Chiefs hold on for key division win over Broncos

Todd Haley and Josh McDaniels gave each other an awkward man hug this time.   If anything, Haley should have bowed to McDaniels for helping to hand the Chiefs a 10-6 victory Sunday.

Kansas City outlasted the Broncos despite a game effort by Denver’s defense.  The Chiefs got the ball seven times in the second half, but didn’t score once.  It didn’t matter because the Chiefs’ young secondary and pass rush shut down Kyle Orton.

Broncos running back Knowshon Moreno ran for a career high 161 yards, but McDaniels stubbornly threw the ball down the stretch.  Orton finished 9-for-28 and 117 yards.  Chiefs defensive end Tamba Hali had two sacks, including a decisive strip sack of Orton in the fourth quarter.

McDaniels was aggressive throwing the ball, but had a curiously timid decision to punt on fourth and four with under three minutes to go.  The Broncos wound up only getting one more offensive play.

While Broncos just can’t seem to put together a complete team effort, the Chiefs have won a variety of different ways at home.  They are 6-0 at the New Arrowhead Stadium on the season and will head to San Diego next season in first place in the AFC West.

5 responses to “Chiefs hold on for key division win over Broncos

  1. 10-6, huh?

    I heard Josh McDaniels refused to shake Haley’s hand, and instead wagged a finger at him, saying Haley should have “taken his foot off the pedal”….

  2. that holding call on the one Cheifs wr on the opening drive in 2nd half that wiped a 50 plus yd run by Mc cluster was an absolute joke…
    I swear watching these games makes me wonder if any of these zebras has a clue.. that was a killer penalty..
    Nice to see those OVERPRICED club seats half empty again. But the lower and upper decks were packed with great Chiefs fans. their fans r great.. good for them for not forking over those insane prices for club seats that DONT GET U ANYTHING….

  3. Since you’ve obviously never been in the club level it probably never occurred to you that the fans were in a SUITE and not freezing outside. Every suite has allotted club level seats while the rest are sold to club level season ticket owners. Thats why it never seems full. As for the crappy calls I agree with you brother. Whether it was the BS holding today or the Houston game where Andre Johnson pulled Flowers down and then received a pass interference call that cost the game, officiating needs to catch up with the 21st century. EVERYTHING should be subject to review

  4. That 2nd half was hard to watch.

    But the Chiefs held on, and the Raiders helped out. Go Chiefs!

    There are some pitcures making the rounds on Twitter of Brandon Flowers being carted off the field. Can’t find anything else about it. Anyone else no anything?

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