackson will be fine tonight.

  17. and look who’s back returning punts.. yep, DJax. But lets continue to listen to hacks that get paid to write content that gets READ, not content that happens to be factual!

  18. I wonder if he was making $300 a week on unemployment,,,,, he’d grow a set?????
    I’ll bet he’d beg to return punts……

    16 games a year,,, 1 hour per game = 16 hours.
    Offense plays about half the time = 8 hours.
    8 hours = 1 days work…
    1 football year = 1 day.
    At a paltry $1 million a year/day = $125,000 per hour = $2083 per minute = $35 per second.

    This shemale needs a dose of reality……

  19. When I read the headline I thought he was gonna be in a bar with Big Ben and his bodygaurds.

  20. jackson is the 35th highest paid on the eagles. there is no job security in the nfl. he should get paid sooner than later. some sort of bonus should suffice right now

  21. young enough and stupid enough to say what all the little divas think.


    i do agree with taking him off punt return duty.

    but there are some other stars who still return punts or kickoffs, in fact, some made their names there.

    just a matter of time before he is caught taking plays off. probly already doing it.

    one trick ponies arent as valuable as they think ther are.

  22. The guy is playing football to make money, so why wouldn’t he want to maximize his earnings? He would be very unwise not to try to protect himself before he gets a new contract. The Head Coach isn’t going to do squat for him if he gets hurt, so let him bitch and moan all he wants and get a good nights rest.

  23. @bigbluefan1

    I understand that you can’t stomach the fact that my “egals” whooped on you vagiants the past 5 times and that you still have nightmares of desean basically walking into your endzone and returning a punt for a td last year.

  24. He has a contract, play it out. And don’t talk about out playing his current deal. The only way that argument works is if they start giving money back when they bust. Or under play their contract. If he is concerned about injuries, remember he can always make a living with that degree he got.

  25. “400k a year and change. Don’t get me wrong thats a great salary, if its a life long career. If Jackson goes down with another concussion this week, he’ll be out of the league in a few years and then what? what is he going to do to make money?”

    Uhh…..get a real job, perhaps? He went to Cal, didn’t he? If he studied occasionally, he’d have nothing to worry about. Guy exposed himself as a pansy. No one will ever respect him again

  26. I love the people here talking about how he only makes 400 grand a year, and what will he do if he gets knocked out of commission with another concussion.

    Well, didn’t he go to college? Maybe this should be a lesson to all the thick bricks in college football to pay attention and do well in class so they will have something to fall back on. You know, just in case they aren’t durable enough to make it in the NFL. Also, I would suggest you stop living like a Rockafeller. Try saving most of that money, instead of blowing like there’s no tomorrow on crap you don’t need.

    I’m sure people will respond with comments about how they can spend their money any way they want, which is true. But don’t be a squawk box when you are a broken heap begging the UFL to give you a shot. Live like there IS a tomorrow, dummies!

  27. He should grow some. This is the same guy who has showboated so bd he’s cost himself toucdowns. I don’t Roscoe Parrish crying and he’s smaller than Jackson.

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