Nate Burleson won’t back off from guarantee

41 years after Joe Namath made the most famous guarantee of all-time, NFL players still get worked up when an opposing player promises a victory.

Lions receiver Nate Burleson made a guarantee the Lions would win earlier this week, and we mostly tried to ignore it.  The Bears didn’t.

“It should fire them up,” Bears linebacker Lance Briggs said via the Chicago Sun-Times.   “I know it definitely fires us up. We’ve got it pinned up everywhere in our meeting rooms.”

Brian Urlacher said he understood Burleson’s confidence, but would dial it back a bit.

“I think we’re going to win,” Urlacher said, “but I’m not going to guarantee it.”

Given a chance to back down, the man who once famously said he knew where the cash was at decided to stand firm.

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23 responses to “Nate Burleson won’t back off from guarantee

  1. These receivers never learn. Put a camera in their face all week and they come apart. Now, Burleson will probably suck Sunday.

    See Stevie Johnson vs. Pittsburgh.

  2. Aren’t guarantees supposed to have some sort of ramification when they aren’t fulfilled?

    Guarantee a win or you will donate your game check to charity, otherwise just shut up and play.

  3. has burleson ever done anything besides get overpaid that the bears should worry that he opened his big mouth?how about actualy doing something on the field besides losing before you start talking?

  4. As a football fan, I hate baseball. But I’d have to say the most famous guarantee of all time is Babe Ruth pointing to the stands (guaranteeing a home run). Who disagrees?

  5. I think players who issue guarantees should be in a position to determine if the team is going to win or lose. And I don’t think your average wide receiver has any control on that whatsoever.

  6. WTF?!?! All that talk got him a TON of money in Seattle, and now the Lions are puttin’ it in the bank. Run your mouth and get paid is the new mantra. Give him a “reality” show, even if it has nothing to do with the reality of his mediocre recieving skills and underwhelming team.

    The Matt Millen stamp will be on this team for as long as the Kevin McHale stamp will be on the local roundball team. Years and years.

    Pay the mouth? Talk to the hand…

  7. Nate Burleson’s been in Detroit for a cuppa coffee … And he’ll most likely be be shipped out to another doormat in 2011 to continue his astonishingly unremarkable career…

    His former agent

  8. Can someone please tell these idiot athletes that the “guarantee” was already done (by Namath) and they look stupid when the do it over and over again.

    And now they’ve dropped it to the level of guaranteeing a regular season win???!!! That’s absurd!

    Namath guaranteed a championship win when most people thought it ridiculous to even consider! His victory changed football (for the WAY better) forever!

    These guarantees today, like most things that come out of these idiots mouths are just banal, meaningless.

    And why does anybody even bother reporting it?

  9. If a guarantee from a mediocre player fires up the Lions and they win, I say good for him.

    If it fired the Bears up more, and they beat down the Lions….idiot

  10. how dare anybody stand up and be counted for what he says….then stand by it… the standards of the hide behind confidentiality police, nobody except them should do it.

  11. No one wants to hear guarantees from a mediocre receiver on a 2-9 team. Hey Nate, I guarantee your team sucks.

  12. Good for him. Detroit has nothing to lose and are one of the best 2-9 teams you will see. Theyre not as bad as their record , but they still need some pieces – Buffalo and Detroit have played hard every game.

  13. youboettcha says:
    Dec 4, 2010 12:41 PM
    As a football fan, I hate baseball. But I’d have to say the most famous guarantee of all time is Babe Ruth pointing to the stands (guaranteeing a home run). Who disagrees?
    I do since the Babe Ruth thing has never been proven.

  14. Well, baseball fan, I didn’t know that. And I’m guessing most people who aren’t baseball fans don’t know it didn’t surely happen, but know about it. If he did, it’s pretty badass. If he didn’t, it’s still a great play. Anybody can guarantee a victory. Sometimes they end up being right, like in Joe Namath’s case.

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