Chiefs fans destroy guy who destroys national anthem

There’s nothing quite like a botched national anthem.

Sunday’s effort by someone from the Eli Young Band in Kansas City ranks right up there with the very worst I’ve seen.  The best part about the clip is how unforgiving the Kansas City crowd is with him.

He screws up the song, and they kill him.  (Note one of his buddies tries to whisper him the words.)  After some serious awkward silence, the guy starts again, screws it up even more, so the crowd lets him have it even more.     Finally, the poor guy gets to the finish line and he gets a big cheer.

As Americans, we’re forgiving people.   (Just try not to screw up the anthem.)

63 responses to “Chiefs fans destroy guy who destroys national anthem

  1. Hold on a second- isn’t this the fan base that intentionally botches the anthem every single game? Do they not change “Home of the Brave” to “Home of the Chiefs” anymore?

    I guess its do as I say, not as I sing.

  2. “As Americans, we’re forgiving people”. LOL, sure. Type up ONE Michael Vick article and we’ll see how “forgiving” our people are.

  3. I would much rather see someone botch the anthem due to nerves than watch someone botch it on purpose due to “artistic expression”…I have seen several that were so bad, the “music” was remarkably different or the words were sung in such a way that the anthem was unrecognizable.

  4. Just the latest in a series of setbacks for the guys since they emigrated from Belarus, renamed their band, and try to make it in the American music scene.

  5. The way some “artists” butcher the anthem is sad and depressing.

    There are lots of local high school bands that can play the anthem with impressive ability. The teams should give those bands free tickets to the games and let them play the anthem. It would please the crowd and thrill the musicians.

  6. hey Eli Young better be glad he lives in the USA..all he got was booed. can you imagine if he did that at the home game of the IRAN soccer team? friggin guy would be ELI “ungrateful” Dead Band. they would have stoned him, shot him and trampled his corpse.

  7. Singers, read this and remember it:

    If you ever find yourself in this position, shake off the initial screwup, and say to the crowd, “I’m nervous, having problems, help me out!”

    The next thing that would happen would be 70,000 fans singing the anthem with you. And they’d probably cheer you at the end of it.

  8. Ace Frehley played a great anthem there a couple of years back, that was fun. And yeah, I’m like the others – trying to get it right is forgivable but dragging it out and having some egotistical singer show you their range when it’s unnecessary is what really annoys.

  9. I am perplexed. Here is why:

    After reading this article and before watching the video, I thought to myself “Wow if this happened in Philly, we would have gotten bashed” .(and as usual, the Santa Clause snowball throwing story would have been brought up). However, after watching the video, I thought to myself, man, this guy got off easy. He would have been “destroyed” a LOT worse in Philly. Weird.

  10. “Maybe it was a tribute to Leslie Neilsen.”

    You stole my joke!

    The police should’ve chased this guy off the field.

  11. I didn’t find to booing to be that bad, and they inserted the tacky “Home of the Chiefs” at the end.

    That still doesn’t dissuade me from wanting to go to a game at Arrowhead.

  12. The saddest part is the four pilots lost when their jets went into post-stall trying to time the flyover.

  13. Joetoronto, Chiefs are very relevant douche!!! Who’s your team since your scumbag city of Toronto doesn’t have one and your pitty Raptors don’t have bosh so noone knows what to do in toronto

  14. This coming from the brainiacs who say “home of the chiefs” to end the anthem. Man they’re dumb!!

  15. “joetoronto”–

    The Chiefs currently lead the AFC West by 2 games. They are the only team in the NFL to lead their division by more than a single game.

    The Chiefs lead the NFL in rushing. Jamaal Charles is 3rd in the league in rushing, despite carrying the ball far fewer times than the other leading running backs. Charles currently is averaging over 6 yards per carry. If Charles continues this pace over the next 4 games, he will join Jim Brown and Barry Sanders as the only backs in league history to average 6+ yards per carry for a season.

    I think the facts indicate the Chiefs are more than “relevant”. Come to think of it, the facts pretty much indicate that you are a jackass. Regardless of what over-hyped, drooled-over east coast team you are a moronic fan of, you can quietly take your asinine criteria for “relevance” and shove it into any or all of your orifices.

  16. The guy behind him had his hands in his pockets so that’s strike 1, the annoying woman in the background was strike 2 and the empty seats as the camera panned up after the drums going off was strike 3. Bush league “city” out there. No wonder they haven’t won a playoff game and the fans are sheep. 8-4 = 1 and done.

  17. That really wasn’t that bad at all. You built it up to be more than it was. I’ve definitely heard worse…like that clip of that Canadian girl that severely screws up and then eats it upon returning to the ice (it was a hockey game).

  18. “floriosmanhood”—

    Uh…yeah. Since those are all real scientific, logical factors in determining whether or not a city is “bush league”.

    Always nice to see completely ridiculous forms of criticism coming from someone who actually chose to name himself after Mike Florio’s junk.

    Go ahead and come out of your closet, bro. Florio and the other guys you have secret crushes on will still accept you.

  19. Heh, must be a tough news day for ytou guys.

    After last night, you can’t run articles calling Roethlisberger a drama queen anymore, you can’t write articles implying the Steelers are incapable of playing within the rules, and you lost all credibility regarding the Steelers complaining about unfair fines.

    All that in one game.

    Then again there’s always Favre to write about.

  20. I wouldn’t go so as to say that the fans “destroyed” the guy. They werent impressed with the guy but “destroy”? naw, more like “didnt approve of”…..

  21. That is nothing. We had actress star Lainie Kazan screw up the Nation Anthem TWICE on TWO SEPARATE APPEARANCES at the Raiders home games!!!

    It wasn’t until her third appearance did she get through the anthem without any problems. But man…the Raider fans let her hear it those first two appearances!!!

  22. OK, he screwed up, but…

    Doesn’t anyone else find it disrespectful that the crowd shouted “Chiefs” after “and the home of the…”.

    I’m sure others do it, but I’ve never been in a stadium and heard it happen. That’s just rude.

  23. The Chiefs are indeed irrelevant outside of KC and they aren’t going anywhere, like usual.

    Eat it, hicks.

  24. joetoronto says: Dec 6, 2010 3:48 PM

    What else is there to do in KC, than listen to the national anthem?

    The Chiefs are irrelevant.

    Even though you’ve been handed your arse a couple times already…..why are you ripping on KC? You live in Canada? Why dont you go to and keep your ignorant comments to yourself.

    For the record I”m not a Chiefs fan but joetoronoto is clearly an idiot!

  25. Nothing will EVER top Carl Lewis’ rendition, and nothing will top Charlie Steiner on ESPN laughing his ass off while telling eveyone the song was written by Francis Scott “Off” Key…

  26. @ timinkc

    Your retort was rather lame yet fitting from a loser in KC who can barely squeeze into his seat from eating too much BBQ I bet.

  27. Joetoronto
    The Chiefs are indeed irrelevant outside of KC and they aren’t going anywhere, like usual.

    Eat it, hicks.

    Ya Ok kid! BTW i dont live in KC so Im no hick. How do you figure were irrelevant? We get publicity! Watch NFLNetwork! On their shows they talk about us, and we also get publicty on other main stream media outlets

  28. The worst thing about the Chief fans disrespecting the national anthem is they do it outside of Chiefs’ football games. Those commies do it at Mizzou BASKETBALL games, too.

  29. joetoronto says:
    Dec 6, 2010 4:55 PM
    The Chiefs are indeed irrelevant outside of KC and they aren’t going anywhere, like usual.

    Eat it, hicks.



    Considering you’re a Raider fan you might want to be careful telling ANYONE their team isn’t going anywhere….I understand you’re happy you won’t lose 11 games for a continuing NFL record 8 seasons….but C”MON MAN!!!!!

  30. “floriosmanhood”—

    Geez, it makes me embarrassed on your behalf just typing your name…

    I actually weigh 175 lbs. and I live in California, so you continue your streak of saying off-base, inaccuracies. Keep it up!

    Out of curiosity, who’s your team, jackass?

  31. Who the hell IS this guy?

    How the hell did he get the gig to sing the National Anthem?

    You’d think someone who was awarded the privilege of singing that live in front of a semi-full stadium might, you know, rehearse it to memory a time or two? I don’t feel badly for a professional who forgets the words the the National Anthem. You’re a PROFESSIONAL, remember? Not some fan pulled out of the crowd at random.

  32. dthomas58 says:
    Dec 6, 2010 4:45 PM
    No one is disrespecting the national anthem! Its a unique thing for the Chiefs and a thing that bonds the fans with the team.
    Shouting “Go Chiefs” AFTER the END of the national anthem would possibly accomplish the same thing. Although I question how much “bonding” occurs due this disrespectful action.

    Not only are you disrespecting the national anthem you are disrespecting the BRAVE men and women who fight and die for the freedom you enjoy in this country. Changing the words of the national anthem is flat out disrespectful. No amount of backwards logic will change that

  33. puddinpouch says:
    Dec 6, 2010 4:04 PM
    The saddest part is the four pilots lost when their jets went into post-stall trying to time the flyover.

    Now that’s funny!

  34. dudeustupid says: Dec 6, 2010 6:23 PM


    really? KC is busch league? YOURE WHOLE COUNTRY IS BUSCH LEAGUE

    Suck it Canada
    I think you’ve had one too many beers, pal.

    You know, as in “busch”, loser.

  35. That clown deserved way worse than he got. He’s in a BAND; he isn’t supposed to get nerves.

    Is he even American? How can a professional singer in the USA NOT know the words?

    I know some Jehovah’s Witnesses who could sing the song better than that for crying out loud!

  36. Well said whynotusecommonsense!

    The guy choked from nerves. There is no excuse for the deliberate disrepecting of our anthem by those clowns changing the word BRAVE to chiefs.

  37. Im not american so im not that stiff in your traditions, one thing is that he dont know his anthem, another is the added ‘Chiefs’ part…

    BUT that the fans doesnt remove their ball-caps isSO wrong, im pretty sure most cultures have the tradition that you as a man remove your head-gear during your Anthem… som plae hands upon their hearts as well…

  38. oetoronto says:

    “What else is there to do in KC, than listen to the national anthem?

    The Chiefs are irrelevant.”

    …and you are from TORONTO? What is there to do there, mount horses and mooch off of America?

    comeon, man!!

  39. steelers6pack says:

    “These idiots say Home fo the Chiefs! Who video tapes the national anthem, YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO BE GIVING RESPECT! And look at the Upper deck, EMPTY SEATS!”

    Figures that a Steeler’s fan would whine, since we KICK YOUR ASS every time you come here! You can’t beat us here, even when we’re having a losing season!

    BTW. tell us about your rapist QB.

  40. Is it JoeTonto…or HoToronto…It doesn’t matter

    He lives in his own world of delusion…one where people care what he thinks and where Canada is relevant.

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