Union saves USC from Teague Egan

On Friday, the NFL Players Association suspended well-known agent Gary Wichard for nine months, due to a violation of the so-called junior rule, which prohibits communication with players who have not yet completed their true junior or redshirt sophomore seasons in college.

The NFLPA also revoked the certification of Teague Egan, a brash USC student who already had become a caricature of the stereotypical sports agent.  Egan, whose decision to give freshman running back Dillon Baxter a ride in a golf cart cost him a game, openly aspired to represent all Trojans who landed in the NFL.

“Like Drew Rosenhaus who represented every Miami kid after going to school at Miami,” Egan told T.J. Simers of the Los Angeles Times this week, “I intend to represent every USC kid.”

Tell us more about yourself, Teague.

“My aspirations and goals are bigger than anybody you have ever met in life,” he told Simers.

OK, Teague.  Now stop before you embarrass yourself.  More.

The situation would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic.  Egan’s father owns Alamo Rental Car, and so Egan’s seed money was served up via silver spoon.

After boasting that he hangs out in bars with USC players, Simers asked Egan if he buys the kids drinks.

“No, not anymore,” Egan said, which implies enough to get the program in even bigger trouble, if the NCAA chooses to push the issue.

In equally big trouble will (or at least should) be whoever at the NFLPA approved Egan’s application.  The union, which has legal authority to supervise all contract agents, requires not only a four-year degree but also (absent the granting of an express waiver based on experience) an advanced degree.  Egan apparently has neither.

But folks at USC should not yet exhale.  Egan can instead try to be a marketing agent, a subset of the industry that falls beyond the reach of the NFLPA.

Hopefully, Egan’s dad will buy him a new Xbox instead.

9 responses to “Union saves USC from Teague Egan

  1. Hey Mikey,

    Idk if it’s been similar in other cities, but in Balitimore right now, they have those changeable light road signs, this one says “Welcome to Raven Country” then it changes to “No Means No”

    …guessing it’s a little fun welcome to Ben…thought you’d have fun with that.

  2. Funding by the father or not it looks like the kid was trying to make a name for himself. I’m not saying he didn’t make a mistake or say toolish things, but I’ve seen a lot worse results from kids who come from a gold mine.

    That said, what the h*ll is wrong with the NFLPA approving this college student as an agent in the 1st place? That’s the real issue.

    Lighten up on the 22 year kid who was possibly inspired by his father to work hard to start something of his own. Clearly, he isn’t ready.

    A part of me hopes he gets through the suspension and lands back on his feet. If he makes it now it’d be a story. Maybe his brother can then help him get a movie producer to buy the story….HAHA

  3. Comapny “executives” include Teague and Riley Egan, Sterling Brewster, Skylar Hauswirth, and Thomas E. Smith… WOW, what a rugged sounding bunch! I’m sure these are the kind of kids who respect everybody and appreciate all their good fortunes… all traits they probably learned while hanging around the country club.

  4. Thank God someone is finally saving us from horrors of football players getting rides in golf carts.

  5. Egan’s dad does not own Alamo and hasn’t been affiliated with them since ’03. The intergoogle can be used for research pursuits other that porn and “Quarterback of the Future” references.

    With that said, I’m sure Teague and his posse..er…partners are str8 gangsta up the club. The Country Club.

  6. mrf47:
    thanks, it was CRUCIAL that provided us that link lol. WHAT A FRIGGIN TOOL. Any player that would allow themselves to be represented by this fool deserves to fail.

  7. What happens if the union decertifies…?

    Who controls the certification process? Also, will agents whose certifications were suspended by the NFLPA be allowed to roam the streets again…?

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