Russ Grimm could coach Panthers in 2011

The Carolina Panthers are 1-10 and head coach John Fox’s contract expires after this season, so it’s not too early to start talking about who might coach the Panthers in 2011.

And Adam Schefter of ESPN reports, citing two NFL sources, that talk is already centering on Cardinals assistant head coach Russ Grimm as a strong candidate to replace Fox.

Grimm, the former Redskins offensive lineman who was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame this year, would make sense as a choice for Panthers owner Jerry Richardson because Richardson wants his franchise to emulate the Steelers, where Grimm was an assistant coach for seven seasons.

As Schefter points out, Grimm could be attractive to Richardson for another reason: He’d likely take the job for a lot less money than a proven head coach like Bill Cowher.

10 responses to “Russ Grimm could coach Panthers in 2011

  1. That would be an interesting story being that Cody Grimm (his son) plays in the same division. I would rather he coach the O-line in Tampa:)

  2. Hiring Grimm would make to much sense for the Panthers to actually do it. As a Skins fan, hopefully they don’t so when Shanahan gets the boot LiL Danny can do what he should of done long ago and hire Grimm.

  3. Uh, NO. It would NOT be a good hire.
    As good a player as Grimm was and as nice a guy as he is, as the O-line coach, running game coordinator and assistant head coach in Arizona he has done absolutely NOTHING, even when given talent to work with.
    When the Cards had Kurt Warner and a great passing attack, AZ’s O-line still struggled mightily, ranking 29th in ’07, 32nd in ’08, and 28th last year in total rushing offense. Since Grimm began as the O-Line coach in Arizona almost 4 years ago, the Cards averaged at least 4 yds/carry/season only once (2009) and only 6 times in those 59 games has a Arizona player rushed for over 100 yards.
    This year the running game and O-Line were supposed to be the Cardinals strength, but instead they began the season suspect and seem to regress every week. So far, they have given up 36 sacks in just 11 games – the most in the league – and they are averaging just 78 yds/gm rushing, with only Seattle producing less on the ground this year.

    But by all means Carolina, hire him.

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