Ken Whisenhunt “grasping at straws” to turn things around

You get the sense from Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt that he can’t quite believe how awful this season has gone.

Arizona has three wins, but they’ve arguably been the worst team in the NFL.  It’s a season that could shake all the belief Whisenhunt and G.M. Rod Graves have built up over the last few years.  In some ways, Whisenhunt is no different than a fan.  He’s tried everything to change his luck.  Including superstitions.

I’m grasping at straws trying to find something that works,” Whisenhunt said this week via Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic. “The people that know me know how superstitious I am and they know my routines. For me to change it up is a real departure.”
Whisenhunt has always been superstitious.  He has so many apparently it would take him “forever to go through them.”  He looks for anything that could turn the team’s mojo around.
“For instance, when you got a drink sitting on the edge of the table and you accidentally hit it and you catch it before it spills, you go, ‘All right, this is going to be a good week,” Whisenhunt said.
We’d look at things a different way.  If the Cardinals’ fortunes don’t turn around, they will be in position to get Andrew Luck in the draft.

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  1. Zona would have to lose out to get ahead of Buffalo and Cinci. Carolina and Detroit have their QBs, and Denver or Dallas could keep falling. Don’t see it happening.

    As for the Whiz, man if you can’t win in that division…

  2. Hard to see them landing Andrew Luck unless the Carolina Panthers suddenly become … decent. And it sure is hard to see the Panthers winning any of their remaining games, although they may luck into one.

  3. @toonsterwu: I expected the Panthers to win last sunday. Nearly happend too…
    But you’re right the Panthers coach isnt even really trying in his lame duck season.

    Arizona just needs to start playing his rookies. It helps them develop and might even help win a game. Just look a Tampa Bay playing like 10 rookies each week.

  4. Releasing the only NFL caliber QB on your roster (days before the regular season) due to the belief that the undrafted QB Matt Hall was the better option was a real head scratcher at the time. It’s even more of a headscratcher now.

    Could someone tell me why Derek Anderson keeps getting the big bucks to be a starter in this league? Him and Delhomme are the 2 worst QB signings this year.

  5. It takes 3 years to build a football team, or in some cases tear it down. Whiz may have coached the Cardinals in their first (maybe only and last at this rate) Super Bowl, but if you look back to who put that team (players, talent, etc.) together, you MUST give credit to Dennis Green. Essentially Whiz played in the Super Bowl with Denny’s players, no different than when Switzer won his Super Bowl with Jimmy Johnson’s players. Now the Cardinals haver purged the roster of all of Dennis Green’s players and additions: QB Kurt Warner, DE Antonio Smith, LB Karlos Dansby, the entire 2005 draft class, almost WR Larry Fitzgerald, even QB Matt Leinart, etc.) Heck, throw in Anquan Boldin even though he was on Dave McGinnis’s watch, and what do you have? Whiz’s influence on the team. Upon Whiz’s arrival 3 yrs ago, he Cardinals were rising; 3 yrs later, they have fallen. I guess Whiz will get another 3 yr extension by the Cardinals and finally get his chance to build them up. Right?

    The MOST success the team had in recent memory was with a coach that was run out of town before fully executing his plan and the reward was give to the one who came in next.

    I wonder how many times Jerry Jones kicked himself after he realized what he “had” in Jimmy Johnson was pretty good!

  6. Cards have to play panthers. If panthers win we have a chance at luck. This team needs to mail it in for the year. Start Skelton. Grave talent evaluation in recent years has been absolutely woeful.
    This roster needs a huge upgrade. Unquestionably the worst team in the NFL.

  7. This is why Whisenhunt is 3-9. He actually thinks that if he is at the edge of a table and if his drink does not spill, there are magical mystical forces floating around in the air, actually “caring” about his life, and determining if he has a good day or not.

    Can you get any more stupid than that?

    I am so glad that I am not personally imprisoned by such silly superstitions. That is OCD.

    Maybe the fact that you jettissoned Boldin and lost Warner and Dansby and Rolle may have something to do with the fact you suck?

    And the fact that you refuse to get Beanie Wells more involved, even though he’s probably your most talented player?

    Maybe you should let drink spill dummy….

  8. a lot of jocks etc are superstitious. esp in baseball.

    the way leinart plays, anderson would have been in by week 4 anyway.

    green already proved he cant coach. just because someone else won with some of his players doesnt mean green is anything but a scout.

    at least the whiz brought some wins home to az. green never could.

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