Eagles plan to pay DeSean, eventually

Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson reportedly wants to get paid before his 170-pound body takes many more hits from much bigger men.  The team plans to pay him, eventually.  And Jackson claims that he is fine with that.

Reuben Frank and Andy Schwartz of CSNPhilly.com report that the Eagles will reward Jackson “when the time is right.”  Per the report, the Eagles want to wait until a new labor deal has been finalized, in part because the current rules of the uncapped year subject any contract extensions to the so-called 30-percent rule.

Meanwhile, Jackson claims that he’s fine with his contract, despite reports that he isn’t.  “To me, I’m the happiest person doing it,” Jackson told CSNPhilly.com.  “I have a bright future.  Right now might not be so great, but as far as the picture down the road, it will be great for me.  The biggest thing is, we’re winning. I’m in the NFL.  I’m happy.  I’m 24 years old.  I just had a birthday yesterday.  I’m happy.  Just blessed.”

But he could be more blessed, as his “[r]ight now might not be so great” comment confirms.

The Eagles could still sign Jackson to a new deal right now, if the Eagles really wanted to sign him to a new deal right now.  Signing bonus money doesn’t count toward the 30-percent rule.  And since signing bonus money represents the only truly guaranteed money in an NFL player’s contract, Jackson surely would accept a huge signing bonus that, combined with base salaries that comply with the 30-percent rule, would pay Jackson fairly.

The fair inference?  The Eagles don’t want to give Jackson a large pile of money now, possibly due to the same concerns regarding Jackson’s size and concussion history that have reportedly made him more anxious about getting that pile of money.

In the end, the reality is that the Eagles have the leverage, just as the Titans had leverage over running back Chris Johnson, because Jackson remains under contract through 2011.  And since Jackson and his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, presumably hope to avoid a repeat of the embarrassing T.O. episode of five years ago (my Favre has it been that long?), Jackson isn’t prepared to engage in the same kind of rhetoric and/or posturing that got Chris Johnson paid.

That said, Jackson only have to make it through four more regular-season games and however many postseason contests for which the Eagles qualify, and he’ll most likely be paid before the next time he takes the field with a body better suited to racing horses than catching passes.

15 responses to “Eagles plan to pay DeSean, eventually

  1. Is a guy really worth a ton of money if he’s 1 hit away from another concussion that could end his career?

    I’d pass on him….

  2. “But he could be more blessed, as his “[r]ight now might not be so great” comment confirms.”

    probably has more to do with his injuries than his contract, but that wouldnt generate traffic

  3. You have a contract play it out. If you get hurt, remember you got a college education to fall back on. The idea that a player can “over play” his contract only works of they are willing to give money back if they bust, or “under play” the current deal. Everyone knows that football careers are short so I just KNOW he put a lot of time and effort into that degree. I mean , that is why you go to college,right?

  4. I don’t like him as a person but, he opens the screen play for McCoy because the S and CB play back so far because of the speed threat, he opens the middle of the field for passes to WR’s, and he can catch the “home run” ball. Just DONT PASS OVER THE MIDDLE and pay him.

  5. my Favre has it been that long?
    Funny stuff
    Joe Banner nickle and dime strikes again…
    Just pay the kid, he’s gonna be around for a while.

  6. @afalconfan
    You’re a dope and have no clue as to how the NFL works it’s contracts. Are you implying all college athletes don’t earn a “real” degree? OMG alert the media..
    NFL contracts are not gauranteed like NBA, MLB, NHL. And no league has give backs for players who underperform contracts.
    NFL history is littered with great players careers cut short due to injury.
    Djax is grossly underpaid. So blame the kid for wanting his due money? Umm no.
    He’s kept his mouth 99.9% shut about it too, unlike Chris Johnson despite PFT always insisting Djax is just about to go T.O. on Eagles brass. Gimme a break. STFU

  7. If the Eagles give him just a large signing bonus and he gives less than 100% effort, the team is screwed. Aditionally, if his deal is front-end loaded he’ll just want to renegotiate it two years from now. (or at least “Next Question” will). He needs a multi-year deal that pays him well every year so he keeps putting forth his best effort. He’ll be happier and the team will be happier.

  8. I don’t see the Eagles giving him the blockbuster deal I presume he wants. That’s not how they do things. The T.O. decision wasn’t a bust in its first year but it was obviously a horrible decision overall and that was one skidmark that left a permanent stain on our ‘tightie whities’.

  9. Didn’t they kick Westbrook to the curb because he was 1 concussion away from the couch? He was close to 50% of their entire offensive production for a while too. DeSean is worth a little more money than he is getting right now, but a HUGE payday is not warranted…especially to a guy that has mentioned his durability might cost him some money so he would like to not do plays where he might take a hit. Be happy about the $400K + bonus money and he should be grateful for whatever money he happens to be offered later. His concerns have only limited his hold-out leverage and future money.

  10. @Cobrala Big difference.
    DJax in in his 3rd year, looking for a fair contract. Westbrook was released after a 8 years and by all accounts is nowhere near the player he once was. BWest also got paid twice very well by the Birds. So, bad analogy. (They actually overpaid him and he had to give money back but thats another story entirely.)
    Although BWest could help the niners in limited spot duty this season, he’s lost his deadly explosiveness due to knee injuries.
    That being said, BWest is THE BEST SCREEN RUNNING RB IN NFL HISTORY. Just sayin…

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