Terrell Owens can’t hide frustration after another loss

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Terrell Owens said last week he didn’t want to provide any sound bites, but he just couldn’t help himself.

After the Bengals blew a late lead in a 34-30 loss to the Saints on Sunday, Owens didn’t seem happy about his six catches and 47 yards.

“Dude, it doesn’t matter if I’m 46 (years old) or 47,” Owens said.  ” I ball when I’m out there.  All I want is opportunities. . . . The film don’t lie.  The film don’t lie.  Watch it.  Watch it. ”

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26 responses to “Terrell Owens can’t hide frustration after another loss

  1. “I ball when I’m out there”. Anyone remember when the verb “to ball” meant something else?

    On good teams players take individual responsibility for a group loss. Not T.O. though. He plays perfectly, every down.

  2. Wut u mean he’s soft? He’s still today a top 10 receiver in the league… Owens is a beast and I would love for him to come to DC next yr.. U have to hive the dude credit I mean I couldn’t stand him for the longest time but look at his stats he is one of the best receivers of all time

  3. he has lost a few steps and cannot get the separation from the db’s anymore.
    He will be the LAST one to admit it.
    What happened to Batman and Robin?
    Turned out to be dumb and dumber.
    Owens is going to end up like Iverson in hoops… teams just getting tired of your face and you will not be worth signing at any price. Then you’ll scream collusion or something.
    Your just a diva missing the glass slipper… cause you’ll never lead a team to the Super Ball.

  4. It’s not T.O.s fault that the teams he plays on suck. The guy can still play and I think if the Vikings picked him up way back in the summer the story for both of them would probably be different. (of course the wasn’t going to happen with Brad Childress there… Maybe next year)

  5. He has 75 catches 1,000 yards & 9 touchdowns…on a lousy team.

    Yeah, you guys are so right….he’s all washed up.

  6. Glad it didn’t take too long to get to the TRUTH.

    The guy is who we ALL thought he was, and always will be….psssssssss…. the air flows out of the Bengals tires.

    Batman and Robin??? More like the Riddler and Joker.

  7. Could he hold his tongue at times? Absolutely
    Does his QB suck? Definitely

    Bottom line the guy is 100% right this time. T.O. Balls whenever he steps on that field you have to respect him past and future.

    Furthermore, Guaranteed Hall Of Famer…Period

  8. How can this guy bitch about opportunities when he pisses so many away. The guy dropped multiple passes yesterday. Same with his boy Chad, these clowns must lead the league in drops and bitching.

  9. The truth is that Marvin Lewis has been going out of his way to lose games. He probably went to see Mike Brown after they were 2-1 and when he came out with nothing he vowed to lose the rest.

    I hope Marvin never gets a job again. Bastard!

  10. TO can’t lead Bengals to superbowl. How many superbowls did Jerry Rice, all time greatest lead his team to. 0, all of the credit went to Montana his back-up QB. Do I have to say his name, nope because he will be in the hall of fame with Jerry Rice. Fact is, WR’s don’t lead you to superbowls, but they sure can help you get there. TO doesn’t play defense. AND defense is why the Bengals are losing. Good news for Bengal fans is they can fix that… Me, I am a Titan FAN. 😦

    ANY body got some superglue, MY team just fell apart.

  11. For some reason or another it seems like Terrell Owens and Randy Moss are cursed….or they are either the ones doing the cursing/hexing. Just about every team that they are on….Look at The Titans record since they got Moss. Lost every one. Either way…I think Owens is one of the best receivers still. Now moss….his time is over.

  12. Fubsyg…..do you know anything about football?…..Terrell Owens hadnt even made it to the NFL yet in 1994. The 49ers hasnt won a Superbowl since 94.

  13. That’s what T.O. gets for signing with Cincinnati.
    They played good football under Paul Brown.
    Mike Brown can’t lead the Bengals to the Ohio River! CHEAP! CHEAP! CHEAP!
    Paul Brown produced innovative football in both Cleveland and then Cincinnati. His son Mike should sell the team to a “qualified” owner.
    I think it’s a shame what both Ohio teams have had to put up with.
    Both teams have played such bad football they have slandered the good name of Paul Brown!

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