Andy Reid bothered by hits on Michael Vick

Eagles coach Andy Reid says he’s tired of seeing quarterback Michael Vick getting hit by opposing defenses. And the team plans to express its concerns to the league office.

“It bothers me to be honest with you. That bothers me. I see the same thing you’re seeing and it bothers me,” Reid says. “He does run, but he’s still the quarterback and you can’t treat him like he’s a running back there. That’s not what the rules state.”

Actually, when Vick takes off and runs like a running back, opposing defenses can treat him like a running back. But the Eagles think Vick has taken more than his fair share of shots this season, and ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio reports that the Eagles are in the process of making the NFL aware of their concerns.

Reid told Paolantonio, “I can’t say anything” regarding specific complaints to the league office. But Reid also said, “I’ll deal with the people I need to on that.”

Vick was on the receiving end of some hard hits Thursday night against the Texans, but Reid said Vick was able to shake it off.

“He got knocked around a little bit,” Reid said. “He got back up and kept going. I loved his energy in the second half.”

Now Reid is arguing that it’s time for the officials to do more to stop Vick from continuing to get knocked around.

130 responses to “Andy Reid bothered by hits on Michael Vick

  1. LOL…..if Reid thinks he’s going to get the “Brady treatment” for Vick, he’s barking up the wrong tree. Only Brady, Manning, Brees and Rodgers get the special treatment!!

  2. as am i. especially the ones by #94, highlighted several times by NFL network and harped upon by J. Theisman et. al. but looked strangely just like the hits harrison was unjustly fined for. (yes, i know according to the rules, they’re illegal, but my point is that they shouldnt be illegal). set aside your childish hate for moment and LOOK AT THE HITS. he “led with” and “initiated contact with” his helmet. Yes, the hits were well below the head, and well above the knee, however, he did make first contact with his helmet.
    for the record, i hope he is not fined, because he shouldnt be. his hit and others like it are legitimate parts of the game and shouldnt be legislated away. i just hope harrison uses this film in his appeal and its rescinded. that would be fair enough for me, but these rules need to be fixed.

  3. Vick did take a lot of hits while in the pocket that have been called for penalty;s on many other occasions but apparently are just overlooked since it’s Vick (not just this game but through the season). I understand when he leaves the pocket and scrambles he becomes a running back however the officials seem to neglect that he is a QB at all while out there. Many of those hits would draw many flags on the Brady’s and Mannings of the world for sure! If you fart next to one of them the officials are digging for a flag! The officials also let a few hits slide on Shaub as well in that game so it seemed like they were at least fair about it in that game and didnt call any of them. The consistency of when a flag is thrown just continues to be terribly inconsistent and flat out frustrating! Hopefully they can improve upon this for next year.

  4. Reid wasn’t saying when he runs he should be treated as a QB. He’s saying because he runs a lot officials and players see him as a running back even when he’s in the pocket.

    It happened again last night. Twice Vick had a player dive at his legs in the pocket and no flag. It happens to Schaub and here comes the flag.

  5. The minute Vick crosses the line of scrimmage running he is officially a running back and will be hit as hard as any 250lb. running back in the league as long as he is trying in his wild a$$ way of running to advance the ball. at this point his only “Protection” as a “Quarterback” running is if he chooses to slide at the end of the play. if he still tries to aggressively advance the ball, 250lb. middle linebackers have the right to CREAM him. Shut up Andy Reid.

  6. If a quarterback runs like a running back, then he deserves to get treated like one. Its one thing to protect Vick in the pocket, but when he takes off and runs, then he’s fair game like anyone else carrying the football. The same rules should apply for everyone. Vick may be more likely to get injured doing one of those awkward “slides” of his, rather than any other way.

  7. Let me get this right, Reid wants Vick to be treated like a QB even though he is running like a RB? If I were playing defense and he was in my sights I am suppose to treat him like a QB bullcrap I will knock the stuffing out of him.

  8. if reid doesnt want vick to get hit, then vick shouldn’t be running the football. this is a stupid complaint… once he tucks that football and takes off running, unless he slides feet first, he is treated with the same rules as a running back. he can start sliding and the eagles wont have to worry about him getting hit. i don’t understand how reid expects teams to defend vick running the football if they arent allowed to hit him.

  9. You’ve got to be kidding me.

    The guy takes off like a running back, runs like a running back, and goes for extra yards like a running back, but wants to be treated like a quarterback in the process?

    I think Andy Reid better re-read the rules. If he wants to turn the NFL into flag football, he should take it up with the Competition Committee.

  10. What a bunch of crap. Michael Vick puts himself in harms way by the way he plays. If he played within the pocket then he wouldn’t be getting hit….but he doesn’t. If he wants to play like a running back then he should get tackled just like any other running back right up until the moment he does the QB slide.

    Andy Reed is just seeing that Vicks style of play…while effective right now…is leading to eventual reality that he’s not going to survive.

  11. ” you can’t treat him like he’s a running back there”

    In a “high watermark” season full of coaches saying stupid things, this is – without a doubt – the single DUMBEST thing ANY coach has said this season.

    Vick IS “like a running back”, moron. That’s his “one trick”, his stock-in-trade. That’s why teams are nailing him. Good lord, I didn’t think anyone could be dumber than Childress, but even HE didn’t say anything THIS stupid.

  12. I believe that there is a bounty on Vick now. Teams believe that the only way to stop him is to put him out of the game. Hopefully refs are aware of this.

  13. Actually, Andy Reid wasn’t talking about hits Vick takes while running. He was talking about hits he’s taken in the pocket after he releases the ball.

    Vick was on WIP610 this evening and confirmed this.

  14. Oh the hell with it!!!!—-Just play the stupid game on pillows from now on—-What’s the freaking difference anymore anyway, it’s such a wussy league now—-What a bunch of Cry Baby Crap—It makes me want to puke!!

  15. Holy crap, you’ve gotta be kidding me…

    First, “Showboat” Jackson is scared of running shallow crossing routes because he’s afraid of getting hurt, and now this?!

    If Vick doesn’t want to get hit, keep his sorry ass on the bench. When you run, you are fair game. Leave it to Reid to cry about his football players getting hit on the football field

  16. Big surprise- another crybaby coach complaining about his QB taking hits. There’s no crying in football

  17. Todd heramans hand incidentally makes contact with Peyton Mannings helmet and it’s 15 years. Vick gets body slammed after the play and nothing. He got pushed down when he was 5 yeards our of bounds last night and nothing. So, is it because his name isn’t Manning or Brady or is because of his past or is it a racial thing? Somethings up, the Eagles are the 3rd most penalized team int he NFL.

  18. If only there were a solution! Say, for example, that the league set forth a rule that allowed quarterbacks to avoid these types of hits by giving themselves up on running plays and sliding.

  19. He knows it’s just a matter of time before Vick is knocked out for the year, so Reid is trying a preemptive strike to hold off the inevitable a little longer.

  20. are you kidding me? did you see the hits schaub took?? two to the head and one at the knees. . . puh-leeze. this is the nfl. i can’t believe reid had the nerve to say this after the commentators during/after the game said THE TEXANS had some legitimate complaints to make to the league. commentators never take the side of any houston team. ever. so, bite me, reid. your guy’s not the only one taking hits. let me say once more – this is the nfl. they NEED to stop being so protective of everyone and just let them all play – including not flagging the same hits vick & schaub took when they happen to p. manning/brady. . .

  21. Reid’s not really stupid enough to think that Vick can take off and run all over the field and not be hit is he? Once he leaves the pocket and takes off running he can be hit just like a Running back UNTIL he slides feet first. Reid should worry more about his burn unit secondary than anything else right now

  22. Awwwwww….
    I guess that Fat Andy believes that he can whine his way into the playoffs.
    A bloated crybaby coach and a dog torturing POS for a QB.
    More than enough reason to hope that this team gets knocked out of the post season.

  23. Tell Reid to Tell Vick, Remember the dogs. He had no pity on them, and don’t tell me he did his time, blah blah blah. He deserves every hit he gets. Once he starts to run, doesn’t slide or get down, let’s hope everyone hits him and gets up barking. Poor baby.

  24. Its a joke right?
    I mean when they electrocute him, or beat him with bats, or drown him then we got something to talk about. Otherwise who gives a rats arse about that piece of excrement taking a hit. Boo freaking hoo. He only breaks peoples ankles when he jukes em outta thier cleats. He wants all the props of a great running and passing qb but now we gonna cry about hits. You cant have it both ways Andy. Smoke teams w Vick then cry he takes too many hits.

  25. What coach wouldn’t be bothered by their QB getting hit???


    “Now Reid is arguing that it’s time for the officials to do more to stop Vick from continuing to get knocked around.”

    Vick will get his hip broken like Bo Jackson did and Reid knows it. He’s scared and saw how a good defense can murder, destroy and shut down Vick. Not to metion Vick is a retard not sliding when charging up field.

  26. WTF?? He’s pissed because his QB gets hit when he scrambles??? Why don’t we just throw down some rose pedals lining his way to the end zone. Would that make you happy Coach Reid??? If you run then your like every other player out there until you slide! That’s the rule! Stop the damn belly aching!!

  27. Wow, what a baby. Maybe try running the ball a few times so teams will respect the run. It’s just a matter of time before Vick gets hurt…again.

  28. Vick is taking late hits and being body slammed while in the pocket. I think what Reid is referring to is that although Vick runs with the football he is still afforded the same protections as other QBs while he’s in the pocket. And he’s not getting that.

    If he’s running or scrambling with the football then he’s fair game.

  29. Reid knows the rules as well as anybody. If he truly wants to do something to keep his QB from taking too many hits he needs to quit calling so many passes and try to get him to stop running so much. It’s one of the dangers of having a running QB, especially one that doesn’t know or refuses to slide.

  30. It is getting carried away. The league has to step up here. Ratings alone you have to keep this guy on the field!! ……….and of course he’s my fantasy MONSTER! Stay healthy Mike!

  31. I know exactly what this has to due with!!!!!! When they played the texans, they ran a screen play, vick CLEARLY had thrown the ball already and the defensive tackle came through grabbed him by the neck and slammed him down. When they showed the replay of the screen, if you looked at the bottom of the TV screen instead of focusing on the replay of the screen, you can see where the defensive lineman grabbed him late and slammed him down.

  32. Maybe Reid should consider the defense’s dogs are watching the game. No doubt, man’s best friend and its good to return the love. After all the sicko’s dogs didn’t get helmets, what the crybaby whining about?

  33. I got a solution to Vick getting hit. Ban him like he should have been.

    I mean seriously. It’s football. Players get hit. Where has Andy Reid been all these years?

  34. Here is a great idea: if you don’t like the hits your QB takes, get an O-line who can pass block, bring in a TE to help, teach your QB to throw before the hits get there, or let him run. Just a thought… any of those ideas would reduce the hits on Vick.

  35. Sorry, Andy, the officials and league office only “protect” the quarterbacks playing the Steelers each week. You will need to wait your turn just like the other 29 teams in the league.

  36. Well, as a Vikings fan, I was a bit upset as to how the league allowed the Saints to constantly violate league rules on late hits on QB’s during last years NFC Championship game. And I can’t even stand Favre.

    So suck it up Andy. Happens to all of them – except Brady or Manning.

  37. as an eagles fan, Reid has no right to go to the league office and complain because technically he should be treated as a RB b/c that is what the rule states. You won’t see Vick calling for flags and yelling at the refs like Brady either.

    P.S. the dog jokes are getting old. get over it.

  38. footballisfun:

    Really this again……

    If you want to see some late hits on QB’s you should watch some games from last year when the Vikings were on defense.

    On Vick, when he runs outside the pocket and crosses the line of scrimmage he is a runner and not a thrower. You can hit him as hard as you want unless he starts to slide feet first. Vick tried to slide in the Texans game and I don’t think he knows how to. It would not surprise me one bit if he gets taken out in a game because of his running and scrambling. Has Vick ever had any issues with concussions before?


    You’re QB is treated just like a running back once he steps out of the pocket. There’s nothing here to address the League about.

    Go eat a cheesesteak or 3 you fat oaf.

  40. No way am I a Vick or Eagles supporter, but I think people are missing the point here…

    Reid is talking about when Vick IS in the pocket, teams are hammering on him. When he is out of the pocket all is well, kill him for all I care. When he is IN the pocket you are allowed one step after he throws the ball (Unwritten rule) and you need to break the fall if he no longer has the ball. If you don’t follow these rules, you should be penalized.

    I can side with Reid because Roethlisberger gets the same treatment because of his escapablilty. Look at the game Vs. the Bills, they bent him backwards, one at the knees and one on his torso after the play was dead, hurting his foot. Refs need to call it fair regardless of the QB.

    Plus I would love to see a penalty for diving, like in the NHL, when these pansy QBs dive when the air from a DE running past them hits them, just to draw a penalty.

  41. if the pussification of the NFL continues i will no longer dedicate my sundays to watching!!! get a better O line big red!!!! then he wont have to run!!

  42. Instead of hitting him to try and knock him out of the game. I say we hold his head under water and shock his testicles until he finally draws in enough water to drown. Screw this piece of crap, he shouldn’t have even been allowed back in the league.

  43. As a life long Eagles fan, that this guy is even playing QB for us is a mockery. Reid has been a crybaby for years. This whole regime should just go away & rebuild from the front office on down.

    I hope he gets his head taken off. Then Reid with him. The whole season & whole franchise is a tarnished mess as long as this guy is our QB.

  44. Reid knows that Vick sets himself up for being tackled. Reid also knows why Vick is being tackled so enthusiastically .

    FatBoy, you brought him, you dance with him. Or put a dress on him.

  45. @ Bleedeaglegreen GO HUG A DOG AND LOVE A TREE FOR PETE’S SAKE. The guy has done his time. DOG’S ARE NOT ON THE SAME LEVEL AS HUMANS.

    To all the idiots that can’t understand what they are reading…..

    The man is talking about VICK IN THE POCKET! Not whan he’s running across the line of scrimmage but WHEN HE IS IN THE POCKET AND HAS THROWN THE BALL!

    Against the Colts Cole brushed Manning’s helmet and out came the flag and 15 yards. Last night Vick had his face mask grabbed twice and his head slapped and there was not even a yellow bit of mucus from the refs. One hit of Scaub at the knees and out came the flag and 15 yards but, on the very first play of the game a Texan DOVE at Vick AFTER the pass was thrown and know flag.

    Put aside you evil dog loving rants. It’s over the dude is back in the league and is the BEST QB in the league. if you don’t like it don’t watch it. go join the Klan or a Skinhead group, maybe your state’s militia group. There is no stopping Vick from playing by griping on this and other sites.

    No excuse me for a moment the neighbor’s dog keeps barking CLICK CLICK

  46. There is plenty to address the league about. The officiating has been horrible this year. The new or newly enforced rules (such as those for protecting QBs) are inconsistently applied.

    Mostly this appears to be in favor of the “face of the NFL” and big market type QBs, but it also goes against the more mobile quarterbacks regardless of whether they are in or out of the pocket. I guess its a good excuse to keep some violence in the league without losing the poster boys and big money fan bases.

    What would happen to the Colts as an organization if Manning were to have a career ending injury, Chargers/Rivers, Patriots/Brady? If there is not outright league protection, I think there at least is some star struck ref protection given these QBs and they should be accountable.

    I didn’t read this like AR is asking for special treatment of Mike Vick. I took it to mean he is asking for consistent treatment across the board. The Eagles get called for plenty of roughing the passer and personal fouls that don’t seem to get called the other way.

    Whether or not you agree with the rules (I don’t), they should be enforced equally. Not much to ask for really but ain’t gonna happen.

    Oh well, bark at the moon!

  47. BOOM…….

    One other thing Vick has not been shutdown by any defense this season….

    Against the Giants 24-38 258 1TD no INT 2 dropped TD’s 11 car. 34 yards 1 TD

    Against the Bears 29-44 333 2 TD 1 INT 9 car. 44 yards 3 Dropped TD’s

    That’s not stopping or containing him.

  48. I’m not an Eagles, Reid, or Vick fan, but I can’t believe that I actually lost count at the number of you people who completely missed Reid’s point and thought he was talking about after Vick crosses the line of scrimmage.

    This football IQ of this place is going into the toilet.

    The comments section here used to be fun to read. Lots of people with a good sense of humor (even when they were ragging on your own team) and lots of interesting discussion.

    Now it’s mostly people grinding axes and spewing biased hatred.

  49. LOL, you Eagles fans whine like mules.

    Stop whining and trying to get special privileges and start giving him better protection.

    Maybe they should let him wear a red jersey and have a special rule forbiding contact.

    I read Reid’s statement and he did not say anything about ‘after the play’ or ‘hits when in the pocket passing, he said Vick was being treated like a RB and, just so you know, RBs are not allowed to be hit after the play either.

    A reference to Vick being treated like a RB not a QB makes no sense if Reid is concerned about late hits or hits when he’s passing. It can only mean hits when Vick is running or scrambling because RB don’t pass (except on rare occasions).

    Since he’s referencing RBs I can only take that to mean the action he gets when Vick scrambles – but then as soon as he tucks the ball and starts running he IS a RB until he slides so he should be treated like a RB.

  50. Well Mr. Reid, that is the way football is supposed to be played. He can always slide when he runs. You could put someone in the backfield to pass protect. If you want flags to be thrown when Micheal Vick gets hit then he will have to play the Steelers every week.


  51. Good to see Andy’s getting a jump on the annual Philadelphia “this is why we didn’t win the Super Bowl again” excuse party. Very fan friendly to provide the Philly fans with this year’s excuse before postseason play begins. Can’t say Andy doesn’t look out for the fans.

  52. Vick was convicted, served time, and is still in the process of paying his debts back in Chapter 11 bankruptcy. He’s getting a second chance, apparently keeping his nose clean, and making the most of his opportunities. It’s what you would hope for in a case like this.

    If you don’t think that people should get second chances and don’t believe in second chances for yourself, I can understand why some people would be upset.

    If you think that someone who has been let out of prison shouldn’t be able to be employed in their field, then I guess you have a reason to be upset.

    Of course, as long as you’ve never gotten behind the wheel when you were under the influence (and endangered others), have never screwed up, have never committed an illegal act, and have never accepted a second chance, then you have a right to be upset.

  53. Good to see the Eagle “fans” HATE black QBs. Not!

    Good way to make your hate for a guy who is clearly kicking butt this year (runs too much… wa, wa, wa…) look pittiful.

    Eagle fans suck. I’m glad you have never seen a Super Bowl win (just like me, unfortunately — but you don’t care… lol).

  54. raymond27, National media overwhelmingly supported Andre Johnson when he beat the snot out of that little beeotch innegan, so put your ‘we don’t get no support/respect’ card away. It’s there – if earned.

  55. dusterman63 says:
    Dec 3, 2010 8:00 PM
    The minute Vick crosses the line of scrimmage running he is officially a running back and will be hit as hard as any 250lb. running back in the league as long as he is trying in his wild a$$ way of running to advance the ball. at this point his only “Protection” as a “Quarterback” running is if he chooses to slide at the end of the play. if he still tries to aggressively advance the ball, 250lb. middle linebackers have the right to CREAM him. Shut up Andy Reid.

    ——-Don’t be retarded. He doesn’t mean when he runs. He means when he’s in the pocket, and he’s completely right.

  56. Sorry for the all caps, but please read and comprehend:

    ANDY REID WAS NOT TALKING ABOUT LEGAL HITS WHEN VICK RUNS. He was talking about illegal hits, both in an out of the pocket. Anyone who can’t see that those hits are not called like they are on other QBs is blind. It’s egregious.

  57. Dear Andy Reid and Mike Tomlin,

    If you are really wondering why your respective players don’t receive the same calls as Brady and Manning, consider this:
    Brady and Manning are not only the most talented players in the league, and hence, golden geese for the NFL, but they are also good, law-abiding people. I’m not saying it’s right, but if I was a referee that personally thought that rape, wife-beating, and dog torturing and murder were dispicable acts, well I might be subconsciously more eager to throw a flag. So are Roethlisberger, Harrison and Vick held to lower standards than the good guys? Maybe.
    It could be because they are scumbags.
    You make your bed, now sleep in it.
    Mystery solved. Hire character, or accept the consequences.

  58. “Eagles coach Andy Reid said Friday that seeing Vick also get hit *after the whistle* has come to disturb him.”

    From the article. AFTER this whistle. Can we stop with all the “boo hoo” comments now?

  59. Any QB that crosses the line of scrimage and does not slide is fair game. They are then a RB. I have however seen some hits on Vick when he was in the pocket that should maybe draw a flag. Just my opinion.

  60. I took the comments made by Reid as being a combination of the hits taken in the pocket AND the hits taken while Vick is scrambling. Both types of hits are more a result of how the Eagles and Vick play as opposed to how defenses “hit” Vick. The Eagles play a very high risk type of offense with several shots down the field in every game. They also send their RB’s out in the pass pattern more than the average team, as opposed to leaving them in to block. They have been very successful with this offense this year, but it does lead to having your QB in the pocket for a long time without a RB to help block. The result, hits in the pocket. Vick, on the other hand, is a very good running QB (the best ever?) and either does not like to, or does not know how to, slide. He therefore takes hits while acting as a RB.

    I still think there is a high likelihood that Vick is injured before the year is out and that the excuse for no Super Bowl title has begun…..

  61. Reid is referring to the uncalled facemasks, low hits and late hits in the pockets, not the hits he absorbs when he scrambles. JFC, you’re all so anti-Vick/anti-Eagles that you’ve gone full retard. Never go full retard.

  62. @ Frank Booth

    Vick did NOT serve time for murdering those animals (7 that he admitted to by his own hands). He served time for interstate gambling (nice job Goodell, letting the head of a million dollar gambling ring back into the NFL, but I digress). Vick served no time for animal cruelty because of the crooked home cooking of that dumb D.A. Gerald Poindexter dragging his feet and not cooperating with Federal Investigators. You can read all about that here:

    “If you think that someone who has been let out of prison shouldn’t be able to be employed in their field, then I guess you have a reason to be upset.”

    Do you think that a schoolteacher that got convicted of the same crimes as Vick would have been able to go back to work in their field again? How about a doctor? Lawyer? Police officer? Fireman? Uhhh, no. They wouldn’t be allowed. Nobdoy said Mike Vick can’t earn a living. He just shouldn’t be allowed back in the NFL.

    As far as keeping his nose clean, I have to laugh. Didn’t his co-defendant (whom Vick wasn’t supposed to within 1000 feet of) get shot at Vick’s PUBLIC B-day party in VA Beach after smashing cake in Vick’s face? He must have long arms.

    Father of the Year and MacGruff the Crime Dog will get thiers. Only a matter of time. Karma is a… Well, you know. A female dog.

  63. To all Eagle/Mike Vick (but non-Eagle fans):

    You have every right to cheer and support Michael Vick. You can say he has done his time, he is a changed person, etc… That is your right.

    However, it is also MY right to say I do not support Michael Vick. That doesn’t make me a racist or an idiot. It simply means that I do not forgive/forget/condone what he did. And to me, that translates to the football field.

    It is said that playing in the NFL, is a “privilege, not a right”. Well, then, in my opinion, that right should be rescinded for many players.

    Donte Stallworth (DUI, Vehicular Manslaughter) and Michael Vick are just 2 individuals that in my opinion forfeited their rights to play in the NFL. I am sure there are MANY others that I have forgotten that have lost that right as well.

    There are PLENTY of players in the NFL that I don’t like, but I don’t say that the NFL should bar them from playing. But what some individuals have done outside of football should lead to a permanent ban.

    Again, remember, this is my OPINION, and not yours. It doesn’t make it wrong, it just makes it mine.

  64. one of the reasons Vick took the starting job so quickly from Kolb, is because he’s more elusive & not as vulnerable to being sacked, … so in part this speaks to Reid doing nothing last season to improve his OL, at some point this is football, this Coach always states in his press conferences that shortcomings of his team “are his responsibility, & he has to put his players in a better position” & that’s his pat answer to everything, so it becomes a joke … so Andy, IF you don’t want your QB to get hit, run the ball more & do a better job of coaching you OL in pass protection

  65. cleverbob says: Never go full retard.

    That would require us to move to Philly and sing “Fly Eagle Fly”. Not a chance of that happening. That city is a dying dump. Chant it with us “clever”bob – “1960! 1960!”. If you’re half the Eagles fan you claim to be, you should know what that means immediately. I’m willing to bet you need to look it up. Hint: it was the last time your favorite team was actually relevant.

  66. It’s easy Coach, buy Vick some of those extra flags Brady keeps tucked in his pants and teach him to fall down, cry like a little girl, and flail his arms and legs around. The refs will be momentarily confused thinking it’s Brady causing them to throw a flag.

  67. I think that there may be some differential treatment, though not necessarily intentional. Given that Vick has shown his propensity and willingness to run for big yards often, his frequent and elusive scrambling and the fact that he is very difficult to bring down behind the line of scrimmage, I think he is treated more like a Ben Roethlisberger (sp?)-type QB who does not get the prima donna QB benefits. Unless Reid was talking about Vick on his rushes (where he deserves to get creamed like any WR/RB). I think the league needs to knock the Bradys and Mannings off their pedestals and, within the confines of the rules, let them take their licks like everybody else.

  68. “It bothers me to be honest with you. That bothers me. I see the same thing you’re seeing and it bothers me,” Reid says. “He does run, but he’s still the quarterback and you can’t treat him like he’s a running back there. That’s not what the rules state.” –Andy Reid

    Don’t hit the QB like he’s a RB when he’s running and trying to beat you. Ok Andy, what should a defensive player(s) do in a situation when Vick is trying to run and gain yards to beat the other team? Perhaps if you can put a flag on him and we’ll all just pull the flag out so he’ll be considered down at that point! I really think this was one of the dumbest comments I’ve heard a coach make in quit a long time. (Mike Tomlins comment about James Harrison’s kids was pretty retarted as well) LOL

  69. I have to agree with Andy. If Peyton or Brady were taking the same hits, all hell would break loose and fines would be flying out of Goodell’s hands like doughnuts fall out of your’s Andy.

  70. frank booth says:

    Vick was convicted, served time, and is still in the process of paying his debts back in Chapter 11 bankruptcy. He’s getting a second chance, apparently keeping his nose clean, and making the most of his opportunities. It’s what you would hope for in a case like this.

    So what? None of that changes the fact that Vick is a sadistic, pot-smoking, herpes-spreading, sociopathic POS scumbag. However, there seems to be a certain segment of posters here that think that makes him an excellent role model for their children.

    As for Reid’s comments…. If you really can’t stand seeing your QB take hits, then maybe you might find putting on a mumu and coaching the Lingerie League to be more your style, Andy. Seriously, the pussification of the NFL under Gutless Goodell has to stop!

  71. @ importantpftcomment says:
    Dec 4, 2010 12:11 AM
    “Please for Gods sake, someone please make sure Reid never makes it on the competition committee. If he does, we will be seeing flags on the QB’s within a couple years”

    As opposed to Bill Polian on the competition commitee where he has made it possible to penalize players when they breathe on a QB. P. Manning’s bodyguard…

  72. eaglelover1 says: Dec 4, 2010 12:05 AM

    @ Bleedeaglegreen GO HUG A DOG AND LOVE A TREE FOR PETE’S SAKE. The guy has done his time. DOG’S ARE NOT ON THE SAME LEVEL AS HUMANS.

    To all the idiots that can’t understand what they are reading…..

    You do not care what I think, I am the same way with your thoughts. Do I tell you to go hug Vick?

    That’s the problem with Vick supporters, if you cannot see past Mike Vick being a complete piece of ****, you get a lecture from people about the level of human compared to animals. They always ram their views of why Vick should be forgiven down others throats.

    Those are your OPINIONS Skippy, you have a right to them as I have a right to mine.

    If the Eagles win a championship with this subhuman slug at qb, it is a tainted championship. It was won by someone that performed heinous crimes against animals & HUMANS. The championship will always have an asterisk. People will always think animal torturer & herpes spreading player, always. For that reason I would prefer we didn’t win with Vick at QB.

    That’s MY opinion & I am entitled to it.

    Many people are not just going to get over it, you Vickie’s get over that.

  73. Maybe Andy Reid should teach the moron how to slide. Vick has admitted that he doesn’t know how to do it and yet his “coach” hasn’t bothered to teach him.

    I don’t know which guy’s dumber.

  74. Vick has said often that he can not slide, and he generally doesn’t. If the Qb doesn’t want to get his head taken off, he has to slide. Vick doesn’t, so he gets hit, just like a running back.

    Reid, if he will not slide, he is a running back in play, and will get hit like a running back. Want to protect him? Teach him to slide!

  75. Reid wants Vick to rush for as many yards as possible, but he doesn’t want Vick laid out cold in the open field. Seems like a classic case of wanting to have your cake and eat it too. Except in Andy’s case, he’d eat both of them.

  76. @bleedeaglegreen
    you are also under no obligation to watch him play or support the nfl who allows him to play in their league. if you are going to take a stand, take it all the way. is there really no room for forgiveness for the man? if you dont think so, then agree to disagree with those who think there is and stop belaboring the point. you wont convince them and they wont convince you. the argument has hit a stalemate. we get it, he did something that so offends your impeachable moral compass and you feel he should never be forgiven. instead, you feel he should be constantly reminded of how greatly he offended you. we get it.
    he’s said he was sorry and to my knowledge has done nothing to suggest that he isnt in fact sorry. please let it go. support him or dont, but PLEASE stay off the soap box, you’re not perfect…JUST LIKE THE REST OF US.
    answer me one question though. if your house was on fire, YOUR dog and YOUR child are trapped in different rooms (equidistant from your current location) and you can only save one. Which do you save? i think the answer to your question will illustrate where all those who feel like “they’re just dogs” are coming from. its a bit of an extreme statement, but put in the proper context, i think you can appreciate the value of the statement.

  77. east96st –

    Philly is dying about as much as the Jets and Giants play in NYC. You really need to get some new material, it’s pretty boring reading the same drivel coming from your keyboard. I know it still hurts that you guys can’t beat the Eagles, but its ok man. Its been a few weeks now, try not to focus on it so much.

  78. @ steelerdynasty2010

    Mike Vick’s offenses far out weigh his ability of a football field. Although we are all less than perfect, I am willing to bet a very small percentage people have taken jumper cables & attached them to animals genitals & shocked them for personal delight

    I find the way Vick defenders shove their views of ridiculous forgiveness down others throats far more “soap boxy” than people that understand what someone that could torture innocent animals for some sort of ghoulish satisfaction is made of.

    If we win with this guy at QB, it’s tainted championship. The guy is a side show attraction, he will always be the guy that inflicted sick & habitual cruelty on defenseless animals for fun. No amount of jail time changes what someone is, if they released Manson would he be forgivable? It’s very funny how Vickies preach forgiveness for Vick but not for other offenders of HABITUAL violent crime.

    And since he said he’s sorry, of course we should believe that. Mike Vick has a track record of being such an “honest” individual. No way he could be lying AGAIN huh, after all he was released from prison, prison cures all evil & he’s a “new man”.

    Here’s a couple of questions for you:

    If someone you knew had a history of sick senseless habitual violence for 6 years, they had been to prison, you knew this person has shown so little regard for humans that knowing they had an sexual disease there was no cure for spread it to other humans & in addition was known for being a pathological liar, would you forgive them & want them around you & your family? Would you want to work with this person?

    Let’s face it, we both know your answer to the questions. It’s a bit extreme but framed in the proper context, I think you can appreciate the value of the statement.

  79. If Vick plays like a running back it is right and just. The boy doesn’t even slide. He asks for it, he’s gonna get it… unlike those poor dogs. They didn’t ask for it. FELON.

  80. Would I want him around my family? Absolutely not. Would I watch from a distance as he gives the Eagles the best chance of winning? Why not?

    Everyone has the right to make up their own minds about him, but it gets tiresome when it gets injected into every Eagles related thread. If only people were this vigilant about issues that had a greater influence on society.

  81. thank you cleverbob! its apparently much easier to bash him anonymously on some message board. if you really want to make a stand, stop watching the league that supports him. i guarantee you’ll feel much better.

  82. @ rebalt
    unlike those poor dogs. They didn’t ask for it. FELON.

    EXACTLY but the Vickies never get that…

    As for Steelerdynasty2010 – Ya gotta LOVE Vickies that keep telling others what to do! No where in my posts did it say you should do this or that but Mike Vick defenders keep telling others how to feel, what to do, how to protest, to worry about other things…etc. How about if you just worry about your own sexually devient QB.

    Lastly, it’s also great to watch people tell others what they should be vigilant about. How do you know what causes others are involved in? They don’t but use that reasoning to make themselves feel better about having flawed morals & supporting ghouls like Vick.

  83. @bleedeaglegreen:
    i’m obviously not a eagle fan, and i can tell you that i’m vick’s #1 critic (but not for what he does off the field). this is a football site and i try to limit my comments to football related topics. his off the field behavior doesnt raise any particular alarms with me because my opinions of him are based solely on football. that said, my point is simple and i’ll make it again. if you insist on making a stand on this topic, i simply think it would be more genuine if you did so in a matter befitting the conviction you seem to have on the issue. you are no less hypocritical than the “vickies” who support him if you continue to support the league and team that employs him.
    i really have no inclination to care whether or not you (or anyone else) forgive him or not. however, i would argue that forgiveness is not a ridiculous concept, but you can call it what you like. for me, forgiveness and forgetfullness are mutually exclusive. i can forgive a lot of things, but will not forget them. i do not reserve room in my heart or mind for hatred, grudges or the like. i am just as sad for those dogs as anyone else, but i’m not moved to pretend he is the only person to have inhumanely treated an animal. it happens everyday. his crimes are his burden, not mine.
    i’ll leave the ben comment to the children who like to perpetuate that particular brand of nonsense. i can read evidence. i will just hope for your sake that you are never falsely accused of a crime and everyone assumes your guilt. however, when you have an intelligent thought on the subject, please post it and i will be happy to engage and respond.
    btw, have you read your posts? its totally about justifying your hatred of the man and giving arguments as to why others should feel the same way.
    nice blanket statement at the end. we’re not fooled. you know like i know that anonymous message boards are the only place you spew this nonsense (with the exception of to the people who know you). again, if you are so offended, why do you continue to support the league and team he plays for? tainted championship? on what scale? your moral standards or something football related?

  84. @ steelerdynasty2010

    I have never told others to feel as I have – that’s where your “argument” fails miserably. I think the blind loyalty people show this guy after the horrid things he has done is insane & I will continue to say so.

    Again you certainly are telling others what to do with your “boycott” the NFL stance. I blame the people that idolize Mike Vick, not the NFL. It’s the insane loyalty to someone that has no regard of animals or humans & has proven to be a pathological liar that I post about. Just because this guy went to prison & is now throwing TD passes, doesn’t make it all OK but that’s the prevailing thought in regards to Mike Vick now.

    As for protesting about Mike Vick, ASSUME all you want. You have no idea what protesting I have done, the volunteer work I am involved in, the avenues I have went down to object to the way people are idolizing & protecting this guy. Just keep ASSUMING, you certainly are good at it.

    BTW, how do you know how many games I have watched this year? You don’t, but once again you assume, call others thoughts nonsense then claim you are not defending Vick & call others hypocrites.

    As an Eagle fan, if we win a championship with this guy at QB, it’s a tainted championship. That has been by point all along. I love my Eagles but cannot feel the same about Mike Vick. If you think about how long we have been waiting for that championship & then to have this guy maybe deliver it, talk about injustice. Since you are not an Eagle fan, you cannot possibly understand what someone feels.

    It is you that has come by & told me to stop watching football. But if you feel better telling others what to watch & what to boycott, so be it, that’s on you. Not once have I JUDGED YOU, but you certainly have judged me.

    Here’s an idea, why not take your own advice, you stop reading MY POSTS if they bother you so much! You do as you tell others; ignore my posts if you disagree. It’s simple.

    It’s great to see people make comments on others intelligence as they continue to blindly ignore their own behavior.

  85. bleedeaglegreen says:
    Dec 8, 2010 9:33 AM

    Again you certainly are telling others what to do with your “boycott” the NFL stance. I blame the people that idolize Mike Vick, not the NFL. It’s the insane loyalty to someone that has no regard of animals or humans & has proven to be a pathological liar that I post about. Just because this guy went to prison & is now throwing TD passes, doesn’t make it all OK but that’s the prevailing thought in regards to Mike Vick now.
    = = = = =

    Which raises the question: Should convicted felons be able to play in the NFL?

    When the felon has a talent you need, all sorts of rationalizations come into play. It isn’t about what is right and what is wrong. It’s about will it help us win, damn the costs to any sort of respectability. Bottom line $$$ wins every time.

  86. @bleedeaglegreen

    Put your money where your mouth is and back-up your self-righteous stance- Stop watching the NFL. That is the body that ultimately chooses whether or not he can play.

  87. not sure what you’re reading, but i said several times and will say again, i dont care one way or the other about how you feel about vick. pretty sure i’ve not defended him either (not sure if your blind loyalty dig was directed at me or not), but if you can find something to the contrary, i’m listening. i am not TELLING you to stop watching, simply making a suggestion to give your constant railing against the man a little teeth. what do i care if you watch or not? i will say i think it’s hypocritical for you (or anyone else) to continue to try and say you can support the team and the league that employs a person that you so despise for the person that he is. are you really so different than the people who look beyond what he did and continue to support him? i believe the answer is obvious, but draw your own conclusion.
    when you consistently enumerate his transgressions, it leads reasonable people to believe you are trying to sway their opinions in your direction, especially when you do so after it is offered to “agree to disagree”. again, disagree if you like, but thats where i’m at with it.
    you blame the people who idolize michael vick? really? how many of them are directly responsible for his employment?
    “BTW, how do you know how many games I have watched this year? You don’t, but once again you assume, call others thoughts nonsense then claim you are not defending Vick & call others hypocrites.” i have no idea where this came from. i didnt even comment on how many games you watch. and yes, i believe your “there’s never any room for forgiveness” stance is nonsense, and will continue to think so. actually, i called YOU a hypocrite, no one else. but if anyone else shares your stance, they’re welcome to wear the shoe as well
    lastly, i’ve JUDGED you? really? i have made no comments about your character (as you have called people who support him insane, and then lumped me into the same category). i believe your thoughts on forgiveness (have you NEVER wronged a person and sought their forgiveness?) and support of your team and league are hypocritical and i will continue to own that statement. it is what it is. to me, its like disapproving of poaching animals for fur and buying a fur coat.
    i actually dont mind reading your posts. you seem to be the one with a problem receiving a response to your posts. seem to be getting a bit surly and defensive.
    i’m curious to know where have i stated any support for him?

  88. i just peaked over there, and uh-oh, did you just call everyone who supports vick a POS??? at least thats not judgmental or anything…you gotta be kidding me. i bet the view from up there is good though

  89. WOW, 3 responses…all within 20 minutes…slow half an hr steelerdynasty? I didn’t realize how much this exchange excited you. Woeful actually…3 responses in 20 minutes to something you say you couldn’t care less about. Oh, we know, you’ll babble & drone on now about how you were just making some sort of point, or it is what it is…

    Just like you do in your backhanded, other side of your mouth defense of Mikey…then claim you don’t. Don’t you get dizzy from spinning around in so many circles?

  90. Hey steelerdynasty2010
    Why are you giving maybe the only grounded Eagle fan in existance a hard time? bleedeaglegreen is right, Vick is a sicko & anyone that sticks up for him or supports him has no morals. I am still blown away to actually see an Eagle fan that has a problem with Vick being his QB. It’s cool to finally see one, good for you bleedeaglegreen to have the nerve to go against probably everyone you know if you live in Philly. Read the traits of sociopaths steelerfan. You’ll see Michael Vick own many of those traits. Also I agree the guy has always been an extreme liar so why sould people believe he’s now telling the truth?

  91. because he/she’s a hypocrite. going on and on about how people who support vick are POS, stupid, etc meanwhile supporting the team and league that employs him (Vick). Holier than thou rants really bother me, particularly so when they compare sins and essentially assign point values.
    are you guys so naive to think that many of the men in the NFL do not do/say/participate in things you would probably NEVER approve of or support? you only know what you see/read in the news, then want to be all up in arms and offended over the things that are reported. you became of fan of ______ because of his on field exploits, why not just leave the hero worship and admiration there? there’s always such a rush to examine the “man beyond the lines”. why?
    all i’m saying is that if you are so offended, dont watch. dont try and play both sides of the fence and justify why you’re standing on your side. and i’ll say again, I DONT CARE WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT MICHAEL VICK OR WHAT HE HAS DONE!!, so please dont reply with some lame line about how i’m “defending him” because i havent and i’m not. and if you can provide me an example of where i have, i will readily and happily concede defeat.

  92. @cometkazie:
    Should convicted felons be able to play in the NFL?

    i say NO! and i dont see why this wouldnt be something Goodell would look into. Seems to be an easy fix. They’re always calling it a privilege to play in the league, so treat it that way. seems like a great way to protect the image of the league and i would imagine it would actually get the attention of some of these guys.

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