Vick the latest to expose Texans defense

Two of the best offenses in football played on Thursday.  One of the worst defenses we’ve seen in a long time did as well.

The Eagles outlasted Houston 34-24 in a game that showed how little margin for error the Texans offense has played with all year.  The Texans took the lead for the first time late in the third quarter.  11 minutes later, the Eagles had scored two more touchdowns.

Michael Vick continues to look like he’s play a different game than the rest of the league.  He racked up 302 yards passing, led the team in rushing (44 yards), and accounted for three scores.

Facing a key third-and-19 in the fourth quarter, Vick found Brent Celek for 19 yards.   Of course, a lot of quarterbacks have looked great against Houston.

The Texans defense is an epic disaster.   It will ruin careers.  It’s soft up front, and the back seven is laughable in coverage.  This wasn’t nearly one of their worst games, and they gave up 34 points.

Owner Bob McNair is in such a tough spot.  Coach Gary Kubiak will probably take the fall, but do you want to start over with such a great offense.  Matt Schaub (9.4 yards-per-attempt), Arian Foster (109 total yards, 2 scores) and Andre Johnson (149) all played well Thursday night.

The 5-7 Texans are “only” 1.5 games back in the division.  But the mediocre AFC South shouldn’t be a reason for hope in Houston.  It should be a reminder that the Texans have wasted a great opportunity this year.

You can’t create a defense this bad without organizational failure at every level.

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  1. They need to pull a page from the Saints playbook and hire a defensive guru at coordinator. And wouldn’t you know it, the Texans neighbor to the north just fired one?
    Maybe Wade Philips would be ok with going back to D fulltime again?

  2. Gary Kubiak may be the nicest guy on the planet, but as a Texans’ fan I could care less. Results matter… give my team an a$$hole headcoach if it means they make the play-off’s. I’m sick and tired of the offensive talent being squandered. I’m tired of watching the Texans go for it on 4th and 4, then throw a 2 yard pass. Tired of how predictable the play-calling has become. And that’s just on offense. As for the defense…where to begin?? Our secondary has been a weakness from year 1 that’s never been addressed in a competent manner. However, the Texans’ pass defense has hit an all-time low and is the laughingstock of the NFL this season. Mario Williams isn’t living up to the hype…he disappears for LONG stretches of time. DeMeco Ryans is awesome (but on IR), and we’re still waiting to see if Brian Cushings can play ball without suspicious substances running through his veins. A bigger problem I’ve noticed is sloppy tackling…poor tackling has been a trademark of our defense every season. It’s up to the coaching staff to hold players accountable- it’s a FUNDAMENTAL skill,yet our players continue to screw it up. I also question how good our scouting department is? Bottom line-the organization isn’t getting it done and the fans are growing tired of 8-8 seasons (I know, we went 9-7 last year). At some point, owner Bob McNair will lose the fans’ support if he doesn’t make some changes.

  3. Good thing I’m not a Texans fan. How the hell is Kubiak still there? He should have been fired years ago. The guy may be a decent O-Cordinator, but he aint head coaching material.

  4. Oh dear, oh dear … Theisman may be out of a job next week. Schaub complained about not drawing a flag for an obvious whack to the helmet, and Joe pondered why the league is sooo blatantly inconsistent if safety is such a big concern. Of course, one of his colleagues quickly said the hit on Schaub wasn’t blatant and changed the subject.

    Poor Joe … he forgot he’s now working for the NFL Network where no sportscasters take a position outside the party line no matter what the film shows. Kind of like here on the old NBC blog. Should be interesting when Tomlin’s on Sunday’s Gameday Morning. Hope he hasn’t been ordered to capitulate–or else. Wouldn’t be surprised. At this point, the only thing coming from Goodell–or the NCAA–that would surprise me is honesty.

    Sports may be a good way to teach kids values–but only if they quit before reaching the corrupting influence of college and the pros.

  5. That was way too stressful of a game to watch!! I liked how the Eagles D stepped up and shut down the best 4th quarter Offense in the League!! GO BIRDS!!

  6. Funny how Greggggggg Rosenthal pens every post bashing the Texans. Dump this guy Florio, long overdue.

  7. if i was McNair i would keep Kubiak and hire Wade Phillips as DC. They probably have a previous relationship from when Kubiak was a QB and Wade was the DC/HC in Denver. Wade has always been good with taking average talent and turning it into a respectable defense.

  8. This is a GREAT post Rosenthal and you hit it right on the head w/ the last 2 sentences.

    The colts are having their worst season in what, 10 years??? This team has to much talent and you can’t choke or waist an opportunity like this because it doesn’t come around that often. For God sakes Jaguars are better then the Texans right now, totally unacceptable.

  9. H-Town definitely has good skill players on their O, but their O-Line ain’t that great. They have potential to get better in the future, but with their current version of the Triplets, they need to win now (next two-three years), otherwise their window of opportunity will be gone.

    However, the first thing that needs to be done, get a new D coordinator.

  10. I said from the jump, the inability to re-sign Dunta Robinson would burn them sooner, rather than later. sure, it’s not the only issue, but it complicated matters.

    As a diehard (Bruce Willis) Eagles fan, I am also a lover of great football. With only the Ravens as a disliked team (Ray Lewis), the Bills are continuingly playing better football than the Texans. With clearly only have the talent.

    With not knowing Kubiak’s full role in the personnel dept, to me it makes more sense to look for another GM than head coach.

  11. “Of course, a lot of quarterbacks have looked great against Houston.”

    Vick has looked great when playing against lousy defenses.

  12. The Eagles’ D didn’t look so hot either. It sure doesn’t look like a defense that will carry the team deep into the playoffs. Without Vick the Birds are probably 7-9 or maybe 8-8 this year. I hope Samuel gets healthy.

  13. A bad as the Texans defense is (and it’s real bad), the color commentators are the worst in the annals of broadcast history. My ears are still bleeding listening to Millen and Theisman.

  14. Michael Vick continues to look like he’s play a different game than the rest of the league.

    Against a defense you just implied is the absolute worst in the league? How do you make that distinction?

    Vick got 302 yards passing, 44 rushing and three scores. Good stats, but it may seem a little more impressive if he actually experienced some resistance on the field.

  15. The worst part of the game wasn’t Houstons defense. It was the comments of the has beens in the commentators seats. Not sure whose worse…them or the Monday night crew. fox has the best commentators around.

  16. Vick v. Bears
    29/44, 333 yds, 2 td, 1 int, 9 Ru att, 44 yds

    Vick v. Texans
    22/33, 302 yds, 2 td, 1 int, 10 Ru att, 48 yds, 1 td

    Last week’s national stories – Bears shut down Vick. This week’s national stories – Vick dominates Texans D.

  17. Texans defense might be awful, but you know what else is awful?

    NFL network commentators (both in-game AND pre-game). Yammering dolts, all around.
    If they were on Vick’s jock any harder, he’d need a crowbar to pry those bloated ticks off of it.

    And did you notice what happened during pre-game, when Theismann DARED to suggest that Vick may not yet be worthy of MVP consideration?

    They ALL jumped on him so hard and so fast, he probably had flashbacks to the LT hit.

    How dare he go against the collective sports media and spoil their glorious little redemption story?
    Doesn’t he know?

    The collective sports media has already made up its mind: there’s no stopping the sadistic-criminal-thug-turned-repentant-Superman-and-Messiah storyline.

    Vick is almost a lock for MVP (or so EVERYONE in the media keeps telling us, over and over and over and OVER again)…

    I mean, come on–who isn’t a fan of his heart-warming story? How he went from spreading veneral disease and crushing puppy skulls with cinder blocks to walking on water and throwing TDs, praise Jesus! (or Tony ‘Sanctimony’ Dungy– same thing).

    And there’s something else with the NFL Network coverage, besides the horrible mind-numbing sycophantic announcers…something else just doesn’t seem right–like there’s bad lighting, or maybe it’s that stupid aerial camera view…am I the only one who doesn’t like how they present games?

    The important thing is–it’s not the Texans defense that is so godawful, it’s just that Michael Vick is such a super, awesome, benevolent, magical, amazing, wondrous, handsome, God-like, special uber-mega-being, that the rest of us are all just so blessed and so lucky to have witnessed his salvation and to have been in the warm, glowing presence of his MVP awesomeness.

  18. @Dewey – you are obviously of above average intelligence and education. Yet, I feel so sorry for you to go through life with such a pessimistic outlook.

    Also, why do people such as yourself always refer to someone who speaks out for what is right, only when asked by the way, as sanctimonious? Are you worried that his high moral fiber may rub off on our society and ruin everything that you stand for? Which is what, exactly?

  19. chilladelphia says: Dec 3, 2010 9:43 AM

    @Joe Toronto

    last Time i Checked Vick put about 280 yards against the Giants and 300 yards against the Bears.
    He jacked up his stats in garbage time.

    Either you watched the games and know that, or you’re a stat whore.

    Which one is it?

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