Barry Richardson blows his lid

The Chiefs offense had a meltdown on the goal line to start the second half against Denver.  Then right tackle Barry Richardson had a meltdown on the sideline.

The Chiefs took Richardson out of the game after a false start penalty, and he went nuts yelling on the sideline.   He tried to get back into the game and was retrieved.  At one point, he was going nuts yelling and appeared to push special teams coach Steve Hoffman.   A few plays earlier, Jamaal Charles’ touchdown was taken away by a Tony Moeaki illegal formation.

Richardson’s blow up will distract folks from Todd Haley’s decision to go for it on fourth and goal from the one-yard line.  Matt Cassel then took a 13-yard sack to keep the score 10-3 Kansas City.

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  1. I don’t think it happened in the sequence you wrote here…it looked like the penalty happened, and there was some miscommunication over whether or not the Chiefs were going to kick a field goal.

    Richardson went back on the field, presumably because he’s the end tackle on their field goal team. They weren’t, so Richardson shouldn’t have been on the field.

    The special teams coach then tried to get his attention, but he didn’t hear him, so the coach chased after him onto the field, a bit too enthusiastically for Richardson’s tastes, apparently. That’s when he started yelling, mostly out of the confusion of the situation.

    I’m not at all condoning Richardson’s actions (and “Stealthjunk” is right, he didn’t appear to do anything. He smacked him in the chest), but he was embarrassed after making a huge mistake, and just blew his lid. But you’re making it out to be as if he was yelling because he was taken out, I think the yelling happened after he was ushered back to the sideline, not before it.

  2. I love it, biggest knock on Richardson was his lack of passion for football so being pissed about not being in the game is a big improvement for him. That said, they really should have taken a timeout with all the confusion that happened prior to finally going for it on 4th down. I’m pretty sure damn near the entire team was paying more attention to the sideline than to the game and the coaches should’ve been aware of that.

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