Frazier says Favre will start, if healthy

Vikings quarterback Brett Favre suffered a shoulder injury on the third play of Sunday’s 38-14 win over the Bills, and he didn’t return.  In Favre’s absence, Tarvaris Jackson completed 15 of 22 passes for 187 yards, two touchdowns, and three interceptions.

After the game, coach Leslie Frazier said that Favre will continue to start, if healthy, per Judd Zulgad of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

Did we mention Jackson had three interceptions?

Even with the turnovers, Jackson stepped right in and, after giving up a pick-six, sparked the Vikings to 31 unanswered points.

It wasn’t enough to supplant Favre.  And anyone who thinks Favre will miss a start hasn’t been paying much attention to his career.

The Vikings host the Giants and Bears in the second and third chapters of a current three-game home stand.

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  1. The only logical explanation is that he wants to get the team a higher draft pick next year, so sticking with Favre is the best way to achieve that.

  2. Leslie Frazier is auditioning for a HC job in 2011.

    He wants the QB who can help him win NOW. Favre is the guy.

    Jackson threw three picks today. He does that next week and Giants will crush ’em.

  3. Of course he will. He is Lord Favre and gets what he wants.

    Cue the “he’s been in the league long enough to get what he wants” idiotic comments.

  4. First, Favre didn’t need to return. Even with an obvious subpar QB (TJack), the Vikings decent players were able to score almost at will.

    If Favre was completely unable to play, don’t you think (yes you Florio) he would have taken off the pads as most players do that are unable to return?

    TJack did NOT spark the Vikings to 31 unanswered points. They got the points IN SPITE of TJack’s horrid passing. If it wasn’t for Allen putting pressure on Fitzgerald, Rice catching bad passes from TJack and Peterson just being the beast he usually is, the Vikings would have easily lost this game.

  5. I am beginning to think we will never get rid of Favre. Instead, we are forced to watch him get the hell beat out of him each week like a washed up has been prize fighter. So sad.

  6. i am so tired of folks comparing tjack to the farve of 16 years ago. compare them “NOW” and bench farve already. farve has thrown more int’s than anyone in history and THIS YEAR he leads the league. tjack was definitely a spark for the team. frazier keeping farve in is ludicrous.

  7. Jackson just throws three touchdowns, perfect way out of keeping Favre in and you say this. What a puppet coach. Are you sure what is best for this team at this time of year and there record. WOW WOW WOW, maybe Los Angles is for you with this acting job.

  8. Jackson threw 3 picks, and was not that impressive in my opinion. The Bills are just a bad team with a very hurt o-line. I don’t think it matters who the Vikings play at QB…they need to run the ball down whoever they are playing’s throat.

  9. Frazier you have a shot at starting something new, fresh and the team is ready for the move. Weather the next few weeks are a tryout or not grow a pair and take some risk.

    If you don’t you will liable to living up to your formers coaches mistakes. Ditka stuck with JMc way longer then the “Punky QB’s” shelf life date. For this Packers Backer to whatever it takes to beat the Bears. Farve or whoever?

    I really have a feeling deer hunting has ended in Minnesota but whatever….…

  10. Favre’s a HAWG!!!

    What a brutal hit – and it only really knocked him out for two series….maybe the biggest hit a QB has ever taken!

    Wait ’till 2011!!!

  11. #
    melikefootball says: Dec 5, 2010 5:47 PM

    Jackson just throws three touchdowns, perfect way out of keeping Favre in and you say this. What a puppet coach. Are you sure what is best for this team at this time of year and there record. WOW WOW WOW, maybe Los Angles is for you with this acting job.

    What game were you watching? TJack threw 2 TD and 3 ints. He was off on most of his passes all day and if not for the athleticism of players like Rice, he would have thrown for 4-5 ints.

    TJack is a career second string QB at best. if he was any good, the Vikings would have signed him to more than one year when they had the chance last year!

  12. notoriusbug says:
    Dec 5, 2010 6:55 PM
    T-Jax threw 3 TDs but did not look very good…Favre still gives this team the best chance to win…
    He threw 2 TDs and gave the Vikings their biggest win of the year, Favre only gives his team the best chance at a high draft pick next season.

  13. Can we please put things in perspective here? T jack either started hid TD drives inside the 25 or he got bailed out by an unreal catch from Sidney. He had more picks than touchdowns and they played the Bills! Let’s calm down here folks, it’s still just T jack

  14. “Frazier says Favre will start, if healthy”


    You want to know what my first two thoughts were when I saw Favre on the ground?

    1) Woohoo, we have a competent defense!
    2) Aw, crap. Whoever the Vikings roll out next is an upgrade.

    Thought #1 evaporated pretty fast. As for thought #2, can’t say I ever thought T-Jack was an elite QB, but I think I’d take him over Old Man River at this point.

  15. Give the kid a break….T-jack played a poised game and threw two touchdowns and led a few scoring drives disdpite the Int’s. It was Jacksons first game playing in like two years after learning backing up Favre besides spot duties. Be happy for Jackson and stop riding his ass, he did alright today, and he is 2-0 against the Giants in his career…Bet ya didn’t know that. Go T-Jack, piss on the rest of you dogging him.

  16. Really,
    Please. Did anyone WATCH this game?

    Please, please, please do not start with how Tarvaris Jackson “sparked” them to all these points. BS.

    1) He threw a ball into double coverage to Rice that should have been in interception save for a SPECTACULAR play by Rice.

    2) He did throw a decent pass to Rice in the end zone – actually ALMOST overthrew him. But give him that one.

    3) BUT…… and this is the key…. All of the scores of the Vikings were set up by big defensive turnovers by the defense.

    4) Jackson did not do ANYTHING in terms of a sustained drive.

    5) Same old Jackson. Great scramble, followed by a stupid “jump pass” or horrible throw behind someone resulting in a drive killing INT.

    This guy is NOT the answer. Leslie Frazier is sticking with Favre for one very good reason. Favre give them a better chance of winning with both arms amputated the Tarvaris Jackson does healthy.

  17. If anyone wants to bag the season and “evaluate what you have” then start Joe Webb.

    Because T Jackson is NOT the guy.

    He does not have the intellect to be a starting QB. He claims he has “learned so much” watching. But he plays just as stupidly as he ever has.

    I don’t trust him doing ANYTHING besides running.

  18. With Sidney Rice back and looking good, Brett will be playing. Sidney was Brett’s solution to his Interception problem last year. (see his save on Tarvaris from this game)

  19. Jackson did throw some bad interceptions. It’s a good thing Favre never does that.

    Keep winning Vikings. Keep moving down that draft ladder.

  20. Favre would have thrown 3 interceptions too and probably wouldn’t have thrown 2 TDs, so why not stick with Jackson? You’ve got nothing to lose. Now’s the perfect time to pull Favre, just say his shoulder’s hurt.

  21. I’d still like to see Favre sit his ass down. Save himself the embarassment, and maybe just assure himself that he can move around when he’s 60.

    He’s causing himself more problems that he’s fixing. A lot more. I can’t say “leave while your rep is still clean, and intact,” so what else do I say but the above?

  22. I wish I was as smart as majikbullet. He already knows the next 10+ years of Vikings football based on 1 statement that the interim head coach may or may not have said. I’m a big TJack supporter, but if Leslie thinks Brett is the way to go, then thats the way they should go. TJack has had 4 offseasons, 1.5-2 regular seasons, 4 preseasons, and a ton of practices to show coaches that he deserves a shot. My guess is that he hasn’t impressed anyone and thats why Favre is the guy. Quarterbacking 101: Don’t try to throw downfield in the MIDDLE of the field on a safety who has top coverage on your WR. TJack did that today. Wish him the best and I hope its with the Vikes but he can’t make throws like that and expect to be considered a starting QB

  23. I guess the Colts should bench Peyton Manning…4 INTs each of the last 2 games…better sit him down.

    @ “Keep winning Vikings. Keep moving down that draft ladder

    You PLAY TO WIN THE GAME….as a fan, I hope they do win out…I dont care if they draft 8th or 18th…

  24. This guy is an Icon that still probably gives you a better chance than a young TJack right now and I believe this will be his final season and NO ONE..I Repeat NO ONE on the Vikings can or will have the balls to bench this guy especially when its a done year.

    Now whether this is bad for business is another question…

  25. Maybe Brett has a clause in the contract that pays him another Brinks truck worth if the Vikings sit him.. seems like the only logical answer to this riddle.

    Or maybe.. the Vikings are banking on the media splash upon Brett’s streak hitting 300..

    Something.. anything to explain this. People are pointing at TJ’s picks.. haven’t they been watching Brett turn the ball over and over again this season?

    Either way.. I hope the Vikes win out.. that will take a couple NFC teams down a peg.

  26. And TJack’s 3 Interceptions are how much worse then Favre throwing them??? Yeah when Favre throws interceptions we lose a game, TJack does and we still win!! I dont care if it was the Bills, they have put pressure on many big name teams and have almost always lost buy just a few points. The Vikings crushed them and only 2 other teams have done that this year!

  27. If he makes it 300 straight that should do it – let him have it even if he goes in just for one play and then you take him out. He has earned it.

    And then – Brett – how can I miss you if you won’t go away?

    Please – just leave.

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