Broncos fire Josh McDaniels

Josh McDaniels won’t even finish his second season as Broncos head coach.

In a short announcement sent over Twitter, the team announced that “Broncos Owner Pat Bowlen has relieved Josh McDaniels of his head coaching duties.”

McDaniels’ team was 3-9 on the season and 5-17 since they jumped out to a fast start to open the 2009 campaign.  The timing of the move is a surprise because McDaniels met with the media Monday and players were in house as normal.

Bowlen’s ultimate decision won’t shock anyone, though.  McDaniels was slowly getting buried in an avalanche of distractions, bad personnel decisions, and tough losses.

Once viewed as one of the most stable, well-run organizations in football, the Broncos now look like a mess.   We’re only a week removed from Bowlen saying that McDaniels was safe, then backtracking hours later.    There are serious questions about whether the right infrastructure is in place with the team and who is making the decisions.

The Broncos exonerated McDaniels after the “Spygate II” affair erupted, but ESPN’s Adam Schefter indicates the scandal played a role in McDaniels’ departure.

“Pat Bowlen decides to make a decision that really was in the makings ever since the NFL found the Broncos guilty of the videotaping incident,” Schefter said on Sportscenter.   “This is something that clearly the Broncos were thinking about, it was something they were unhappy about in London.”

It’s unclear who will coach the team the rest of the year, but the next full-time head coach has a long rebuilding project.  The Broncos have a roster full of offensive players that fit McDaniels’ system.  They have an aging defense, and not enough young talent because of poor drafts on both sides of the ball.   For that, Mike Shanahan and McDaniels are both to blame.

Bowlen will continue paying them both in 2011.

94 responses to “Broncos fire Josh McDaniels

  1. If I were an NFL coach, I’d never want an owner to say he’s staying the course and has no plans to get rid of me. It’s the kiss of death.

    But isn’t it nice that he got a hug from Todd Haley before he left?

  2. Wow! Broncos suck. This means the Broncos will be paying 3 coaches next season They’re still paying Shanahan, they have to pay the remainder of McDaniels’ salary and whoever the new coach is. What a disaster up in mile High.

  3. florio4prez says:
    Dec 6, 2010 2:42 PM
    Todd Haley not only shook Josh McDaniels’ hand after the game, he patted him on the head.
    Actually, for those who saw the exchange, it also included an uncomfortable and seemingly insincere hug as well, initiated by Haley.

    Guessing Haley recognized Josh will be gone soon enough and that was likely their last post-game salute.
    Words of wisdom. Josh gone bye-bye.

  4. Wow, Not unexpected, but I thought he would get the rest of the year. Perhaps more to Spygate II, than we know.

  5. I hope they they include in the highlight reel of this punk, his Mile High victory lap, running around the inside of the stadium, pumping his fist in the air, after the 6-0 start in Denver last season.

    What a clown.

    I trust Timmy will devote a special chapter in his memoir to his beloved coach.

    This clown’s hiring and the selection of Timmy sets this franchise back 5 years.

  6. Freakin wow! He was way in over his head. He did a wonderful job of parlaying his Pats success into a huge chunk of cash. However he made change for the sake of change to establish his power position. He demanded respect instead of earning it.
    He needs to step back and take a year or two off before going back into the coaching ranks. What he needs to avoid is jumping back in like Eric Mangini.

  7. Let’s hear it from the brain dead Tebow haters. There’s got to be a few of you to claim that he was responsible for McDaniels failure.

  8. An early holiday present for Broncos fans?

    I was hoping he’d stick around for another few years and dismantle them even worse, Herm Edwards style…

  9. A classic example of a young coach, not being ready for head coaching duties. That one, is on the Broncos!

  10. Too bad…Looked for a while last season that he’d done some good things….Wonder if Sparano is next????…He’s a great coach w/a lousy GM and owner more interested in showtime than football.

  11. And most insane season of football I’ve ever experience keeps getting crazier.


    What is Florio going to tell me next? The Jets win tonight??

    Go Pats!

  12. At least Bowlen isn’t afraid to spend on coaches. I would be cheap… & would have stuck with jackass Shanahan if I was on the hook to pay him.

  13. John Elway and Terrell Davis and a great o-line.

    Those are the guys who should still be getting paid in 2011!


  14. they need to get a defensive minded coach…I think the offensive tools are there…but we need someone to overhaul that defense and sign people that aren’t already 50 years old

  15. I thought this guy got fired in London. His team certainly hasn’t shown that they had a coach in the losses after Spygate II.

  16. I’m a Raiders fan so I show no mercy for McDaniels and his whole boy scout BS act, but it would be nice to see the Donkeys field a competitive team. That last Raiders game, as exhilarating as it was, felt like an Oregon Dux/Nebraska Cornhuskers (circa Barry Switzer) blowout game.

    McDaniels so screwed things up in Denver, you’d think he was a saboteur sent by Hoodie to gum up the works. If he’s calling the plays next season in Foxboro, we’ll know.

    I know this will make Chucky a favorite to land in Denver. It will be his chance to show everyone how right he believes he is about Jesus’ 2nd Son. If Bowlen is smart, he’ll make sure to separate the duties of GM and head coach this time around. Combining those two jobs has been disastrous under Shano & Boy Scout.

    It’s so great to see an AFC West meltdown that doesn’t involve my team for a change.

  17. Let me elaborate. Whiz will get fired in AZ at the end of the season. Cowher will be hired, Whiz will be his OC. Orton can play. Tebow will end up being an H back.

  18. serifyn says:
    Dec 6, 2010 6:29 PM
    Welcome back to NE josh!

    jimmysee says:
    Dec 6, 2010 6:35 PM
    And they didn’t even play the Packers on Sunday!


    Two hilarious posts!

    Um … serifyn … you’re kidding, right? LOL

  19. Deb: But isn’t it nice that he got a hug from Todd Haley before he left?

    Just like it was nice that Michael hugged Fredo.

  20. Fire Bowlen! What an idiot!

    Who’s gonna want to coach this team? They set Tebow back another year, they’ll never get anything higher than a 4th for him…

    What a disaster…

  21. Told my buddy yesterday at the end of the Cheifs – Bronco game when Josh hugged Todd he was asking for a job.

  22. So where and what direction does this owner want to head, after all isn’t he now going to be paying three coaches. I bet he is looking for a lockout.

  23. McDaneils opened the door at Mile High, threw in a dozen or so hand-grenades, then closed the door — obliterating the franchise. Perhaps the most team-destructive head coach in NFL history. Wow.

  24. Finally….at least Bowlen’s got the stones to admit a mistake and didn’t let this clown set the organization back even further (if that was possible).

    Now all they need is Doc Brown, a DeLorean, and a bolt of lightning to get back to where they were before this nightmare started.

  25. Don’t try to blame Shanahan for the current state of the team Rosenfool. He left Denver with a complete offense in place. Young and inexperienced, but extremely talented. The only work needed was the defense. Nolan fixed the secondary(before Josh’s ego fired him) and there were two drafts wasted instead of fixing the rest of the defense. Everything is Josh’s fault.

    Damn straight Roadwash.

  26. Thats what happens when you lose to the hated Raider’s at HOME. Pat should have sent you on your way like Singletary did V. Davis at halftime. We can do better than Gruden.

  27. Tim Tebow feels blessed to have been blessed by a blessed coach like Josh McDaniels and he’s blessed to be able to count his blessings in Denver and eagerly awaits the blessing of the blessed new head coach.


  28. This move should have been done after he ran Jay Cutler out of town, and Peyton Hillis, oh yeah and after he drafted an H Back to be the future starting QB of your franchise, please no comments on Tebow not being an H Back. He is quite possibly the worst talent evaluater in the history of the game, and this is not a over statement either folks. I think he would make a good coordinator.

  29. You do realize that this is just the latest part of Belichick’s master plan? Denver was always a pain in the ass when we played them in Denver, but now it will be years before they recover from McDaniel’s personnel decisions.

  30. The kid might have had a chance as HC only but there was no way he could do both. Did a decent job as OC with NE. Bowlen should have known better. Mc Dummy should have realized after last year he couldn’t do both but actually with his ego I’m sure he would never have admitted it. Now after they let him drive away a very decent DC, who do they have left? Not sure Gruden or Cower would be right for the job with the current personnel. Maybe Dungy if he wants to come back. Heck if things keep going the way they are in TN maybe Jeff will want the job. At least he knows that Bowlen normally stays out the daily chore of running the team.

  31. As a Redskins fan, I know the pain that Broncos fans have had to endure while McDaniels was their head coach. He took a roster filled with talent and turned it into the JV Patriots of 2007. It is easy to run a spread offense when you have Tom Brady throwing to Randy Moss, but as McDaniels found out Kyle Orton and Brandon Lloyd hardly compare to the two future hall of famers. McDaniels is a complete idiot and he ran this organization into the ground. What the hell are they supposed to do with Tim Tebow and all of those other garbage pickups? Because if the Broncos are willing to give up Tebow, the Redskins would gladly take him so they can continue their streak of mediocrity.

  32. Dear Mr. Bowlen,

    Thanks for your decision to fire Josh McDaniels. No one likes to fire an employee or even see that happen, but based on the performance of the team you had no choice.

    Now that you have taken the first step in returning the Broncos to respectibility, look at the insiders who recommended Josh, and the other front office moves over the last five years or so.

    Your front office was visible in the business and charity communities, ran your operations successfully and generally made the Broncos THE team rather than the Rockies, Nuggets or Avs.

    Now fast forward to today, where your fan base has eroded, your team’s standing in the community eroded, season ticket holders complain about high prices and poor service and sponsors have buyers remorse.

    Your front office is being led by bozos and will not be able to correct these short comings which were exposed by two years of Josh.

    With a winning team, you can hide the front office short comings but now look at the mess.

    Take the next steps and clean house! Fire Joe Ellis. Fire Mac Freeman.

  33. Hallelujah! Bronco fans rejoice!

    Josh, you always thought you were the smartest guy in the room. Reflecting back, the smartest guy in the room was likely Cutler for smelling you out as a no-talent, lying, cheating hack before anyone else.

    I have not been this giddy in a long time. It may be a long, hard road back to the top with our team in shambles…..but let us begin.

    The Denver Broncos will rise again!

  34. max says:
    Dec 6, 2010 6:30 PM
    Ridiculous. Owners do whatever the media tells them they should do, I’m convinced.
    First thing that popped into my head. I just wonder what ol’ horse face Shannon Sharpe has to say about this.

    “Mr. President, call in the National Guard! We need as many men as you can spare! Because Bowlen is killing the Broncos! Call the dogs off! Send the National Guard please!”

    Is it wrong to hold a grudge? I mean, its been 14 years, but I just can’t let go……..

  35. Thank you Pat Bowlen for restoring my faith in the good lord Jesus Christ. Single-handedly destroyed what looked to be a promising team in ’08. Traded Cutler, traded Marshall, traded a mid 1st round pick for CB who no one else wanted in the draft and was sent to Detroit 1 year later for basically nothing, traded draft picks and Peyton Hillis, who proved he could handle being a full-time back, for Brady Quinn who had proved nothing to anyone, then traded multiple picks to move up into the first round to draft Tim Tebow, after already trading for another QB. McD couldn’t work with Cutler, couldn’t work with Marshall, couldn’t work with Mike Nolan who actually had the defense playing decent for once. This is long overdue and Bronco Nation is thanking the good lord that this finally happened. GOOD RIDDANCE JOSH MCDANIELS, HOPEFULLY NO OTHER FRANCHISE LETS YOU RUN THEM INTO THE GROUND.

  36. Thank God that Denver fired “Monkey Business” McDaniels!!!

    I call him that because the man w/monkey ears kept playing monkey business. This guy traded away a quarterback that is better than Kyle Orton, kept Jabar Gaffney & Eddie Royal over Brandon Marshall (yeah, I know he’s hurt), traded away a 2009 first round draft pick for a second round pick (Alphonso Smith) and dumped him in 2010 after the defensive scheme was going to be bad after an incompetent hack replaced a darn good coordinator in Mike Nolan, drafted a QB w/a bad throwing motion, and gave us a bad sequel to Spygate.

    “Monkey Business” McDaniels went 6-2 w/Shanahan’s (a more accomplished coach) best remaining players and Mike Nolan’s defense. Then he went 5-17 after the 6-0 start because he diluted the team’s talent and never had backup plans to his bland ones. McDaniels is a self-entitled jerk and deserves to be rooted against because he had more unearned arrogance that anyone could tolerate.

    Hey “Monkey Ears”!!! If your team has holes, don’t create bigger ones by trying to be a genius in doing great things with less. You worsened the team and disrespected too many people. You are a disgrace to NFL coaching and don’t deserve a job until you miraculously do.

  37. Call me bitter on my Broncos getting saddled with Josh McDaniels, but any organization that takes a Belicheat coach deserves what they get. Without Tom Brady in their stable, they are all horrific.

    This includes Belicheat himself.

    Before I am shouted down, I offer Belichick’s career accomplishments for your consideration:

    With Brady…
    W-L Reg. Season 107-32 (76.9%)
    W-L Postseason 14-4 (77.7%)

    Without Brady…
    W-L Reg. Season 51-62 (45%)
    W-L Postseason (1-1)

    3-1 in Superbowls (zero wins since caught cheating.)

    ***McDaniel was 11-17 (39% wins) without Brady. (Actually pretty close to his mentor’s non-Brady numbers.)

    Which owner will add the next name to this impressive pantheon? Weis, Crennel, Mangini, Groh, Schwartz, McDaniels…??

  38. #thepurp1 says: Dec 6, 2010 6:25 PM

    Childress, Mcdaniels, and Phillips should do Christmas together.


    They oughta save a couple seats for guys like Singletary, just in case.

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